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Thread: HUGE financial relief

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    HUGE financial relief

    I want to keep this short because I want to celebrate the manifestation and share the highlights.

    I had accumulated some debt and financial hardship over the past 10 years all the while knowing that there is an exponentially large sum of money in my Vortex, even before being consciously aware of what the Vortex is. I have been steadily moving towards that escrow and in recent months I have been allowing a significant amount of it to come into my reality.

    I was extremely anxious about this debt situation, though, and how to deal with mounting pressure from banks/collection etc, so much so that even THINKING about the topic caused me immediate physical panic. This went on for years and conditions worsened for me financially.

    Last week, after months of steadily raising my vibration and finding better feeling thoughts regarding the subject, I felt inspired to go to my bank with some money I needed to deposit and request a meeting with a financial advisor. I didn't realize that the service was free with my bank, so I was happy to hear that I could schedule a meeting at no charge as early as a few days later. I was a bit anxious still but I knew this was the action I needed to take in order to make things right.

    That day was today and in preparation I guided my thoughts to positive feelings and meditation. Yesterday I read all of Abraham's "Ask And It Is Given" simply inspired by waking up in the morning and deciding I wanted to read it (and found a free PDF of it). I devoured every chapter and felt satisfied in a deeper knowing of Abraham's teachings. I was feeling good all day yesterday and today and on the way to the bank I started to feel a bit of uneasiness set in again. I breathed myself through it, focused on thoughts that faced in the direction of my desires rather than away from them, practiced appreciation. I began to feel better and more confident in knowing that no matter what happened - whether I would have to declare bankruptcy, consolidate, completely start from scratch financially, find a fast way to get another job, whatever - I would be okay, thanks to my connection to Source and the guidance I had received from Abraham.

    When I got to the bank, I had a good feeling. The teller who had scheduled me last week was there cutting out snowflakes to hang in the window. I noted that, her positive disposition, plus the colours around the room I liked. She recognized me and said,

    "Oh you have an appointment today, right? Please have a seat - your advisor Abraham will be right with you."


    (It took everything in me to keep from replying, "Actually Abraham is already here!")

    I really loved this little sign. Other than the non-physical entity, I have never in my life met anyone named Abraham. The fact that that was the name of my financial advisor at this time in my life and after immersing myself in Abe teachings was such a comfort to me. It immediately made me feel/reminded me that I am supported by the Universe.

    The session was amazing. Abraham was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and ready to guide me forward. I discovered a solution to my financial issues and it was much simpler than I had anticipated. He kept telling me I was okay and that it was not a big deal. We created a strategy plan and ideas to move to the next steps with positive intentions (he kept using these terms!).

    I'm over the moon elated right now. I'm appreciative of the freedom I have, have always had, and am manifesting into my reality.

    Welp, that was not short at all, but I typed it all at lightning speed and that is saying something considering I do not have hands. haha. (A story for another day maybe!)

    Just wanted to share, I hope this inspired some of you who are struggling! Thanks for reading!
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    You're amazing. Thanks for sharing. Just what i needed. I'm new to this form thing - and feel a little shy talking about my personal stuff to complete strangers - so even though I'm out of my comfort zone, I think I'm needing to connect with some like-minded Abe souls. As much as i'm doubting myself and my ability to do this anymore - something inside knows it must work - even though I haven't figured it out yet. I am going through some financial contrast and I've been in 'action-oriented PANIC' mode - completely OOTV. Your story made my day.
    Thank you again.

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    I got goosebumps when I read your advisors name was Abraham! I would have just been so happy!!!! Way to go raising your vibrations!!!

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    Congratulations! I can imagine how big relief you have felt.
    And as for the name Abraham, I absolutely adore the Universe´s sense of humour and ability to surprise us

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    what a beautiful life-story!
    Congratulation, and have so much fun further along your path into less and less resistance, and more and more joy, easy, abundance and happiness!

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    Thank you for this ceegee! Ur story is very inspiring!!

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