I have one area in my life that I know works out to my desire to a great extent, rest of areas are also improving with it. However, my main issue is with my focus, I find it difficult to stay focused, I will explain later what I mean by that in my question.
I remember I used to be someone who always focus on wanted aspect of a condition, even if I observe lack I acknowledge it and accept it as it is.
My job requires that I look for problems & find solutions to them, etc. I have noticed that my mind tend to be fixated on this mentality; even when I am off duty, always looking at the empty glass, rather than full glass. Always looking where is the lack rather than where is the abundance has become a nightmare in the past that lead to my mental illness.

How do I train my mind to stop this perfectionist mentality, when I am off duty & even when I am on duty; to only overlook things generally to assess the risks/opportunities (see things in contrast, there is good and there is bad) rather than become meticulously focused on ever tiny error/issue, it is now considered a waste of time to pick on petty issues, etc (there is bad, there is more bad, there is plenty of bad)? Does anyone who reads understand what my question is about my own mentality?