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Thread: The Millionaire Thread- Scripting the day as a multi multi millionaire

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Wow, what AMAZING news for you, Winner!! And how thrilling and goosebumpy to read this...

    It reminds me about a HS who found out that her father owned an island and had passed it on, to her- by total surprise. Abe said, we all have tremendous treasures waiting for us all over the place- things that we donīt even think about.

    What FUN!!
    And what a great, inspiring, fascinating sharing!! Thanks so much!

    YOU did that! REALLY. Because when I went through a quote-collection, this quotes jumped out at me and confirmed what you are doing here! They literally wanted to come to you, because they jive WITH you and your energy!

    YES, dearest POE, there really are treasures to be received by us. I hadn't heard the story of the island before but, , the U is truly resourceful. I so enjoy our play here on this thread and it feels so wonderful to once again read confirmation from Abe that we're opening valves and energy vortexes by identifying what we'll spend our money on - oh such fun

    I'd like to milk some more of the money manifestations I mentioned:

    I so love that there are financial treasures everywhere which we can receive any time, as often as we want. It is so pleasing to have been delighted 2 days in a row with excellent news about money coming to me and my siblings. What fun! How easy this feels! How simple this feels! How abundant I feel!

    It is wonderful to see the correlation between my "Abe Work" and the manifestations. It feels good to realize anew that I really am the molder of my clay and the U responds to my molding. This, feeling better and better consistently, deliberately, really does pay off - not only in the delightful feelings and ideas along the way, but also in the physical manifestation.

    I am so happy for this money and for the more that's in the process of turning to things. I am so thankful to me for keeping up with my deliberate self soothing work, enjoying the journey thoroughly, playing, having fun, acclimating to the vibrational essence of financial abundance.

    I am so thankful for all the cooperative components who are part of this easy, smooth, very satisfying unfolding. I so appreciate the role they play as part of my vortex and path of least resistance.

    I know more financial abundance is on its way to me and I look forward to enjoying that manifestation, even as I'm enjoying its real time vortex version right now. So good.

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    I Am a Mega Billionaire Everyday

    My life as a mega billionaire is fabulously varied, incredibly fun and absolutely free. I love each and every moment of my life and lifestyle and take great delight in enjoying each moment as fully as possible.

    Varied Feasting on Life Segment: Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

    I'm so excited about my upcoming adventure to Lake Como, Italy. It's wonderful how my tastes change and evolve and therefore, I get to have new delicious experiences. Neither hubs nor I were interested before in owning vintage automobiles, though we would admire them in passing. However, recently, something changed.

    Hubs was visiting with a friend who had recently added a fantastic 1932 Alpha Romeo to his car collection and hubs found himself warming very nicely to the idea of owning some of those beauties. He got home with contagious excitement and we spent some time looking at pictures, reading about vintage cars, speaking with his vintage car collector buddy and marveling at the brilliance of car pioneers of times past.

    And that's why I find myself delightfully looking forward to attending the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy. It's an elegant and supremely beautiful competition and auction of rare vintage car and motorcycle collections from around the world. It also features a couple of very special concept cars and/or modern bespoke designs from the BMW Group who are organizers of the show.

    Hubs and I especially look forward to the RM Sotheby's auction where they always have some exquisite super rare vintage cars like a 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta, that sold for over 10 million Euros. I'm planning of course to purchase any of the cars either of us likes, so we can begin our own collection.

    Our luxury travel specialist has reserved a lake front villa for us on the grounds of the exclusive Villa d'Este where we shall attend the private galas for the competition show, have exclusive access to view the cars, speak to the proud owners and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. Then, we shall view the auction collection and thoroughly enjoy the very intimate auction. I wonder which will be the very first exotic vintage car I shall purchase. So exciting!

    Although the show only goes from Friday to Sunday (Saturday is non public), we plan to be in Lake Como for about 10 days with our children and some friends, for plenty of fun and shopping.

    Sotheby's will send us information about the cars to be auctioned, well in advance and I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store, ready to begin this new adventure of my very own exclusive vintage car collection. I also look forward to building a special space just for my vintage cars.

    It feels so good to "birth" new desires.

    I am a fun joyful mega billionaire on a vintage car adventure

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    Hereīs your fantastic rare Ferrari by Sothebyīs in Como, Winner! you tapped "my" fascination again! CARRRRSSS!!!

    As you know, all my sons work in very special places, their bosses being world-famous vintage-car-restorers, vintage-car-collectors, classic-racecar-scuderia-owners and -drivers, respectively a huge car-brand-holding which all give their employees backstage-insight on many fascinating shows and collections and compilations.

    Often the whole family was allowed to share, and at least, we see the fotos that my boys made. Here are some pictures from this summerīs Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Lake Como/Italy, that my beloved son F took on his own visit. I want to offer them as illustration and pre-view for what YOU will see and experience soon!

    Maybe you want to do the same as many participants of those sort of festivals do- drive in, in matching vintage-outfit, on own vintage wheels?

    The experience to meet on your way other classik-car-lovers, who share the same fascination- greeting themwhile driving by, and loving to be part of a TITITO fascinated group is SUCH wonderful part of the game. Driving in through the beautiful Alpen in a classic, beautiful Mercedes Benz S-class coupé....

    Reaching Como and watching other participants arrive, too...

    Reaching Villa dīEste, enjoying the setting, the beautiful, stunning place and the energy of passion and love in those that surround you. The public days can be SUCH fun. Seeing small children with open mouth staring at beautiful cars... on the hand of their not less fascinated Dadīs- realizing, a new dream gets born here, NOW!

    Seeing the old rich couples strolling hand in hand, dressed in "vintage ways", wonderfully matching the cars. Smiling about the young guys who still dream and adore as small kids... hearing the ladies giggle, and the joy all around.

    Having a stylish happy picnic in the park, while sharing and talking talking talking, learning, exploring... with likeminded people, meeting old- and never-before-met friends!

    ...what an enamel-quality! Marveling on the lovingly honed perfection of the exhibited cars. By far not all are for sale! Most belong to people who SO LOVE their unique "treasure" and enjoy sharing it here, with those of same feather... of those many-millionīs worth classic cars that my son H is restoring as his every day-job:

    ...Itīs such fun to see peopleīs joy about those rare beautiful gems! I love witnessing their respect, their awe, their pure joy, their thankfulness to be in vicinity of this VIP-cars that often have fascinating stories.

    ...and again, itīs SUCH joy to be "in" on a group of lovers, often extremely eccentric people, weirdoīs, geniuses, who have so many fascinating tales to tell as well. Some are "just rich", but others are rich and totally fascinating, some are very normal people regarding their income, but, oh, how rich they are inside.

    What a happening! What an abundant time. What beauty!!

    (When ITV...)
    ...youīr the party, looking for a place to happen!

    From the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Moving from social insecurity to confidence no matter

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    Oh my, oh my...that just takes things to the next level of vortex-ness, beautiful POE! Thank you HUGELY for sharing your magnificent pictures and the personal story of your beloved son attending this wonderful event and working on restoring that gorgeous vintage masterpiece.

    I so enjoyed reading and looking through the pics and they helped me truly get further into the feeling place. It felt even more real and I could really see myself there, driving a vintage through the Alps into Como. How fun to stop and greet the other vintage aficionados and laugh with them and share the joy of the event

    There is so much beauty there, so much happiness, so much relaxing, so much fun. I'd definitely be viewing on Sunday with the public as the cars are driven to Villa Erba and I'll take in completely the deeply felt, wonder filled admiration of the little ones. It feels as such a moment of oneness with all present. I so love it.

    The Alps will be singing their delight as I drive with hubs and the mountains and hills and greenery will be cheering us on, celebrating our fun and enjoyment and our basking.

    Thank you SO much for making this feel so much more tangible. I'll be delighted and it'd be such fun to meet you and your boys there. What pleasure!

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    It was SUCH fun, Winner!

    thank YOU so much for- again- inspiring me!!
    Your detailed sharing, and your new rampage based upon my post feel AWESOME to me. This is co-creation at itīs best!!!

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    I Am a Mega Billionaire Everyday

    My life as a mega billionaire is fabulously varied, incredibly fun and absolutely free. I love each and every moment of my life and lifestyle and take great delight in enjoying each moment as fully as possible.

    Varied Feasting on Life Segment: Buying My Very Own Private Island

    After renting and vacationing on several private islands, I've decided to go private island shopping. When I first rented Calivigny Island in Grenada and vacationed there with 50 of my family/friends, I knew then, for sure that I would buy my own private island.

    I loved the privacy of staying with no one else in the vicinity but my family, guests and the staff. I loved having to take a boat to my remote location. I loved having private, secluded, sandy beaches at my disposal. I loved having all the water toys available for just me, family and friends in the waters around our island. I loved the wonderful staff, happily focused on making sure everyone was having as good a time as possible. I loved the magical views of the sun rises and sunsets. I loved the jungle like areas with beautiful exotic animals that I could visit and which my kids delighted in. I loved the calm, warm blue ocean.

    It seemed like my very own physical piece of paradise with which I could play.

    Then, we vacationed at my billionaire pal, Richard Branson's own home and private island, Necker Island in the BVI, and I felt like heaven. A thoroughly trained and dedicated staff of 100 took impeccable care of 35 of us - me and my guests. We had so much fun, I told Richard I wanted to live there.

    Hubs and I love vacationing in the Caribbean, which is only a short flight away. We easily go on weekend trips there and sometimes ring in the New Year with private firework displays. I love the sunshine and lovely beaches with lots of activities and plenty of sea life. I feel so relaxed there. This holiday season, we're off to beautiful Anguilla.

    Well, thanks to Richard's suggestion, we hired a wonderful, experienced private island real estate broker and having been jaunting off to different areas of the Caribbean to tour private islands. I wasn't quite clear what I wanted in my own private island paradise, but now I have much better clarity on that.

    I want my island to be out of the hurricane belt. That means a place like Curacao, which we just came from and viewed an island I really liked. I want it to be close to the mainland. That means no more than a 30 minute boat ride away. I want the utilities either available or easy to access, even if we have to generate our own on the island. There can be a house or so on it, but it has to be mostly undeveloped, so I can go to town with making it my very personal own. I want to be able to sail my yacht to the dock there. I want to have gorgeous sandy beaches surrounded by clear, warm, azure waters that are easy to swim in.

    It feels so good to think how close I am to having my own island paradise.

    My idea is to develop this personal retreat in such a way that it runs itself. So, I plan to rent it out during select times of year.

    I love the way Richard structured his Necker Island, so I'll borrow some of his ideas. I like how he has a central area where guests can congregate and celebrate in the Great House. It brings everyone together and because the activities like tennis, swimming, video gaming, and more are in or closer to this area, most guests hangout for a while here. So, I plan to have a "Great House" too. I'll also have several self contain villas around the island.

    There will be plenty of activities to indulge in - tennis, basketball, volleyball, bocce ball, mini golf, badminton, squash, a couple of fabulous swimming pools with swim up bars and private swimming pools at the villas. There will be pool, table tennis, shuffleboards, dartboards, hockey, foosball, arcade games, bowling and more. So much fun!

    I like the idea of my island being able to accommodate about 50 people, adults and kids. I like to have a staff of about 65, with some of them living on the island full time. I'd like to have a gorgeous, relaxing spa and meditation retreat area. I want plenty of activities for children and easy, fun, wildlife for kids and adults to connect with. I plan to keep a few horses too.

    The island we saw with our broker this weekend is located in Curacao and is 10 acres big.and close to the capital, Willemstad. It is part of Dutch Netherlands with incentives encouraging real estate ownership and tourism. It has ample space on the main island for parking cars and a boat jetty, which means it'll be easy to transport us and guests to and from the island. I also like that it is a very short flight away from Aruba or Bonnaire.

    The size of this private island means I can have about 12 villas. I don't want that many villas and I want space for activities and running/biking trails, gardens and wild life habitats too. The waters here are absolutely stunning and warm and the sunshine feels like magic on my skin. There are many delicious restaurants in this area and the people are so friendly. I very much enjoyed our time there.

    I have sent the necessary private island information to our architect. He will let me know if the 10 acre size works for what I want to do. The seller of this private paradise has many of the government required permits and ordinances. That makes it quite easy to begin construction once plans are approved. We have hired our own civil engineer, so when we decide we want a specific island, he will help confirm buildability.

    Who will be my designer on this magnificent project? Who will be my staff? Where would all the furnishings come from? What will I decide as the style of each villa and the "Great House?" Who will be the first non family/friends of mine to rent the island? I'm so looking forward to enjoying the unfolding that is already happening. I'm eager to find out which private island I finally buy. Woohoo!!!

    My very own private island paradise. It's like having a country of my own. I shall have my children come up with a name for it and its own national anthem - that sounds like such a fun thing to do. I love it.

    I'm a fun, joyful mega billionaire and I own my very own private island paradise.

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    I Am a Mega Billionaire Everyday

    My life as a mega billionaire is fabulously varied, incredibly fun and absolutely free. I love each and every moment of my life and lifestyle and take great delight in enjoying each moment as fully as possible.

    Varied Feasting on Life Segment: My Impromptu 50 Million Dollar Antiques Shopping Spree

    It's not really that antiques make my heart sing. It's just that sometimes, the beautiful moments in time of the lives of those who lived before, capture enough of my attention, so much so that I feel connected to them. I wonder if I lived during those times. I wonder what my life was like, wherever I was. It feels so a puzzle, just waiting to be solved. I love it.

    Not part of scripting: (Once, several years ago, when I was in the astral plane - conscious and aware - I asked my IB to please show me one of my past lives. My IB said 'Here, it is, Winner, watch." What happened was utterly AMAZING! I watched a scene of me in vivid detail, clearly in a past life. It was an excellent treat. So beautiful. Thanks again for that, sweet IB) End of not scripting.

    Hubs and I were on a week long stay in New Orleans when I suddenly decided I wanted to browse some antiques. A phone call later and one of my personal shoppers, with antiques specialty, was on her way to New Orleans to help me have some antiques buying fun.

    We were connected to Bill Rau of M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans and he met with us at his beautiful store to help. I could feel my juices flowing excitedly once I entered the store. I knew I was going to have a lot of fun shopping.

    The first item that caught my eye was a magnificent 5 carat fancy vivid pink diamond ring. It shimmered and dazzled and held mysterious stories of the women before who wore it and the master who crafted it. I felt deliciously drawn to it. When I was told that it also was a type IIa with VVsi clarity, I knew I had to have it. I paid the 9.9million dollar price and felt on top of the world.

    I wanted to know if they had any natural blue diamonds and they did. A gorgeous, fancy colored, blue diamond of over 10 carats was brought to me. Surrounded by natural intense pink and flawless white diamonds, the beautiful, extremely rare, natural blue diamond, called to me as it shimmered. The price was way more than the pink one and I happily bought it.

    Next, I bought a sapphire and diamond blossom bracelet, a White Sea pearl necklace, several Art Deco brooches and an untreated Colombian emerald butterfly brooch.

    Hubs and I both agreed that the History of Australia Billiards Table, circa 1880, belonged in our game room. The amazingly carved details of Australia's history was so magnificently done, we were both in awe of the artistry. We paid almost a million dollars for it and felt such joyful anticipation about having a game on it. WOW!

    When I saw the over 425 year old Francis I Renaissance Sideboard, I just had to have it. It would be the oldest item I own and oh, what tales it could tell. It was easy to pay over a million dollars for this ancient masterpiece. I'm so going to enjoy having it and showing it off.

    After these purchases, I set my sights on some fine Art pieces. I was really excited to see The Alchemist by Pieter Brueghel the Younger. While I know that this painting is meant to mock the folly of alchemists of time past, I've always thought of alchemy as the process of inner transformation. It's so fascinating to imagine the great alchemists of inner transformation who followed the call of their IBs, in times past. How leading edge they must have been, just like we are, today. I paid 5 million dollars for this priceless circa 1600 painting.

    Much less expensive, but just as intriguing and so beguiling was Casper by Jan Van Bijlert. This very rich and masterful, circa 1640s painting, filled me with a sense of peace and serenity. I had to have it and so I did.

    Then, I just had to have Employment Station , New York, by Martha Walter. This circa 1920s impressionist style painting has special significance to me. The determined and confident look on the woman's face reminded me of someone who embodied their knowledge of self. So beautiful!

    At this point, I felt my desire for fabulous antiques shopping sated for the time being. I spoke with my personal shopper and then, hubs and I left her to handle the rest of the arrangements. She would make sure our items were delivered either to our main home or to a few of our vacation homes around the world. I wanted the jewelry deposited in our private vault located in a little known area of the world, that handles these things. So cool.

    It was time for hubs and I go have some delicious New Orleans dinner. What a fun time I'd had! I look forward to living with my purchases.

    I'm a fun, joyful mega billionaire who loves impromptu shopping sprees

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    So much to ponder and feel and google for all itīs fascination, again!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    So much to ponder and feel and google for all itīs fascination, again!!


    Beautiful POE! I bet you had a magical time googling and pondering

    Dear IB/NPFs,

    Just wanted to express how appreciative I am for our co-creation each and every day. I am so very happy about the way things are unfolding moment by moment. I am so thankful for all the winks along the way. They are so incredibly delicious. They help my journey feel marvelous.

    I'm so appreciative of LOA for starting our multi-millionaires/mega billionaires thread. I am so thankful for all who have participated so far in any way on our amazing thread here. I feel the thrill of my mega billionaires journey. I romp in the deliciousness of the details. I expand my vortex. I acclimate to the marvelous vibration of being a mega billionaire. It's such a wonderful delight.

    I so appreciate all who have this mega billionaire life. I enjoy reading about how they choose to express this magnificent financial abundance. They are as varied as points of consciousness focused in physical bodies. It helps me choose what I like from the buffet. It helps me clarify my choices further. And oh! how I bask in the choices I make.

    I'm so thankful for all who are inspired to create luxurious goods and services and experiences for their "discerning" clientele - the mega rich. I appreciate these creative geniuses for raising the bar. I appreciate them for setting "outrageous" prices. They so push the boundaries of financial consciousness, just like I push mine. They inspire me to dare to dream and allow MORE. They inspire me to understand money as the energy that it is, so I see it every where. They inspire me to see money growing on trees, floating in the air, spiraling in the gust of wind, flowing in the rivers and everywhere, in everything...just like Source.

    I so appreciate the money in my life. I love being able to easily and joyfully pay for the things I buy. It feels good to exchange money for goods, services, experiences. It feels good to gift it. I'm thankful for all the ways through which money flows into my life. I'm thankful for the CCs that are part of my ever expanding, magnificent financial vortex. I love paying in full. I love looking at my bank accounts and seeing more money there. I love receiving my investment statements and seeing larger and larger amounts of money reflected there. I'm thankful for the many investment opportunities that open up for me. It's wonderful to have such a robust, diversified portfolio.

    I love you, IB/NPFs.


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    I Am a Mega Billionaire Everyday

    My life as a mega billionaire is fabulously varied, incredibly fun and absolutely free. I love each and every moment of my life and lifestyle and take great delight in enjoying each moment as fully as possible.

    Varied Feasting on Life Segment: More Oil Blocks, a Gold Mine and a Diamond Mine

    The better it gets, the better it gets.

    Just last year, I realized my desire to own a highly productive and thriving oil block. That came about in the easiest of ways and was a very smooth process. My oil exploration company was able to hire the right affiliate, for detailed seismic data and found that the gas content in the area was very high. Because we were drilling in an area where gas is needed, we were able to work with the government of the country to sell that gas to them. So cool.

    Anyway, because of the massive success we're having and the aligned way we do business, my company has been receiving offers for oil exploration from heads of states in several countries.

    I have just returned from Switzerland, where I met with ministers from a rapidly developing country. It was truly inspiring to meet with such beautiful beings who are wanting to pave a more abundant path for their people. It was clear to me that they were in the process of reaping the benefits of the massive vortex of their nation, built over long periods contrast.

    Theirs is country abundant with natural resources, most of which is only now being "discovered."

    At this beautiful meeting, they offered me/my exploration company, oil blocks, both on and off shore. I knew before meeting with them that we would be talking about this. What I wasn't expecting was their offer of diamond exploration as well. WOW!

    I don't remember ever dwelling much on diamond exploration. I only remember that a very close friend and billionaire business partner (on some ventures) and I, had a chat a little while ago about this. We had talked about the Argyle diamond mine because I was looking at buying a massive fancy pink diamond at auction. I had said something like, "There's got to be other rich pink and other colored diamond mines in this world, besides the Argyle mine, that are yet to be discovered. I look forward to someone discovering them."

    Imagine my surprise and delight when I was told at this meeting, by the minister, that they have reason to believe a pink diamond mine is located in a remote area of their country and they are willing to provide my company with the licensing for further exploration.

    No matter how often I allow these fabulous manifestations, they never get old. Each time, I shake my head in amazement at the Universe's ability to unfold beautiful physical realities, so quickly and so easily.

    I have forwarded all the documentation that I received from this meeting to my attorneys and executives. I have a meeting with the president of this country in a week and during that time, I shall visit the sites of these proposed new ventures. My attorneys are already working and my data collection people are en route for more detailed feasibility studies.

    In 3 weeks, I shall be meeting with ministers from another country to talk about gold exploration. I'm still meditating on this potential venture as I can feel my vibration on this topic is muddled due to conflicting information on how lucrative this really is. It is fun molding the clay in this arena. I wonder what I shall decide. It feels wonderful to have the opportunity to play here, though.

    Ah, it feels wonderful to be playing in so many arenas. It feels great to participate in "big" business. It feels amazing to be shaping the future of nations around the world. It feels incredible to have thousands of people around the world in my employ. It feels powerful to allow the power that creates worlds to delight me over and over and over again and again and again.

    I love my life.

    I'm a fun, joyful mega billionaire and explorer extraordinaire

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