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Thread: I manifested a free PIZZA [emoji7]

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    I manifested a free PIZZA

    Haha. I am just so excited sharing about this. Since the past month I was severely OOTV and finally yesterday while listening to Abraham's take I finally understood what it meant to create. It has NOTHING to do with anyone. The universe loyally delivers to you what observe and focus on. Just thinking about it logically got me into the receiving mode. YOU JUST HAVE TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. That's it. I thought to myself, alright let's test the universe. Starting with something small I decided to think about a pizza (pizza is life yo). I went on to browse online, ordered and paid for the most delicious looking cheese burst pizza. Soon a moment after that I decided to cancel the order because I figured it had become a little expensive. Still I was completely resistance free just excitedly anticipating what the universe was going to do about it and started watching a movie. And voila ! In 30 mins as they say I got a phone call from the delivery boy standing in front of the lane ahead of my house asking for the exact address. I was SUPER thrilled. I had the entire pizza by myself, not at all guilty. Enjoyed every single cheesy bursty bite of it. Want to hear the best part of it ? I got a refund too ! Haha !


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