When you find "all that you have lived" manifested in 1 thing...

After a long delightful search for exactly what she was looking for...

...and now, Esther is sitting and feeling the CULMINATION of all of that.
So, this is what we want you to hear:

When you have sifted through the data, and put some desires
into your Vortex, there is momentum, that when it manifests, itīs
gonna be really pleasing. But with all of this sifting and sorting,
and knowing what they didnīt want, and therefore knowing what they
did want, and all of the cooperative components, that were coming
together, and then the inspiration, to be in that place and to see that,
and then to follow through -the inspiration, everything that came before,
is now culminating with Esther.

Just a few days ago, as she is sitting and admiring NOT JUST what
seems to be a physical manifestation-
this is the point that we really want you to hear!-
Esthers appreciation was not only about the manifestation that looked
like it was in itīs final form.
It was about EVERYTHING that led to it!

Thatīs why sitting there felt inordently, fantastically wonderful
and appreciative, of a wall- thatīs just a wall, for heavens sakes!
Itīs just a wall! Itīs a beautiful wall.

But itīs a wall, that REPRESENTS the way the Universe works!
And itīs a wall that represents all the fun and joy they were having
along the way.
Itīs a wall that represents all the cooperative components
and all the ideas that flowed.

Itīs NOT just a wall!! Itīs NEVER "just a wall".
Your manifestations are soo meaty, and so rich,
and so full of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

One day, Jerry and Esther were visiting a friend, who was a
magnificent artist, she did Tempera-paintings which Esther didnīt
understand, she did never see them before, she never studied them,
and when Esther is in her gallery, looking at all this beautiful
paintings, and she said: "Doris, how long did it take you to paint
THIS magnificent painting?" And Doris said: "73 years."

Because, that was her current age, and she knew that
EVERYTHING that she lived, had manifested INTO THAT.

2016-10-22 in Philadelphia