I'm currently in an amazing place with my inner being right now and have made some amazing progress since first being introduced to these teachings. I've moved into a wonderful dream apartment, just came back from a life changing trip in Italy, and have been feeling far more aligned than I have in a very long time. I don't have however a consistent, reliable source of income at the moment and am feeling very resistant about working, looking for work or even thinking about doing anything to make money in general. What is lighting me up right now and do more of the vibrational work and really aligning with the me that feels good to me, decorating my new apartment(<<this has been so much fun), meeting new friends and enjoy the old ones and meditating. Apart of me trust that I will be taken care of like I always have been(even when I wasn't working) and that I can just relax and do what I'm enjoying but then bill collectors call or I think about something I need more money to do and I'm frustrated about money again. I want to just forget about money and peacefully and joyfully enjoy all the good that I've aligned with but I'm not sure how to do that when the reality is I still have responsibilities to tend to. Can I soothe the thoughts around money without having to focus on the money?