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Thread: Free flight to Key West

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    Free flight to Key West

    A couple of weeks ago, I was walking down the exercise-path that they have next to the airport & I was just thinking of how it would be fun to visit the airport & get to see all the planes & helicopters in the hangars.

    Well, I told my friend about it, & right on the spot he said that his friend's airplane company was having a bbq the next week & that we should go & we did. I'll write another post about it because it was funny how it worked out, but it ended up just like I imagined & we got to get up close & personal with planes & helicopters. And got to watch them take off & land while eating burgers & hot dogs.

    During the bbq, I was thinking that it would be nice to go on a flight. I was also thinking that it would be nice to drive down to Key West since I haven't been there in a while. I was also thinking that I wanted to get more involved in volunteer opportunities because it feels really good to put smiles on the faces of strangers.

    Well, anyways, when we got home, I was online & was looking up volunteer opportunities. Anyhow, the first thing I click on says "Free flight to Key West to help hurricane victims". The plane was leaving from a small airport 2 miles from my house. So I signed up. And 36 hours later I was on a flight to Key West. It was awesome. I got a plane ride, got to meet nice people, helped put a smile on a hurricane victims face by helping her clean out her flooded house, got lunch & was back home by 5pm. Talk about an awesome manifestation.

    It all happened so quick & unexpectedly. The 1 thing that really made me smile about this was how the Universe combined a bunch of my desires into 1 seamless manifestation: I would have never thought of flying to Key West to do volunteer work,​ killing 3 birds with 1 stone. It was also incredibly smooth with no hiccups whatsoever: I didn't even get bored the entire day because everything just flowed from 1 experience to the other.

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    You really fill in to *MY* desires with all this awesome fantastic stories!!
    Thank you SO MUCH!

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    brilliant and fun fun manifestation there!
    well done

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    Awesome!!! You're in the flow, RK!

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