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Thread: Lots of manifestations today! ^___^

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    Lots of manifestations today! ^___^

    Lots of mini-manifestations today!
    Hello Abe friends! It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creation!

    Today I had such a great day that was full of manifestations!

    I had a delightful walk to work, very chill and quiet. While at work, a customer came in who turned out to be an Aber! (I always see meeting Abe followers to be signs of my alignment. You do attract like-minded people to you when you are in alignment!). We had such a great time talking about it all and the practices we use and how good it feels to feel great! I think she will come back soon for a visit!

    Then another customer came in and told me she works for at a place that does what I am interested in! She was enthusiastic about my artistic projects and told me to join a website that was a social media for people just in my field. Awesome! Meeting more like-minded people!

    On top of all that, I got four new books completely for free (YES!!), one of which is a new one I was going to give as a gift to my father for Christmas. Yes!!! What a rendezvous! Additionally, my co-workers bought me lunch, a lemonade, and then later, a cupcake!!!

    Alignment is a wonderful thing! How delicious was this day! And how delicious tomorrow will be as well! I'm excited for it all to unfold!

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    such a perfect day!! what a beautiful manifestation BirdsFlyingHigh
    and the Exact book you needed, and a new copy as well hahaha! awesome
    well done you on such perfect alignment

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