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Thread: Moneyverse is everywhere, you just need to pick it up like music

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    I love my darling family
    I love my sister
    I love my eloquence and I love talking with people
    I love people who match my vibration
    I love my life
    I love someone is thinking about me
    I love how it feels
    I love my friends, my real friends
    I love my mother
    I love my cousin
    I love everyone who loves me and wants to be in my life for right reasons
    I love my experiences with women who are my father/mother age
    I love nice, wonderful, people
    I love drawing
    I love my new cups and plates and moments
    I love hedgehogs I got from bank
    I love to make kids happy
    I love to give something valuable to kids
    I love my friend M &
    also T
    I love my cat
    I love my uncle
    I love showering
    I love location where I live
    I love friends from past and new friends
    I love to know where I belong
    I love good advice from someone who loves me
    good movies, fun
    people from my building
    my new life happenings
    I love my friend A
    and I
    and I love it here on the forum, with wonderful expiring quotes
    I love it when things start to fit and be well and nice and easy
    I love my success
    I love competence
    I love good tasting things
    I love fulfilling my tasks
    I love my hair
    I love hair products
    I love spiritual experience
    I love new wonderful people
    I love me through my experience
    I love different day
    my friend S

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