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Thread: About Treasures and Treasurehunts

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    About Treasures and Treasurehunts

    Bored in your job?
    -Donīt you believe that there is a Treasure, EVERYWHERE?

    Abe teach a HS who is bored about his work how to not look at what is boring, but to try finding "the treasures" in his tasks, as:

    "Who! -Could this be an information for me?
    Could the be something hidden, between the lines?"

    Esther is watching the World-series. And Esther is discover things about what Abraham teach that are evident in EVERYTHING that is happening on that Baseball-field. Itīs NOT just a baseball-game! Itīs evidence of the laws of the Universe. Itīs evidence of momentum. Itīs evidence of the way that the energy is flowing. Itīs evidence of how that person feels, right here right now. Itīs evidence, of the momentum of the crowd.
    Itīs evidence of EVERYTHING that sheīs come to know!

    And the satisfaction-factor in watching... Esther has previously described baseball-games as equivalent to watching paint dry.

    But not this time! There is ALWAYS the ability to comprehend, on a deeper level for WHATEVER it is that you are focused upon. And when you cut yourself off from that, you canīt help but have but help an unpleasant time!

    Ok, yes.

    (...) Abe:
    Conditional seeking out of life- which is, I seek out good conditions to observe, so that I can have a goodfeeling response to what I am observing TRAPS YOU. Because it makes you need only good conditions, in order to feel good. But achieving alignment, anyway FREES you, to the entire spectrum of life, and this planet, and this participants, on it.

    There are riches for you, in the most unlikely places.

    And when you discover them- ohhh, then, a plethora of possible things is then to be discovered EVERYWHERE! So, if you were on a treasurehunt, and all the treasures were just laying on top of the ground for everyone to see, and so it just became a mad dash to see, who could elbow-each others out of the way to scoop up the treasures, think about the satisfaction-factor in THAT.

    Or think about the treasures, being disguised and hidden, where only intuitive, tuned in people can find them. And imagine yourself, tuned in. Imagine others, tuned in, too! Imagine watching the discovery, for yourself and others of this treasures. And measure the satisfaction-factor!

    You didnīt say: "I want the treasures to be obvious."
    You just said: "I want treasures!"

    And we know for SURE that this treasure called "Satisfaction" is in soo many places, that people donīt allow it, because they made up their mind: "There is no treasure, here. There is no treasure, here!"

    Well, if you believe there is no treasure here, you are not gonna find one. But if you believe thereīs a treasure EVERYWHERE...
    ... it might be worth 8 hrs of editing to find it! Because when you find it, it will feel worth it!

    (...) Esther heard someone say the other day about these gatherings, that a lot of the same things keeps happening, here. And Esther was astonished. Because, she finds the treasures in EVERY CONVERSATION! In every conversation there is something, that has not been said before, or she did not understand, before. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    There is not a moment of your life thatīs not rich with treasures that your IB has found- and so, boredom is you, not in sync with your IB! Confusion is you, not in sync with your IB. Lethargy, complacency, is you, not being in sync with your IB!

    Atlanta October 2017, from the clipAbraham Hicks - Often the Story You Tell is the Problem

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    It’s a feeling of invincibility.

    It’s a feeling of expansion.
    It’s a feeling of whimsy. It’s a feel of fun!

    She hasn’t yet installed the zip-line.
    Jerry didn’t want it, but he’s gone.
    Well, actually he’s not gone.
    A zip-line seems like a good idea to him now too.

    In other words, it’s a mood of prosperity…
    It was an expensive proposition.
    It’s a feeling of doing something for the fun of doing it.
    There was no practical association with it.
    It’s just doing something for the fun of doing it.
    Doing something for the exhilaration of doing it.

    So, as you find things like that, that are just RICH… !

    FROM MARCH 16, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    Itīs like with the super-highway, thatīll take you to places quickly.
    And then, thereīs the backroad, that is not nearly as efficient.
    But itīs infinitely more satisfying!

    Youīr gonna see more critters, that run across the road, that way.
    And youīr gonna see more streams,
    and have more access to more alignment.

    And so, sometimes you wanna be on the fast track,
    and sometimes you wanna take a slower path.
    But the real treasures
    are often not on the road,
    that you thought you wanted to be on!

    So, sometimes, when a detour happens,
    and things are different then you think you wanted them to be,
    there are all kinds of treasures to discover.

    And itīs the looking to those treasures,
    that is the key to this.

    2012-11-17 Dallas

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    Surprised and Delighted

    Itīs that inspiration, that impulse,
    itīs that conscious realization that you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE,
    and that source energy is with you, and that all things are possible-
    but that THESE are the things you are enjoying, right here and now.

    Itīs being in the attitude of "no lack",
    because all things are possible!

    But you donīt want all things that are possible to be present,
    right here and now! That isnīt what youīr reaching for, either!
    But the wisdom to know that all things are possible-
    and THIS is what you are feasting on, NOW.

    So, that you are feasting your eyes. And youīr feasting your nose,
    and youīr feasting your fingertips, youīr feasting all of your
    physical senses, on what you are in the process of creating!

    THATīS what you came here for!
    As humans, sometimes you misunderstand. You think,
    that source all got it figured out, and that source stands
    in that perfect place- and youīr just here, banging it around,
    trying to achieve perfection, somehow.
    And then youīll re-emerge into whatever it is, that source is.

    And we say: Whatever it is that source is, is OUT HERE,
    on the leading edge, WITH YOU!
    Savoring with you, and thrilling with you.
    And feeling the newness, with you.

    And so, the words that we most want you,
    commonly often, CHRONICALLY FEEL- we want you to feel
    the FULLNESS of who you are! We want you to SAVOR.
    And we want you to understand, that you are never ended.

    But the feeling we want you to feel, is the wholeness
    of who you are, focused in this NOW. The FULLNESS.
    The totality of who you are, focused
    in this here and now.
    We want you to feel this POWER, of this now!

    These are the words we sort of want you to live by:
    "I want to be continuously surprised and delighted
    by my focus- which allows all of that nonphysical guidance
    and direction and assistance, and so forth.

    Portland, OR, June 18, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - This is what the best of life is all about (new)

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    Spin the Gold...

    I can be in that Sweet-Spot, where there is a whole lot
    that isnīt yet manifested.
    My Vortex is so fertile!

    And there is a whole lot, that has manifested!
    That doesnīt interest me anymore, because- that is old news.
    But there is a whole lot STILL to be manifested,
    but Iīm not in the "Has it manifested yet- and then Iīm tired of it"
    or "Hasnīt it manifested- and Iīm yearning for it",

    Iīm in manifesting-mode! Iīm in the CREATING-mode.
    Iīm in the tuning-in-mode! Iīm in the right-time mode.
    Iīm in the watching-the-Universe-lining-up-for-me,
    Iīm in the empowerment-mode,
    Iīm in the feeling-all-of-the-resources-of-nonphysical-
    the energies that are creating worlds, that is flowing through me.

    Iīm in the worthy-feeling-mode!
    Iīm inthe knowing that I can do it mode.
    Iīm in the Sweet Spot of "I am turning the thoughts to things"!
    Iīm turning the thoughts to things, RIGHT NOW!

    Iīm doing what I came to do!
    Iīm SPINNING THE GOLD, right now!!

    THIS is what I came to do!
    THIS is the joyous life that I came for.
    THIS is the satisfaction of no longer being out of vibrational sync
    with my IB, because the manifestation hasnīt happened, yet."

    If you can leave this gathering, hooked on the FLOW
    rather than on the result of the flow.
    Hooked on "Creating", rather than "Creation".
    Hooked on "Life", rather than "Lived".

    Because all of your power is now!!
    (...) You are coming to understand, that it is a VIBRATIONAL Universe.
    And it is a PARTNER of creation, that most humans have never
    considered: And it is your IB. It is Source-energy. It is all along,
    what man wants to call God.

    It is this source-energy-part of YOU, who is INVESTED in
    what you care about, NOW!
    SO invested, that when you deviate from your own desire-
    you donīt feel good!

    And you think you donīt feel good,
    because the manifestation hasnīt come!
    Thatīs NOT why you donīt feel good!!
    You donīt feel good,
    because youīr not letting THE FLOW HAPPEN, now-
    you see!

    Youīr not ever gonna feel good, if youīr out of sync with
    source-energy. And you know why? Because you ASKED!
    -If you didnīt ask for something, then your IB wouldnīt be
    all in your face, with the vibration of it!

    And if your IB wouldnīt be all in your face with it, then ýou couldnīt
    notice the lack of it- and you wouldnīt care.
    But when you feel negative emotion, that means- you asked for
    something that you are depriving yourself of having.
    End of story.

    2016-11-12 in Dallas

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    There is abundance beyond your wildest dreams available to you.

    There is abundance beyond your wildest dreams available to you.
    And you don’t have to figure out all of the details. You just have to go along with the flow of life that you are constantly in the state of becoming. You just have to stop arguing for your limitations and start believing in the wellbeing that is the natural basis of your being, you see.

    You just need to accept that you are the worthy being and that Source has you in its sights.
    And that you have lived a magnificent life and all of that life has caused you to tell the Universe what you want. And the Universe has a clearer picture of who you are and what you want than you will ever have.

    Even long after you are dead, no one, even you, could ever write a historical document that could even come close to depicting the brilliance and the likes of who you are becoming, you see.

    You don’t have to figure it out or articulate it, you just have to get happy and let who you are be.


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    "We would like you to see this life experience
    as a veritable treasure hunt,
    because it is that.

    Peek into the Vortex through an emotional search
    rather than needing the manifestation first.
    Go general
    and find the feeling place.

    Ask the "why" of why you want what you want
    until you can feel it.
    Then the manifestations will start moving in,

    surprise and delight, a little at a time,
    -just the way you wanted it."


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    You are the owner of all that you perceive.
    But you can't perceive apart from your vibration.

    Feel your way, little-by-little,
    into a greater sense of abundance
    by looking for the treasures, that the Universe
    is offering you on a day-to-day basis.

    Excerpted from: Portland, OR on June 10, 1997

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    Itīs about NOW- the life-giving-moment !

    It feels sometimes to you, that you want the idea about what to do, to come. The idea, that leads to the remedy. The idea, to the result.

    WE want you to be in love with the IDEA!

    Not for what the idea will produce, but for the vibrational content, when the idea happens. If you hear that- then here we go! We want you to think the thought NOT for the ulterior motive of the thought, making something happen.

    But because the thought itself is LIFEGIVING in this moment!

    Our friend looked at a sunset, and we promise you: Source did not show this sunset. Source does not present this sunset, source does not inspire your relationship with that sunset,
    in order to get something else done.

    Itīs the sunset!!! And itīs NOW.
    Itīs the moment of pleasure, NOW.

    Stamford, Sept. 2013, from the clip
    Abraham Says Take Pleasure From Thoughts, They Are Life Giving!!

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    We really want you to be over-joyed
    with the things, that are becoming!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 What IS, is OLD NEWS! - Law of Attraction Alaskan Cruise July Workshop Intro

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