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Thread: Three really awesome manifestations!

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    Three really awesome manifestations!

    Hello, all. I'm back again with another few success stories! These are particularly fun because they all involve situations that may seem "unlikely" but the Universe really pulled through for me.

    First is, I was accepted into the college program I applied for. The participants of this program are hand selected and are often prioritized by their proximity to the school campus. My family was afraid that I would be looked over because I live outside the county. They kept suggesting I contact an academic adviser to "show interest" and find out if there was anything I could do to help my chances of being chosen. I decided to just let the Universe do its part while I did mine, and I have officially been accepted, and will start school in the spring! The acceptance letter also came two months sooner than I anticipated.

    The next two are job related.

    A few days ago I decided to fill out an online application for Company 1 and Company 2.

    Company 1 had two jobs posted, Job A and Job B. I was more interested in Job A but I knew I would do well in either, so I decided to apply for both. However, when I got further along, I found that Job A was not available at my location. I made peace with that and still applied for Job B as planned. The next day, I received a phone from the company requesting an interview. Only a day after that, I went in and they ended up interviewing me for Job A! They didn't even have the paperwork for Job B; it's like I never even applied for it. Hilarious!

    Company 2 had a job posting on one of those mass job websites. I filled out the application and submitted it. Then, a little blurb popped up explaining that in order for my application to be considered, I had to stop by in-person at the company. I didn't think that was necessary, so I didn't do it. The next day, I got a notification on my phone alerting me that Company 2 had looked at my application. I didn't really think anything of it. Later on, I was relaxing in bed when I wondered if they'd call me anyway, and -this part is super cool- I imagined my ringtone in my head, and mere seconds later, my phone actually rang, and it was them inviting me in for an interview.

    I decided to accept an offer from Company 1 for Job A and my money vibe must be improving because the base pay they are giving me is amazing! They even told me that it was just raised and that I have really great timing.

    Hey, thanks Universe! And thank you ME!

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    Loren: great job manifesting...keep up the good work!

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    congratulations on your wonderful and fun manifestations Loren

    nice how things just came easily to you

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    Woohoo Loren! That is wonderful news and thank you for sharing it. Your story made me think of a boss I had long ago, who when something good would happen to me, she would say smile really big and say "You must be living right." When I read your story, that's what what I wanted to say to you. So, here you go: "You must be living right!" (The AH way!)

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    so "easy" and perfect.

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