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Thread: Phone LOA accountability Partner :)

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    Phone LOA accountability Partner :)

    Hi...and by all means delete if this is not the correct place to post this.

    I live in the US, East coast - have been into LOA/Abe for about 12 years now!

    I am looking to find an LOA accountability buddy - maybe check in by phone every week - possible email alternating etc?

    I'd be looking for someone who is a bit more 'seasoned' with Abe and LOA, meaning not someone 'brand new' - I think we can both
    be a great asset to each other as I have found often it is easier to see things in others than we do with ourselves and how
    nice it would be to have our 'call' to check in and look forward to each week.

    Similar time zones might be easiest also.

    Either reply to this post or send me a PM

    Thank you!


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    i hope you're still looking. if you have found one, good for you! if not, find me in facebook

    my last name is magpantay
    first name olera

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