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Thread: Journey to my new job

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    The last few days, I had no motivation writing new applications. So I did not. And I am kind of proud of not beating up on myself for being "lazy". If you are not in sync with writing an application letter, it will not get through. Hence, even if I would have forced myself to do that, it would have been useless, wouldn't it?
    Well, today I feel like doing it.
    I feel energized, maybe because I did not sleep much, the cat was vomiting again and kept me awake. The doctor said its probably the food, so we ordered special food for her. Hopefully thats going to help. Otherwise she is healthy and fit, especially for her age. My husband and I keep wondering, if maybe she isn't as old as they told us in the shelter.
    Back to applications. I am going to start with the two ones, I can "feel" most. But at first I am going to rewrite my CV in the way the woman at the job agency told me to do.

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    Ok, done. Rewrote my CV and did also two application letters. Did send them my husband first, he is better at stuff like this than I am.
    At first I did not know what to write. I mean, writing an application is basically selling yourself as a product. And I was never really good at selling myself. I tend to downsize myself. But then I got this flow, just like, when I am writing a short story. Once the feeling of "I am right for this job and I do have all the qualifications needed" was there, they basically wrote themselves.
    So now lets see...

    Oh, and anybody out there, who wants to hire me?
    I am really good at selling stuff (besides myself ),
    been through a lot, so I basically understand everything that can happen in life, hence I am good with people,
    eager to learn new things, love to do what I love,
    in short, I am me and I am really good the way I am. You should hire me! I love work and love to love my work.

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    Well, today...
    Today I woke up, fed the cat and then I sorted through some old stuff of mine. And found this calender in which I wrote something down back then. About a workplace. And I realised, that I am now excactly back to where I have been back then. I also found a photograph of an classmate from around this time and I thought about his intentions to go into engineering and I thought he is probably having his second well paid job by know, probably found a nice girl that he married and about to start a family of his own. And I? I am still where I used to be. At least it feels that way....

    That is obviously not true, back then I did not have anything. I just finished school and had no idea what to do with my life. Now, I had traineeship and worked for a few years, at least nobody can say now, I would not know how it is out there. And I had a lot tougher circumstances in my life then the rest of them! My family turned into this mess, just because someone died. I happened to be on the street, to be all alone, to have to support myself on my own. And I did that, too. I survived, nevertheless. I did. I managed! I never gave up, back then. If I had been giving up, I'd probably be dead by now. Surviving on the street with my kidneys? NO way.

    I did what probably none of my classmates would have been able to do. I survived! Isn't that the toughest school you can get through? And I passed that one with flying colors.
    There is NO reason for me to feel smaller than I am. I proved myself more than enough. I am strong, I know what to do and I know how to support myself. I know, that it isn't about the amount of money that you get for a salary. I know about Abe and I know, how to work with my own feelings.
    And that is all that matters, girl!
    Because from now on, everything is possible. There is no limit to the sky...

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    Haven't been around lately. Topic did not feel good, so I tried to stay off of it. Although, I kept wondering, why all my efforts fell through although I felt so good about about applying and finding a new job in the first place.
    I think I know why. There was a flyer in the mail about studying. There happend to be a new class on it. And it starts for the first time this month. I started to study social work back then. Had to give it up, cause I had no financial support and no home and I had to survive. And I always wanted to study again. But at first, it was more important to do my traineeship, after that I needed to earn money so I worked... Now, I actually could do this!
    So, I am currently looking for a part-time job, instead of full-time. And I think, that is why I did not get the other jobs... I think, the universe actually had something else in mind for me. Something I did not know about before.... If that is true, the right part-time job is already on its way to me....

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    Seems like all pieces of the puzzle are just falling into place...

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    super excited to see where your new journey takes lucky to expand this way....

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