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Thread: Feeling stuck in disempowerment

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    Thanks PoE, looking forward to little bits of clarity on the way to BIG clarity 😀👌🏻

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    exactly! everything is working so perfectly here!

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    Hiya All.
    The cloud is lifting!
    I’ve written so many pages trying to do the work on this subject there was way too much to post and it was mostly BS until I got to the heart of exactly what you said that I’m trying to jump to the top but also i was avoiding going into /allowing myself to feel How i truly felt.

    I know from experience that it’s not until you let the “bad” feelings up that the good feelings can come in, but I forgot it for a while. At least it seems to be true in relation to heavy sticky subjects.

    It feels like ive slipped into a habit of Avoiding feeling, trying to cover it over by quickly finding a wobble free thought, combined with trying to rush to the top of the tall building., and instead of doing the real work. Thus my work, over the last several months, on heavy subject has been a hollow wordy-thinky exercise of kidding myself up the emotional scale.

    I can also see now that in the past , on subjects that feel big/heavy, i have often stopped around hopefulness/optimism , rather than keep going.

    Maybe I could post the work im trying to do at that point and get your input ?

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    Hiya all. Below is my work, BFT process: i have in previous sessions got from the bottom of the scale up towards not sure, maybe impatience ...the work below is where i got stuck, & even though thats not even possible it feels like im stuck.

    I think this is quite representative of what i have been doing lately: able to get from disempowerment up to around , near hope, or just below that, and then get stuck ,and even descend the “ladder”

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated . Brutal honesty please !!!
    (W=worse B= better )
    Here is the “Work”

    “Where am i right now ?Not sure? Impatient ?, tinged with hope?
    Sit with it. Let any neg/worry etc come up

    Im still not “there” (ie feeling good): if im feeling like that , there is judgement about where i am going on. W
    its all about making peace with each rung of the ladder. B
    I want to be at the top. W
    Im not.W
    But the other day, i was feeling disempowered; bit by bit, one rung of the ladder at a time, i got myself in the vicinity of hopefulness: i have even been playing the “wouldnt it be nice if” game. That’s pretty good going.its true B

    I dont have to rush this i can just feel more, at each rung .. B

    I did that: i deliberately felt-thought my way to where i am, thats a long way and a much better feeling. Im pleased .B

    Im really glad i got to the heart of what i was doing wrong: jumping/avoiding really feeling (which i think are both symptoms of avoidance ). It’s a really good thing to have realised. Glad for the help from WB and PoE. B

    So. Keep reaching for relief.
    I want to feel better.
    I want to feel my way...


    I while ago it hurt to think about that. Ive come a long way B

    all i ever have to do, really , is this exercise on anything that doesnt feel good: i dont even have to go all the way on every subject, just nudge myself toward feeling a bit better on every subejct: then this has to create, gradually a better and better feeling reflection “world. W, reachig too far.

    Im glad i have these indicators to show me what i have been focusing on. W; that felt untrue
    Im glad i know that i can do something about how i am feeling B..
    Im glad i know that while i am on different rungs of the ladder on differet subjects, if I just consistently do the work, i will tweak everything into a better feeling place. B

    Im glad im much more concerned with feeling better than getting any particular manifestation. B

    Im glad i know:its not Hogwarts,I just have to release resistance ie feel better, and that is what causes the change in the manifested world.its that simple. B.

    (Just caught myself thinking “ but im not “there”.....and feeling bad: )

    That is trying to jump too far. I can t do that but i can take the stairs. And taking the stairs really works. So keep doing it !!B

    Where i am is ok. It feel much better than where i have been for weeks B

    When i nudge to a slightly better feeling , and stay thre for 17 seconds , new ideas come to me, new freq range is available, i like remembering that..B

    I like knowing that is basically what loa is: thats how this all works. B

    I dont have to get “there” today, now... i can just tweak it when it feels right. (W: Dont really believe that )

    but im not getting any new thoughts that feel better. Whats going on? Confused. W

    Wouldn’t it be nice if i started to want again... FEELS WRONG Jumping ? W

    Wouldn’t it be nice to lean towards wanted FEELS WRONG. Jumping ? W

    I want to feel just slight relief ..thats the game remember.

    I can feel myself beginning to try: im feeling frustrated at my lack of movement.
    So , ok, . im not where i thought i was, im frustrated that im not getting to the top”. But its ok...its only a stepping stone , its not permanent, its ok to feel whatever I feel it’s only for long enough to the feel around for relief.

    No i don’t actually believe that: and the reason is, i felt around for relief and didnt get any, just felt worse. Down the bloody ladder .crap W

    Frustration: im not where i want to be:

    I can receive some better thoughts right where i am..its all i have to do. W; dont believe that crap

    I am learning about some habits that, when i know what im doing wrong, will serve me well. B

    It more like discouragemnet because i feel “stuck” ,..W

    Now I thinking: i tried to reach for relief, feel my way gradually and it didnt work: now what ?
    I feel stuck ,confused ...W
    Confused . Take a break....”

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    Hi there,

    Glad that the cloud is lifting.

    One thing that may be helpful and I think this is something that is easy for us "deliberate creators" to get stuck upon, and that is looking at the outward manifestation as the "indicator" of our success as deliberate creators!

    And then, we just replace our previous stick, that beats us over the head, for the "deliberate creator" stick, so to speak. This is common. And natural.

    I heard abe recently saying something that I found really helpful, it was how dont expect yourself to find the solutions, when you have not been offering the vibration that brings them. Ie, don't expect yourself to be the deliberate creator (outwardly in your life) when you have not been on the vibration of that alignment....Give yourself a break.

    You are where you are and that is okay.
    You are where you are and where you are is where you ARE!

    And also they were saying that for 30 days, instead of thinking in terms of "I create my reality", think in terms of "I create my MOOD".....

    I create my mood.....
    I create my mood.....(whispered....which creates my reality)
    But I create my mood....

    Because they were saying, its not about what has been, or what IS.
    Where your POWER IS is right here and NOW, in the moment of NOW.
    So, get off of what you have created.
    And focus on what you ARE creating....

    Your MOOD.

    And the best way to do this is to remember one simple thing.


    LOA responds to the thoughts that we THINK,
    It attracts more of the SAME thoughts to us.

    So start EARLY in the day, and SLOW.

    And BE EASY and GENERAL.

    ANd stay off the topics that trip you up, while your getting momentum going.

    Just think about EASE and focus there.
    And think about things that are EASY to feel good about

    KNOWING that LOA will do the rest.
    LOA will build the momentum.
    LOA will bring the rest.

    But you need to start slow, and easy.
    And stay off the specifics for a while,
    And be as GENERAL as you can.

    Remember your work is only your mood.

    Only about FEELING your way to the Source within you.

    Its about letting go of effort,
    Its about trusting that LOA will do the "work".
    Its about being EASY
    Its about stepping back from the specifics
    Its about going general
    Its about looking at whats easy to appreciate
    Its about seeing the wellbeing of the planet
    And remembering that wellbeing abounds
    And appreciating the sun coming up and knowing the moon will too.
    And appreciation the water flowing on the planet
    And appreciating that wellbeing that is so dominant
    And turning off the news!
    And for a while, giving yourself some space to find your Self again
    Its being EASIER
    Its ALLOWING that connection WITHIN.

    Its remembering we are creating from the INSIDE.
    Our MOOD.
    And making it about our individual journey with our SELF.
    Its not about anyone else, other than you and YOU.

    And when it feels like too much effort....take an easier route....take a nap, meditate, go for a walk, listen to music.....

    All the best.

    You may not know what to "do" to find your power, as you say, but the Source within you DOES.

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    Keeping in mind that there is an art to alignment and just like like any art, there is no Single. Right. Way to attain your alignment (just like there is no Single. Right. Way to paint a painting of a tree), I'll chime in with my suggestions, from the point of view of me doing this “work”….

    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    “Where am i right now ?Not sure? Impatient ?, tinged with hope?

    Since you're using the Find a BFT Process, you don't need to identify (at all) where you are on the Scale. (The only time, in all of this material, that you need to identify where you are on the Scale is when you're doing Process #22 - Moving Up the Emotional Scale.)

    Since your desire is to Find A BFT, the question I would start with (if this were my “work”) would be

    “Of all the millions of things I can think about right now, in this red-hot minute, is this the best-feeling topic) I can think about (or the easiest topic I can feel good about?”

    And those “millions of things…” include things like cute puppies, your favorite color, fluffy bunnies, bubbles, etc.

    It's important to remember that Abraham's “only one answer” is to “feel better,” not “wrestle our issues to the ground and kill them.” (In fact, Abraham try to tease us out of that second approach, you may recall.)

    But let's say that, for whatever my good reason, I decide to use the Find a Better-Feeling Process on my “issue.” I cannot get it wrong.

    So, in order for me to find a better-feeling thought, I need to know “better” than what? IOW, in order to find thoughts which feel better than what I've been thinking, I need to know what I've been thinking. Otherwise, I'd have no basis for comparison. Then, I'd be sort of flailing around, trying to find my direction, which is sort of what you've posted here, right? (And that is NOT a criticism. It's an explanation for why you had the experience you had.)

    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    Sit with it. Let any neg/worry etc come up

    So, I, too, would “sit with it” but, frankly, if this was enough of an issue for me to be doing “work” on, I typically wouldn't have to “sit with it” for very long to know what it is I've been thinking about my “issue.”

    So, my “sit with it” would look like, asking myself,
    “What do I think (or believe) about this issue?”

    and then, writing down all the thoughts that come to my mind. It'd be like I was truthfully answering a friend who asked me, “What's going on with your issue and what do you think about it?” There's no editing, no Processing or no happy-face-stickering here. I'd write that all out. That’d be easy, because I've been thinking about that.

    Then, as I re-read what I'd written down, paying attention to my emotional guidance system as I re-read what I'd written down, I'd notice that some of what I'd written feels better than other parts that I'd written. Look at that! I've found my better-feeling thoughts! Now, if I will give more of my attention to these better-feeling parts (which means I'd also, naturally, be giving less air-time to other parts) that'd be enough. I will have felt my relief, meaning that I'd have shifted my vibration and the LoA is now responding to my shifted vibration.

    Notice, in this, the likelihood of reaching “too far” is minimized, because I already am thinking these better-feeling thoughts. So, these thoughts already seem true to me.

    That brings me to an important (to me) litmus test that I use in my “work.” I make sure that any statement I use in my “work”:

    • Seems true to me AND
    • Feels better

    For an interesting experiment, go through what you've posted here and cross out any thought that does not seem true to you. (And I'm not talking about “I'd like this to be true” or “Abe say this is true” thoughts.) There's no pretending in this “work.” It's my opinion that no one really likes to be lied to and we always know (even if we don't want to admit it) when we are lying to ourselves. Lying to ourselves isn't going to “feel BETTER.” And it's that lying that makes it easy for us to reach “too far.”

    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    Im still not “there” (ie feeling good): if im feeling like [email protected]@at , there is judgement about where i am going on. W
    “Judgement” from whom? What are they/you saying in judgement? Why do those judgements matter to you? (Or what is so bad about those judgements?)

    IOW, these are more thoughts that you're thinking about this and you've skipped over all of that. Now, you don't have to move every piece of an issue all at once. It's probably likely that you won't even be able to move every piece of an issue all at once. But these are all thoughts which are active in your vibration and you've made yourself aware that here is a pocket of resistant thoughts (“resistant” because “judgements” don't feel “better”) for you to uncover and then soothe and shift. They are probably a part of the reason why you “descend the ladder” back down to this unshifted point of attraction.

    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    its all about making peace with each rung of the ladder. B
    I want to be at the top. W
    Im not.W
    So, notice how these sets of statements contradict each other. If you did the experiment I'd suggested above, I'd guess that you’d have crossed off this “B” statement, as not seeming true to you. It's all right if you did. So, here's what I might write if this were my piece of "work" (My statements in green and my explanatory comments in orange. And, of course, your own mileage may vary. This is simply an illustration, not an attempt by me to do your "work" for you, because I can't know the thoughts that you're thinking so I'm not able to soothe and shift those thoughts for you.):
    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    its all about making peace with each rung of the ladder. B
    I want to be at the top. W
    Im not.W
    I see that these last two thoughts seem true to me, even though they feel worse. [same; feeling around for my truth]
    I guess they're where my vibration really is. [same; feeling around for my truth]
    I guess that answers my initial question about where I am vibrationally on that topic. [better; because the clarity of a sure answer feels better than a confused question, even if I might not like the answer]
    I might not like that this is where I am. [better; because I'm being honest with myself]
    But my identification of where I am is the first step in Making Peace with Where I am. [better; because I took a first step towards that first statement, which felt better]
    I might not be where I want to be but I have identified the first step in moving towards where I want to be--Making Peace with Where I Am. [better; there's power in knowing what to do next, isn't there?]
    I like knowing what to do next. [better]
    But making peace with every rung of the ladder sounds hard. [worse, but true]
    But wait a minute! Abe don't say I have to make peace with every rung of the ladder. They say "Make Peace with Where You Are." That's much more streamlined. [better; because there's the recollection of what Abe actually say and because what Abe actually say seems more doable than "every rung of the ladder"]
    Furthermore, I'm not using "the ladder." That's a different Process. I'm doing Finding a BFT, which is a different Process than Moving Up the Scale. So, I don't even have to concern myself with "the ladder." I only have to find a thought which feels "better." [better; because I just saved myself a whole bunch of work]
    But I still don't know how to Make Peace with Where I Am. [worse, but a "true" thought; for obvious reasons]
    Maybe not, but I can ask on the Forum. I know there have been some conversations about it. I can search, too. I have options, ways forward. [better; pointed towards my solution]
    So, you can see, from just those three lines, there's a whole bunch of relief that was there to be mined and it wasn't very difficult, really, because it was just nice, gentle steps. And, of course, those steps would have been more difficult, if I was still demanding of myself to be somewhere vibrationally much higher up the Scale (like "the top" in your second statement), which the LoA wouldn't have allowed me to reach for.

    I've already thrown a lot at you. So, I'm going to stop here and let this sink in for you.
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    Hiya Wellbeing
    Thanks for your reply:

    When you say
    “Of all the millions of things I can think about right now, in this red-hot minute, is this the best-feeling topic) I can think about (or the easiest topic I can feel good about?”). And those “millions of things…” include things like cute puppies, your favorite color, fluffy bunnies, bubbles, etc.

    it makes me see i have some confusion : because i would class this as “side stepping the issue” and i thought that you said you weren’t a fan of side stepping . Could you clarify this point before i move on to the rest of your reply ?
    This is a big thing to me because the last 5 years ive been swinging between thinking “avoiding /sidestepping“ the Hot Issue by choosing to focus on Wobble Free Thoughts is what Abe recommends , VS the rest of the time im thinkig i need to do the work (BFT) on the worrying issues
    This is where im at , so its good to get some clarity on this before i move on.

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    Hiya Songbird.
    Thank for you reply
    Between your and Wellbeing’s answers i feel like i am being nudged towards unearthing the confusion ive got going on about when to distract yourself onto better feeling subjects , and when to “do the work” ie BFT process, and your emphasis on getting to a “lighter mood” makes me want to ask:
    is it that when you try to do the work from a “heavier”/lower frequency where theres a lot of confusion ,so it isnt often successful, so its better to get into a lighter mood and THEN do the work on the hot issues?

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    I'm going to cut to the chase here and maybe this will all be clearer to you. (And I'll answer your question, as well, but that'll be further along.)

    What I hear that's causing you to “cycle" up and down (and giving you your excuse to think your thoughts of Powerlessness) is you’re willing to write (and think) thoughts which you don't really believe. But as you were finding out in the “work” that you’d posted above, when you don't really believe your words, you aren't shifting your vibration. Your words feel (and sound) like “blah, blah, blah,” rather than “better.” It seems that part of the reason why you're willing to do this is that you're making getting to the top of the Scale (or “ITV”) more important than the “feel better” that is Abraham's only one answer.

    Even though you're not really effectively shifting your vibration, you're still looking at all the pretty words that you've written and thinking that you've shifted your vibration. It's like you observe the pages of “work” that you have written and you observe the words of “hope" that you have written and declare “I'm at Optimism.” However, if you were to honestly use your emotional guidance system, it would tell you that you are truly at a different place on the Scale. Saying we're at “Optimism’ or ‘ITV” doesn't make it so. This is why Abe tell us the story about HFS’s.

    Then when you get a reality check (either your actual vibration gathers enough momentum to overcome your label of “Optimism” [or whatever] or you have a manifestation which matches your actual vibration) you tell yourself your story of “cycle.” If what I'm describing is accurate (only you can know for sure) then you're not actually cycling, you've just been using (and believing) inaccurate labels for what you're doing with your vibration. We can play that game for a while until the LoA, the ultimate truth-teller, keeps matching our actual vibration, which means it keeps upping the ante, and our guidance gets “bigger” and “bigger” until it shows us--in a way that we can't refute--what we're truly doing with our vibration.

    You asked me about “sidestepping,” what Abraham call “ignoring.” I’ll repeat again that I am not a big fan of “ignoring.” It’s not that Abraham’s “ignoring” doesn’t work. Of course, it works, just like everything else Abraham have given us. It’s just that we humans don’t implement Abraham’s “ignoring” all that well.

    The primary reason I’m not a big fan of this approach is because we humans don’t “ignore” in the way that Abraham ask us to ignore. IOW, “ignore” might be one of those words where I play my silly capitalization games to indicate the difference between what we humans typically mean by “ignore” and what Abraham mean by “Ignore.” What Abraham mean by “Ignore” is removing our attention from an issue by placing our attention completely on some other topic which is easy for us to feel better about. We humans--especially, now in this day and age of multitasking and attention “disorders,” etc.--never really do that. Instead, more often than not, we go through the motions of paying half-a-mind to our better-feeling topic whilst chewing on our issue. So, once again, we’re not really shifting our focusing (nor, therefore, our vibration).

    Another reason why I’m not a big fan of the “Ignoring” approach is because we humans wait too late to do our “work.” We tolerate negative emotions until we’ve manifested conditions we don’t like. Then, because our conditions are right up in our faces and we have to “deal with” our manifestations, it’s really hard to “ignore” our manifestations. You know precisely what I mean by this, with regards to your job, about which you’ve spoken here on a number of occasions. Most humans would rather replay all the reasons why they hate the tasks of their jobs, or their co-workers, or every last mean thing that their boss has said to them than they would to give as much attention as they can to their thoughts about that woodworking project which is gives them so many opportunities for satisfaction or that excellent dinner that they cooked for themselves last night. And even if we would, most of us have jobs which require a certain amount of attention from us, lest we not lose our hand to--say--a mail sorter.

    Since it’s really difficult for us to Ignore our jobs when we’re in the midst of them, then I personally prefer the approach of finding thoughts which feel better to think about the job I’ve chosen to go to every day. That way, as I pay attention to the job that I’m doing (if only to keep both my hands), I can manage my vibration and feel better as I do the job that I’ve chosen to go to that day. And notice once again, I’m simply talking about “better,” not “being on the right side.” (As we’ve talked about before, that’s another “thing that you do,” which you then use to bolster your story of Powerlessness. It’s not that you don’t have power. Of course, you do. It’s just that you’re working against the LoA, rather than with the Laws of the Universe.)

    My last reply commented directly and specifically on the “work” you presented to us. You chose the Find a Better-Feeling Thought Process. That’s fine. But if your intention was to truly “feel better”--the name of your chosen Process implies--then my question to you (about the million of things you could be thinking about in that moment) was a valid question. So, it asks the question, “Why were you doing your Find a Better-Feeling Thought Process?” If it was truly to “feel better,” then finding a better-feeling thought, even on a different topic, would have fulfilled your intention, created relief from the crappy feeling you were reporting in your OP and demonstrated to you the power you DO have. This brings us back to my earlier question to you, “How are you defining [or measuring] your ‘power’?” Abraham would have us measure our power by the relief that we can accomplish for ourselves and they ask us to be very liberal and generous to ourselves in identifying our relief wherever we can find it. It seems like you are using different criteria by which you are measuring. Then, to make matters worse, you are judging yourself (and your vibrational “work”) by these unhelpful criteria. It's all right, if this is what you'd been doing. But if this is what you have been doing, you now know about it and you can make different decisions (or not) about what you do.

    In a lot of ways, the “work” that you posted here seems to me to probably be a huge “side-step,” where what may have actually been on your mind (and, therefore, active in your vibration) is how you don't like your manifested conditions(s) and you've been working on that topic for a while and you don't see any way (through action or through vibration) forward on that topic and then using your lack of “progress” (either manifestational or vibrational) as your excuse to tell your story of Powerlessness and judging yourself at the same time.

    This reminds me of an old joke in my country:

    A woman is walking down the road at night time, when she encounters a man who is searching frantically for his car keys around the area under a street light. The woman kindly joins in to help his search.

    After searching for some time, she stops and suggests a different approach: “Where were you when you last remember you had your keys?” she asked the man.

    “When I locked my car, after parking it,” the man replied.

    “Which of these are your car?” she asked him.

    He pointed to a car that was at the other end and the other side of the darkened road.

    Puzzled, she asked him, “Then why are we searching over here?”

    The man answered, “Because the light's better over here.”

    Now, the “light” might be better on the “I don't like what I'm feeling it how I've been doing my 'work’ ” topic of your posted “work.” But the “car keys” (the relief that you really want) might be more likely found at the other end and other side of the road where you left the manifested conditions (your job?) that are the actual subject of your attention. And I'm not talking about doing any analysis here. This is simple awareness and self-honesty.

    To answer your question--“Do I side-step or do I Process?”--why does it have to be either/or? Why can't you do them concurrently, just like you might do a Focus Wheel now and then Find a BFT (on the same topic) an hour later and then meditate and then maybe Move Up the Scale tonight and then…. That's why I began my previous reply pointing out the art of allowing. Sure, you can paint a wondrous painting with only a single brush. Many have. But others have painted equally wondrous paintings using a variety of brushes, palette knives, trowels, spatulas, and fingers to paint their paintings. Abraham's Processes are like the different brushes, palette knives, trowels, spatulas, and fingers. They're just tools.

    “When do I use this tool or that?” You play around with it, see how you [b]feel[/] and learn for yourself what produces the art that you want to produce--both in painting and in this Abraham business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    Hiya Songbird.
    Thank for you reply
    Between your and Wellbeing’s answers i feel like i am being nudged towards unearthing the confusion ive got going on about when to distract yourself onto better feeling subjects , and when to “do the work” ie BFT process, and your emphasis on getting to a “lighter mood” makes me want to ask:
    is it that when you try to do the work from a “heavier”/lower frequency where theres a lot of confusion ,so it isnt often successful, so its better to get into a lighter mood and THEN do the work on the hot issues?
    The piece that may help is the understanding of "momentum".
    Understand that when you are aware of something "heavy" as you wrote; that it is always because it has gained some momentum....we have to have been thinking about it, and not noticed the very first thought about it....and so using the understanding of momentum....Abraham are teaching us that its easy to stop the momentum at the top of the hill, in the early subtle stages. But not so easy when we are trying to stop that car at the bottom of the hill!!

    And so, yes, when you notice its heavy, and has got some strong momentum going, that may not be the time to stop it.

    Abes new teachings are "how do you stop doubt?"...."Before it gets started"!
    Which is they are saying when we wake up, get the positive momentum going early on, so that we are stable in our alignment first and foremost. And THEN, when you notice the EARLY subtle stages, THEN the momentum is light enough that you can EASILY turn it around.

    But often, when something has alot of thought/momentum behind it; then when we try to "clean it up" (like they used to teach us to do) often we just DIG IN, and ADD to the negative momentum.

    Nowadays, they are teaching us to be easier about it.
    To Go GENERAL.
    TO not take the "issues" and wrestle them to the ground.
    But instead, to focus on things that are EASY for us to get into alignment about.
    ...Our love of the planet, children, cats, and dogs.....what ever is easy for us to feel good about.

    And then to use THAT AS positive momentum.

    BECAUSE, and this is the KEY.
    BECAUSE, we UNDERSTAND, that LOA will take care of EVERYTHING ELSE.
    LOA will take care of what comes to us.
    All we ever need to DO.....

    Is to feel better.
    Is to affect our POINT OF ATTRACTION, in the present moment.
    It doesnt MATTER what we use as our focus answer to your specfic question....YES, when you try from a heavy place to do the work, often what happens is that you ADD momentum to that vibration.
    SO...YES, its "better" (or rather EASIER) to get into a lighter mood (GO GENERAL or focus on lighter things).

    But, not neccesary that you do the work on the hot issues.
    Just practice LOA, just be in alignment more of the time, and see what happens.

    For example; someone is bothering you....get into alignment and trust that by changing your point of attraction everything changes that comes to you. You do not have to get in there and "sort it out", you ONLY have to get into alignment. And if a topic gets you out of alignment, then focus on things that DO get you into alignment.

    AND TRUST.....LOA with the rest.

    Remembering that everything that comes to us is because of our point of attraction, here and NOW.
    So we dont need to go back and clean things up, we only need to be here and now, and aware of what we are doing with our emotional gap NOW.

    Because when we are balanced in our alignment, THEN only good can come to us.

    ....Get OFF the hot topics.....for a little while.....Get on the easy topics......and see for yourself what happens.

    Hope that is helpful.

    PS....Listen more to Abraham because they always explain it clearly!!

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