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Thread: Breaking habits and quitting procrastination

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    Breaking habits and quitting procrastination

    Dear co-creators... I want to share this manifestation with you or at least what to me felt like a (small, but very much wanted) manifestation.

    I've always been very disciplined and especially dedicated to my studies. At the moment, I'm on the second year of my PhD, getting ready for my final year in 2018. 2017 has been very special to me: I've traveled a lot for conferences, presented my work and got amazing feedback, got a $$$$ grant to do my field work in South America... professionally, everything was working out... until it wasn't. From June until a few weeks ago, I was basically feeling the blues... not really focusing anymore, and really leaving the thesis and the research behind. I was procrastinating A LOT!! --- spending too much time on Tumblr, on Instagram and literally just being on the internet doing nothing. Being on Tumblr keeping up with discussions on several topics (useless topics mostly) became an every day habit...

    The only good part of this situation was that I WAS AWARE of exactly what I was doing. And being aware of my actions made me aware of the bad feelings and emotions that were coming from that Tumblr/Instagram recently acquired habit and from procrastinating (like I said, I've always been very disciplined, so procrastinating was not something I indulged myself with).

    I wanted to go back to being more productive and just... happy really. So I followed Abraham's teaching of writing statements about what I wanted to achieve and what basically would make me feel happy again, such as:

    "I want to be more productive with my time... I want the internet to be a source of knowledge and fun, and happiness... I want to invest my time in my work and personal life...etc..."

    and GRANTED as I'm writing these statements... I could just feel better. Instantly. So I basked in the feeling and went to bed. THE NEXT MORNING, I went on Tumblr and there were so many arguments, negative feelings and people attacking each other just for having different opinions -- just overall attacking others and each other on NOTHING. On tv shows, art and nothing... and that morning, those discussions made me feel NOT GOOD AT ALL, so in that moment I followed my instinct and deleted Tumblr, closed instagram, and basically cleaned up my vibration.

    That same morning I felt the impulse to go back to my research and resume the work... which I've been doing ever since (It's been 4 1/2 weeks now) and it feels permanent!!!!! I'm back on track!!! The work is flowing like it never stopped... and I feel great about it again!!! And most importantly, I don't feel like going back to those habits... I feel happy and ready to work all day!!!

    It's small but it meant a lot to me... so I wanted to stop by to share it with you!



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    Not small at all Anya!!! it feels amazing and what a quick demostration of ask and it is given, sometimes I think we do see some things but are not able to leave them easily so finding the NOT GOOD AT ALL feeling so quickly and taking action, inspired action feels like a greeeeat manifestation!.
    And I donīt know, sometimes we need to relax, get away from normal, and indulge in other things, until they stop feeling good. hehee.

    Thanks for sharing!.

    Quote Originally Posted by anya View Post

    It's small but it meant a lot to me... so I wanted to stop by to share it with you!



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    great!! As Abe say, when you shift your vibe, EVERYTHING of your world shifts.
    Beautifully played!

    When you feel enthusiasm to do something,
    it means you've lined up the Energy,
    and you are being inspired to take action from that point of alignment.

    When you don't feel like doing it, don't push yourself,
    because your effort is not worth it.
    But, when you line up the Energy,
    the feeling of procrastination goes away.


    from the collectionDoubt and Procrastination

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