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Thread: Lets move!

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    Lets move!

    I wanna move up the scale on some things. I also wanna move out of my parents house and get a place for me and my bf.

    Had a great day today. My body was a little sore but from fun activities so its all good.
    I love that I get to go to class with my partner.
    I love that we get to have fun together.
    I love the time we get to spend together.
    I love that we eat great food together.
    I love the school we get to go to.
    I love how clean and pretty it is.
    I love that its not crowded on fridays.
    I love that all our class mates are fun.
    I love that I am having fun.
    I love that my body is always changing and improving.
    I love that my body can handle so much.
    I love feeling it getting stronger.

    I look forward to more joy and laughs and fun at college.

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    Cheering you along! Yes lets move! I Have enjoyed reading your "finding good enough" thread
    : wave

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauriewinter09 View Post
    Cheering you along! Yes lets move! I Have enjoyed reading your "finding good enough" thread
    : wave
    Thanks ^_^

    Current: Wasn't feeling great today was worried it was withdraw from the medication I recently stopped.

    General: I feel sick. Frustration. I feel annoyance. I feel doubt.

    Want: I want to feel my wellness. I want to feel hopeful. I want to feel joy. I want to feel how great my body is.

    1. Research has said withdraw is only short lived.
    2. I have felt some bursts of good.
    3. Overall I think its good for me to stop it.
    4. I have felt my real feelings and it has helped me find out how i really feel in life.
    5. I like feeling my guenuine feelings that I do without the anxiety meds
    6. They have served a purpose for making me more outgoing
    7. I am less afraid now.
    8. I like that I am braver now.
    9. Now its the best of both worlds.
    10. I am getting better and have learned a lot.
    11. I like how the medication has helped me
    12. I always have it just in case
    13. but I am well on my own now.
    14. I am getting better and better.
    15. This is part of the journey to getting better.
    16. I know its only temporary to feel this way.
    17. I think its already wearing down
    18. I think its already feeling better.

    Current: I haven't been exercising a lot and I had a leg cramp.

    General: I feel doubt and worry about my body. I feel guilt that I haven't been taking good care of it.

    Want: I want to remember my bodies flexibility and power. I want to know its great at evolving and healing.
    I want to feel freedom to do what i want in my body.

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    Current: felt sick for a few days but my body is feeling way better now. I love seeing proof of how resilient it is and how well and how easy health comes when I align with it.

    1. My body is so easy to align to source.
    2. I enjoy the feeling of wellbeing as it flows through me.
    3. It flows to me and through me often and easily.
    4. I am a great creator.
    5. I love feeling the strengh of my body.
    6. I love feeling the inner glow of my body.
    7. I appreciate my health
    8. I appreciate knowing I am always getting better
    9. I appreciate knowing that I am always growing into something better.
    10. My body is vibriant and healthy and great and so is my mind.
    11. They both work together well.
    12. I am a master at healing

    Current: I feel ike I havent been improving like i should and i somewhat have lost my confidence and passion when it comes to some art stuff.

    General: i feel doubt. I feel lost. I feel overwhelmed.

    want: I want to feel hopeful again. I want to feel my passion. I want to believe in myself. I want to feel secure.

    1. My art is good.
    2. There have been some changes.
    3. I have tools to help me get even better.
    4. I have a game plan on how to get better.
    5. I like the idea of getting better.
    6. Practicing is fun.
    7. I like being on this journey.
    8. Art journey is a fun and interesting one.
    9. I still do get commissions.
    10. People do like my art enough now.
    11. I like my art tons now.
    12. I like looking at how great it is compared to how it was.
    13. I like seeing the subtle improvements.
    14. I like experimenting and seeing how it goes.

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    Found a tea I really like. Its flavor is just right and its sooo good. The company is good and i like supporting good companies. The tea also gives me an extra boost of energy which is also nice. I love this tea. I love the warmth it brings. I like how easy it is to make. I like that i get to drink it out of my favorite mugs. I like the smell. It smells so minty and fresh. The name is pretty cool too. The tea also has a positive message on every bag which is fun. Such a fun product. I really enjoy it.

    Current: So far I have had some trouble selling some characters that I made. I may be getting a little worried about that.

    General: I feel worry. I feel jealousy. I feel fear. I feel insecure.

    Want: I want to feel hopeful. I want to feel content. I want to feel worry free. I want to feel ease.

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    My computer is so much faster now that my bf helped improve it.
    I am so glad I can use all my art programs easily and quickly.
    I like being able to work at large sizes now.
    I like being able to make high quality and high resolution art.
    I love how great games look now.
    I love gaming with my bf.
    I love that we both have similar interests.

    Current: I had some very annoying clients today. I almost felt like giving up their commission and just refunding or telling them to F off.

    General: I feel anger. I feel revenge. I feel bothered. I feel frustration. I feel annoyance.

    Want: I want to feel boredom. I want to feel contentment. I want to feel ease.

    1. At least I finished their commission.
    2. Its over I dont have to deal with them again.
    3. T Hey liked the commission and so did I.
    4. I liked that I got the commission.
    5. Its nice to have commissions.
    6. Its nice to make money from my art.
    7. some commissioners are cool and kind.
    8. Most commissioners are nice.
    9. I fixed my Tos to better help me.
    10. I can be clearer with my tos in the future.
    11. I can pick and choose commissioners in the future.
    12. I have a manager to help me attract better commissioners.

    I feel peace.
    letting it go.
    I love letting it go.
    I love feeling relief.
    Thats good enough for now.

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    I calmed down about that client and they turned out to be really grateful for the art and have advertised for me bringing me more commissioners.

    I love doing a great job in my business.
    I love satisfying clients and myself.
    I love getting new and exciting projects.
    I love expanding my clientele.
    I am a great business owner who can run my business smoothly and effectively.
    I look forward to seeing my business grow this year.
    I look forward to seeing tons of improvements in it this year.
    I love tons of great and fun ideas.
    I cant wait to bring them to light.

    Thank you universe for bringing me
    Great friends
    Great bf
    Fun family
    Great experiences
    Great skill
    Great motivation
    Fun projects
    Great commissioners
    Great ideas
    Great inspiration
    Fun tools
    Great tools
    The perfect tools
    The perfect ideas.

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