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Thread: Quit my job when pregnant to follow my passions.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by love2beloved View Post
    ...but there is still a part of me that thinks - YOU HAVE 4 MONTHS BEFORE THE BABY ARRIVES - Time to earn money NOW! how can I soothe this....
    As many of our Forum friends already know, I really like that word, soothing, because it really captures for me the idea that Abraham are trying to get across to us. I find it's often helpful to explain "soothing" by stepping outside of ourselves for a minute. Usually, I explain soothing by asking the person wanting to know about soothing to imagine what they would tell a dear friend, who came to them with the same situation and with the same issues and hot buttons, to help that dear friend feel better. (This is where that "still seems true" piece really comes into play because they can smell, from a mile away, when you're offering platitudes, statements which don't seem true to them.) You see, you already "soothe" a lot. You know how to do it. Sometimes, you just need to step outside of yourself in order to be able to do it for yourself. (And it'll be great practice for you as a soon-to-be mom, where soothing can be such an important skill for any mom.)

    Give it a shot here, if you'd like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by love2beloved View Post
    Thank you Songbird, I really resonate with what you have written here - Particularly when you say You cannot "afford" to feel bad! You can only "afford" to feel GOOD. This really makes so much sense to me and I will use the points you have mentioned here! so very powerful thank you
    Your welcome.

    Also remember, that there is no "good" or "bad" regarding any way that you are feeling. It is simply guidance. The key really is awareness of how you ARE feeling, what ever it is. Because THEN, you have the choice.

    I would recommend the unconditional process to you, that is a really good one for getting into alignment easily and quickly.
    It is the one where you simply write down words, emotional words on paper, over and over again, what ever words feel good to you. and as you do so, more words are inspired.

    Also, remember your inner being knows what to do. And let go of "trying to figure it out" yourself. Instead of doing that, make it about getting into alignment with YOU. It can be easy to get into our "heads|" at times like these, but really this is the time you want to be out of your head and in your Heart.

    Going general will be your friend there.

    General about where you are.
    General in general.

    Remember wellbeing abounds.
    And things are always working out, however they may seem at the moment.
    Things are always working out.

    Maybe find a general statement that resonates with you, and use it like a mantra...

    All is well.

    Your health is the most valuable of valuables! And you have got that, and so has your little one.
    Everything else is extra.....and will proportion to your alignment with your Self.

    And make how you feel what matters most.

    I love this old thing abe used to say, and was reminded of it today when I bumped into an old friend:

    Get a handle on your vibration.....and if you still don't feel good.....get a handle on your vibration.
    Get a HANDLE on your vibration

    Believe in Yourself

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