Well, I haven't been on this forum in a while. Anyway, my desire was to grow taller, and even after taking all the advice from you kind people, I just couldn't stop looking at what is. This was a massive problem. Also, to me, personally all the "feel good" and everything will come to you logic made no sense. So, turns out, I do a focus wheel to "show me the right way"-- it was more like begging the universe to show me the right way. Then, as I was watching an Abraham video on meditation, on the side, a certain video pops up, out of nowhere. It's labelled "Your Beliefs Form Your Reality." And it's by an entity part of the Abraham group, but separate and in many ways much more advanced. You could say that if Abraham is all of infinite intelligence, this entity was at the highest level of Abraham. Many of you know who I'm talking about - Seth.

So I see the video and at first Jane's voice scared the crap out of me. But after watching more and more, I decided that it was time to get the Nature of Personal Reality, a Seth book. Just as Ask and It Is Given clicked to me the first time I read it, this one did too, except at a deeper level. I found that although Abraham's short, concise, and extremely effective version worked for most people, I needed the science behind it. And so Seth's book was a gift from the universe in so many ways.

Anyway, as for the success, after months of worrying, doubting, looking at what is and no success, I decided that I was only going to do two exercises. At night before sleeping, I would do Seth's Natural Hypnosis exercise for 10 minutes. Whenever I felt doubt throughout the day, I would do Focus Wheels. It's been only 1 week of following this, and I felt quite happy. But just today, this sudden intuitive feeling kept telling me "measure, measure." Normally this would be doubt, so I did a Focus Wheel to get right back up to Knowing on the EGS. However, even after three Focus Wheels in 20 minutes, I kept getting the feeling. So I decided to measure.

And although I'm not 6"3 yet (my desired height), I grew taller! It's only about 3/4 of an inch, but it counts for everything! Now I know once again that I create my own reality due to my beliefs! I've created this thread mostly for myself as I felt I had to ramble on about this amazing event, but also to anyone else struggling with manifestations. Focus Wheels really are all you need!