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Thread: 11 month vacation

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    Things just got silly-stupid at work...I got ANOTHER raise.

    What happened was the owner of the company was watching me today as I was covering for 2 other people. I was actually having fun juggling the workload since I like the feeling of "accomplishment" that some nice hard work gives me.

    Well, the owner was pretty impressed with how I put out some "office fires" this morning as he was walking around. Anyhow, he walks up to me & tells me that he is giving me another $4,000/year raise on top of all the raise & bonuses I'm already getting. Plus, I got a very nice Christmas bonus check...things are just getting ridiculous with money being thrown at me at work. All I could hear in my head after the owner said that was the song by LMFAO "Let's get ridiculous", lol.

    The funny thing is that a month ago I set a goal for what I wanted to make as a yearly salary & I figured it would take me years to achieve. But Source arranged things to where I achieved this goal in only a I have set my goals even higher.

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    @RichKing haha thats pretty crazy. What a way to end 2017!! hip hip hurray :celebrationdance:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayfulBoy View Post
    @RichKing haha thats pretty crazy. What a way to end 2017!! hip hip hurray :celebrationdance:

    aah PlayfulBoy 2017 ain't over yet and RichKing is just a mega manifester - so who knows what else he's gonna receive ?!

    congrats to your amazing income RichKing !!
    exceptional allowing and enthusiasm, so happy for you

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