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Thread: Moneyverse is everywhere, you just need to pick it up like music

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    Moneyverse is everywhere, you just need to pick it up like music

    Today Lemon quoted Abraham :
    start telling Universe what you do want and not what you do not want
    Simple quote, powerful

    I want to have my wonderful fulfilling part of the job which is payed greatly and enjoyable to raise and be, because it feels good to feel good and it feels good to have money and it feels splendid to live in this world of spending - I love that part of this reality I came to live at for it's fun!
    I want to have my vortex everything about it, all wonderful experiences connected to expansion. I want to have twice and triple of sure deal of what I already have. For it's fun, fulfilling and it is rewarded and I love to live with money, doing things that money can buy - I love things money can buy. I do. I enjoy new things. I enjoy time money can buy. I enjoy my experience supported with money. I do. That's why I wish it and I wish it on the most wonderful adventurous way as well. For it's fun.
    I appreciate my friend Z who is very wonderful and very helpful. And also my friend I and her friends and community. And my sister...and her daughter...and my invisible friends...and the most wonderful people I meet and know. And of course my loving, wonderful, charming, experienced self, strong and bold and frolic. Doing steps toward wanted. That's me. Progress is the ultimate. I align and than I align more.
    I wish to create alongside with Universe wonderful more of my job, that I like and love and enjoy, because I love to feel like I do when I live this experience, I wish more of it. It's nice, it's touching, I like the winning part. I like art and I love to see it. I love art in people and uniqueness. I am truly blessed with that and more and more and more to come. Thank you Universe.

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    A cloudy production

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    I appreciate talents I am witnessing, beautiful people with their own unique expression. I love the way uniqueness comes first when it comes to people I teach and everyone is who they are. Their styles are different and actually very amazing.
    I appreciate I have some students now and I love to participate in their development. I love to see them doing well. I love to be able to extract the best out of their potential and I love to see them progress. I love to see them do well and be good at what they do.
    I appreciate people who studied with me.
    I appreciate people who love me like V & A & when I am able to do something for them.
    I appreciate my car and I love B helped me clean car today in the morning and brought me heavy thing down there.
    I appreciate it when people are loving.
    I appreciate my cat always waits me home and she appreciates my presence very much.
    I appreciate there are people who love me and may do something for me from love place of being and I am always in ave again of how wonderful people may be.
    I appreciate people have their unique expressions. I love to be payed for this mentoring.
    I appreciate there is increased number of fulfilled days in my week. I love to think of what may I give to them.

    I appreciate

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    J appreciate tasty food, I love also having everything that I need, like that thing for cleaning snow
    I love flowing life, fulfilling occurrences
    I appreciate my cards which are having good messages which are supportive of reality
    I appreciate Doreen Virtue for making them
    I appreciate my friends who are really enriching my life

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    What if yesnessness is suddenly mine?

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    J appreciate the ways money comes in
    J love fun of the Universe happening while we create
    J love love
    J love future
    J love present
    my present is full with very enriching events
    J adore my cat, she feels my loving vibe through my hand
    J have wonderful friend here in building
    J have them two plus one child
    and the other neighbors ain't bad
    J love this neighborhood from my childhood
    J love my life
    J love kids J am teaching, they're so amazing, J just love them
    J love being fulfilled
    J love my city
    it is nice when it snows a little
    and this street is my favorite, I adore them trees which are here forever and wonderful
    J appreciate J find my ways always somehow so
    J love knowing where J am going , what my wishes are

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    • what if J enhanced my income for double? and strengthened the vibe to be steady?
    • what if Universe is on my side right now making it be even better than J suppose? like astonishingly great, amazing , wow and everything jupidu?
    • what if Superverse was everyday presence, every moment presence?

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    I love this day for money is landing on my account
    Another 100€ cca bills are made to be payed
    I love money
    I love this Era and what money can buy
    I love Abraham and what Abraham has thought us

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