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Thread: I'm going to Disney World, I'm ready!

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    I'm going to Disney World, I'm ready!

    Original post from 3 years ago - I was going to reply to this, but I thought I'd get replies to the original subject.

    Tomorrow I leave for my 5th Disney World trip in 3 years. I've been listening to Abraham recordings where they talk about being ready to be ready, and that you will receive only what you are ready for. Here's my story...

    February 2014, I had a week's paid time off that I was about to lose. The receptionist at work printed out pages from Disney's website of resorts that had available rooms the week I needed to take off. The only one I remember was Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of the deluxe resorts. I looked at the costs, and said that's just a dream, I could never do that. I ended up booking one night at a hotel in Atlantic City (I live in NJ). That was the first time I even did anything like that. But it was all I was ready for at that point. 6 months later I booked my first trip to Disney World. I was able to justify one week at a value resort there. That's when the original post above was posted. A year later I went back the same exact week in October and stayed at the same resort, but for an extra 2 days. I decided the next year I would go back during the Christmas season. But in the meantime, February came around and I had unused time again. I booked a trip for just 3 weeks later, now staying at a moderate resort. Then I went again in December as planned and stayed at a moderate resort again, but this time flying First Class. Now tomorrow I leave to fly First Class and stay at a Deluxe Resort. And you know which one? Animal Kingdom Lodge! It didn't hit me until a couple weeks ago that I was staying at the place that started the dream three and half years ago. Now I'm ready!

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    The better it gets the better it gets! How wonderful for you, Amee!

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    Animal Kingdom Lodge is suppose to be pretty neat. We were just talking about it yesterday. I hope you have fun!

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    Wooooow!!! you made my heart jump in excitement!!!

    Have tons of fun!

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    congratulations Amee

    wonderful to see you come into alignment with your dream of Animal Kingdom
    I hope you enjoy your trip (ofcourse you will! haha)

    much love

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