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Thread: Going Downstream with My Rental

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    Going Downstream with My Rental

    I am feeling so much appreciation for these teachings!

    I recently moved to Hawaii and put my condo up for rent. I live in a popular area and the leasing agent assured me that renting it out would be "easy peasy". Well...6 weeks went by and I was getting nervous and started feeling way OOV. The fear that I would have to pay for both my condo mortgage AND my new apartment in Hawaii started to overwhelm me. I did focus wheels, distraction...anything to get my mind off the subject. Finally, my Aber heroine, Paradise-On-Earth, suggested I do a BOPA on my condo and feel how wonderful it is to live in my place...really bask in the appreciation of my sweet home. I did that...AND...I got IB guidance to drop the price. My property manager called about 2 days later and said he had 6 people lined up who were really interested. woman decided she *really* had to have it and offered to pay all 6 months upfront in cash!!! Talk about relief...LOL!!! THANK YOU POE for helping me to shift my vibe!!!

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    Sounds like a success story to me!

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    Marc - thanks! I didn't really believe it until the leasing agent called and said the wire transfer came through...LOL.

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    I love BOPA too

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    Im so glad you had FUN and achieved this so masterfully!!

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    Love it! Congratulations, CG!

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    Wooooo! Great story, love hearing good news like this

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