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Thread: Got tipped $100 bucks after alignment and rampages

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    Got tipped $100 bucks after alignment and rampages

    Hello all!

    Two days ago, I was talking with an Aber who came into the store I work about Abe's teachings, the Wallet process, and how I am always finding change on the street. I told her that sometimes I will think "Man, these coins are nice, but wouldn't it be nice to find $100 dollars on the street?" For a moment, I'll think "I can't find 100 dollars on the street, that'd be pretty hard to manifest", but then I remember that I have 100 bucks right in my wallet. "Oh, wait, I have a $100 dollars right here in my wallet!" This story/practice delighted her.

    The next morning, I got into alignment by getting into a great-feeling place about money and love. For the first time, I really seemed to get that the FEELING is the manifestation, not the thing itself. I was feeling so abundant and rich and happy, and didn't need anything more than that. As the morning went on, I shrugged off some things that could have caused resistance, and on my walk to work, I went on some fun rampages about finding the perfect soul mate and being abundant financially, with big words like "it'll be the best", "like a fun vacation that never ends," "literally more money than I'll know what to do with". My disc was super high!!

    Towards the end of my work shift, two brothers came in and were buying a bunch of stuff, and just dropping down huge bills like it was nothing. It's like they were playing the wallet game, but they were doing it for real! Haha. ("Give me one of those…yeah, Ill take that too," they said casually) I saw this as a manifestation in itself, that I attracted a carefree, rich, abundant person into my experience (this is how my inner being acts toward money..carefree, confident). During my helping them, we had talked about art and painters, and I mentioned off-hand I do some drawings. At the end of the big sale, he pulled out a 100 dollar bill, tossed it toward me, and said "Here, for art supplies." He then walked away, and I said "Oh, really?" "Yes," he replied. "Don't give up your art!" And then he was gone, and I was 100 dollars richer.

    I find it fascinating that the day after I told the woman about my realization that I have 100 dollars in my wallet at all times, and that after I got into a good-feeling place, and realized the feeling IS a manifestation, this happened. Abraham says that (paraphrasing) "You will begin to notice your shift in your point of attraction, because things will start happening to you that never happened before." I can say this never happened before, and that I am glad I am realizing I brought it into my experience by my lack of resistance and alignment with Source. By doing fun rampages and listening to my favorite music, imagining how I would feel in my perfect life according to Source, and being carefree about lots of things, I managed to align with big cash. Amazing!!

    As a cherry on top, on my walk to the bank to deposit the Benjamin, I found two pennies! Ha. Money just flows!!!

    Have a good day of creating, all of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsFlyingHigh View Post
    At the end of the big sale, he pulled out a 100 dollar bill, tossed it toward me, and said "Here, for art supplies." He then walked away, and I said "Oh, really?" "Yes," he replied. "Don't give up your art!" And then he was gone, and I was 100 dollars richer.
    To give you some more inspiration, I have an old roommate that does this. He throws around huge wads of cash to people for whatever reason crosses his mind. I say it's "inspiration" because he used to be dirt poor only a few months before he hit this level of financial abundance. He literally was so poor that he was eating a bag of carrots that he found on the side of the road. And then within a few months, he had a house, car, income properties, other words, it could happen soon that you could have something happen such as owning the business that you work for. And then you'll be throwing $100 bills around to others for "art supplies"

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    So nice story.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Congratulations, BFH!Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

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    BFH and

    thanks to both of you! WONDERFUL inspiration and upliftment!

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    Thank you for sharing your alignment with flow of abundance, BirdsFlyingHigh, my congratulations! What an inspiring story! I'm happy for you!

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    so good

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