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Thread: Journey to my new job

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    Journey to my new job

    Last friday I got fired. And it felt good. Really good!
    I felt like: That's ok. The universe is having my back. Everything will work out fine. I will get a new job. I literaly felt all the opportunities out there! It was amazing.
    I'm pretty sure I got fired, because I practised the vibration of incoming money. And through this job in this particular shop money was not likely to come, since the figures of the shop declined slowly, but steadily.
    I went to the job center this morning and they were extremly nice there. They were enthusiastic, because I was so enthusiastic about finding something new. And they said to me, don't worry, you will definitely find something new.
    I called one of the job offers imediately and I will have an interview tomorrow.

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    Good for you for doing your "work." What Process(es) will you use?

    Please keep in mind that this is The ABE Forum so please focus your work according to the principles of these teachings. Journaling or reporting has its pitfalls with regard to this material. For this reason, Abraham (and we) don't really encourage that as a Process.

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    Right now, I'm going general.
    I don't need a job this red hot minute. I've got time. And I do not NEED the money for the first time in my life. I want it, but I do not need it.
    And I find comfort in this thoughts. I like this state of really having time to do stuff I do want to do. I love it! I am so relaxed!
    And it is amazing that I actually do more than ever. I went shopping for new and fancy clothes, things I would have never bought for the old job in the shop. It would have been useless, since things had a tendency to get ripped and dirty in there.
    And when I did that shopping I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed this not thinking of when will you ever wear it? Instead I felt like, I can't wait to wear clothes like this every single day. And I did not think twice about spending this money. I would not have done that before, without flinching internally. But when I used my card, I felt supported by the universe and I just KNEW, that money is on its way.
    Also, I like how the universe is presenting opportunities I can sift and sort through. Like I said, I do not need a new job right now to support myself. And I like that feeling. I actually revel in it.
    Right now, I just feel! I feel good!

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    I went to a job interview and it was good. I liked the questions the lady asked and I felt comfortable during the whole time. I wasn't even the sligthest nervous and that surprised me the most. When I walked out, I thought about really working there and my gut said no, despite how good the interview itself went. I just had that, not the right place for you feeling. And I can't explain it any better.
    I feel free! I have the freedom to choose! And that feels so good! I feel comfortable in this freedom. And I feel secure. I am save! I have the time and I have the opportunities and I am free to decline or to take whatever I want. I am free.
    I do not need this job for the money. Money is already in my life.
    Ha, that is exactly what someone rich would say. Money is not the issue, cause its already there. Uh, that feels good, too. I can feel it. Money being there, just being there, just being there, just being there... Oh, that feels good!
    After the job interview, I drove home and on my way decided to visit a family member (of my husbands side) at her workplace. And guess what, they are looking for someone to hire, too. They would pay better than my last job, have less hours, too and I would be over there within fifteen minutes. That's cool. All the criteria I was looking for.
    She said, she would ask her boss about it and then get back to me.
    You know, I had to smile about it. The universe is presenting endless opportunities to me!

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    I did an online application yesterday. And one of the questions was "How are your English skills (writing and talking)?"
    The answers I could choose were:
    -Conversational safe
    Personally, I would not say "expert" or "basic", but I am not sure if I am more "conversational safe" or more "fluent".
    My husband thinks I should check the box for "fluent", because I watch movies and series in English, read English books and talking to customers was never really an issue (except for technical terms, then I'm lost). And he says, for a german girl, I am way better than most of the others (and no, I do not have this "typical german accent", it's more american than anything else)
    What do you think?

    I also wrote another application letter yesterday, and at first I felt lost. I started with all those basic sentences and it did not feel good to me. Then I thought suddenly "screw it!" and wrote the application again, this time in my own words. Half of it was even in English, to prove that I did not understate my skills.
    And I thought, if this woman is going to hire me, than she should at least have an idea who I am. Either she likes it or not. Not my problem. It felt much better this way! It felt like me! Just me. And "just me" is exactly what I am offering to this world. Because the perfect job for me has to take me as "just me". I am perfect in being "just me". Being "just me" is so much!

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    I checked the box for fluent. Because I am.
    Applications are out there, now let's see.
    I had an interview last week in the city and when I went there I was way too early. So I strolled down the street and there was this shop. It actually "lit up" through its interiour. I was literally drawn to this shop just because of the way how it was built inside. So I went in, the women inside asked if I need help and I told them, how much I appreciate their design efforts. One thing led to another and in the end they took a picture of my CV.
    The next day they called back. They offered me a trial workday at the end of this week.
    The most amazing thing is: I told my husband, that this would be it. It felt good! This little shop and their owners connected instantly with me. I can't describe it any better, but I'm sure you all will understand.

    Today I had another trial workday and this was the exact opposite of what I described before.
    I just can't feel myself working there. The work itself was fine, but I do not connect. Neither with the shop nor the owner. Expecially not the owner.
    Yes, they do have a lot of nice things around there and yes, I'm sure they are better in business than others and yes, that lady was definetly, but still...
    I still have that feeling I described in another post: It's just not the right place for me.
    No, I do not want to work there. Not even when they would pay better. Which they don't.

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