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Thread: Entire Bedroom Set

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    Entire Bedroom Set

    The other week, I watched my parents house while they were on vacation. I slept in the bed in one of their guest bedrooms & the mattress was sooooooo comfy. It made me want to go out & buy a new bed. So I started looking. I was prepared to spend close to $800 for a new mattress, but I texted my mom to see if she could get the name & model of that mattress so that I could find it in the stores.

    Well, she texted me back "Why don't you just take this one?". I told her "ok, thanks" basically, I got the mattress that I wanted & saved $800.

    Then I decided that I needed a new area rug & dresser. I was going to drive all the way down to IKEA to pick up a new area rug. However, when I told my landlord, she said she had a new one that she purchased & that I could just have it. Score. I got my rug without having to walk through the IKEA maze....oh, and she also had a dresser for me if I could help her move some new furniture into her house. Nice.

    Basically, I have a new bedroom set & I saved over $1,000 & a bunch of shopping trips to find the items I wanted!

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    It keeps getting better. I was eyeing my neighbors lawn furniture & really wanted a table and chairs that he had on the side of his house. Well, this morning, he bought a newer lawn furniture set & gave me the one that I've been eyeing...if things keep going like this, I'll be able to replace all the furniture in my house within a few weeks, lol

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    That's awesome, RK!

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    nice to read your manifestations and how easy they come RickKing

    always fun to read your stories thank you for sharing

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    thats awesome. your posts are really inspiring

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