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Thread: About Treasures and Treasurehunts

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    The world is awash in money!
    Do you hear what that means?

    It is awash in money. It is flowing for everyone.
    It is like Niagara Falls.
    And most of you are showing up with your teaspoons.


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    You are the owner of all that you perceive.
    But you can't perceive apart from your vibration.

    Feel your way, little-by-little,
    into a greater sense of abundance
    by looking for the treasures, that the Universe
    is offering you on a day-to-day basis.

    Excerpted from: Portland, OR on June 10, 1997

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    Rampage on Abundance and Money

    "I’ll bet there are many people who, at one time,
    were standing financially about where I am.
    Who broke through this, and found a stream of abundance.
    And I can feel the stream of abundance approaching me,
    because things that have never happened to me before
    are beginning to show up.

    So, I know my vibration around money is improving.
    And, there’s no end to what that improvement will be.
    And it’s gonna be fun for me over the next days
    to watch different evidences showing me
    I’m really sniffing out the trail of abundance.

    And, I accept that 99% of every creation is complete
    before I see any physical evidence, so it’s alright
    if it doesn’t flow right into my hands this red hot minute.
    I can be patient here a little bit.
    I’ve learned to settle in here and I’m alright in waiting for this.

    And I’m actually beginning to feel my impatience turning
    to a little bit of eagerness.
    It’s going to be exciting to watch how the Universe displays,
    to me, in a way that is meaningful, where I can consciously
    recognize that my energy is shifting.
    And, I can feel that even in this conversation
    that I’m having with myself,
    that I’m moving systematically into that
    Stream of money that I’m wanting.

    And I’m not asking for it to come all at once.
    Although it can. I’m asking that it come
    through my crack of least resistance,
    which I’m working on right now.
    And it’s exciting to me to anticipate the adventure,
    and the surprises, and the ways in which it will flow.

    And, I’m appreciating already my knowledge
    about my own guidance system.
    I am appreciating my understanding of the Law of Attraction.
    And I am appreciating the people that are showing,
    in a demonstrating way, that abundance can flow
    into their experiences.

    And I am looking forward to meeting people
    who can tell me their stories about how they were
    in desperate straits not very long ago and money began to flow.
    And I like hearing from them, especially the part where they say,
    ‘I can’t believe that it was always there for me’,
    or I have the sensation of, ‘Where have you been all along.’

    In other words, it’s an interesting thing to be on one side
    of the manifestation one moment, and on the other side
    of the manifestation in the other moment.
    And I’m looking forward to breaking through that.

    But, in the mean time, I’m happy to be on this side
    of the manifestation because I’m feeling better,
    and better, and better. I’ve improved my life
    in so many different ways.

    And I’m eager to begin to see the stream of money
    flow into my experience. I know that I’m worthy of it.
    That’s not what the question is.
    I know, now, that I’ve just been a little bit vibrationally
    out of whack. And I can feel in conversations
    I’m having with myself, like this, are bringing me
    vibrationally into alignment.

    I’m understanding that my work is this emotional journey.
    It’s not about getting out there and beating the pavement.
    It’s not about finding the vortex – the specific vortex –
    through which the money will flow.
    I don’t want only one specific vortex.
    I want many vortexes to open.
    I want to be the focal point, where enormous sums of money
    begin to flow into my experience.

    I have activated my imagination.
    There is no end to my ideas of what I will do
    with this stream of money. It’s great fun!
    I love the idea of playing the game
    where I’m spending the money.
    I love the sensation of the money being in my pocket!
    And I love the sensation of expressing it
    out there in the Universe.

    And I love the economy that I benefit as I hire one more
    to do one more thing, or as I buy one more thing
    and bring it home. But most of all,
    I enjoy the sensation of Freedom!

    And it’s interesting to note that I am having that sensation
    of freedom right now even though my dollars have not changed
    at all in this moment! I’ve broken through the emotional journey.
    I can feel that I’ve cleaned up my vibration.

    I’m much closer.
    Maybe 70% of that 99.99 of that percentage is in place.
    I’m willing to play this game!
    Who wouldn’t want to play this game!
    It’s exhilarating to play this game!
    It’s life-giving to play this game.
    I could play this game all day, every day!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if I have that?
    Won’t it be nice if I have that?
    Won’t it be nice if I have that?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if I have that?

    I feel such appreciation of the abundance
    that’s flowing into my experience.
    There is abundance that’s coming to me in so many ways.
    I have the abundance of clarity.
    I have the abundance of stamina.
    I have the abundance of health.
    I have the abundance of friends.
    I have the abundance of so many things.

    And now the Universe is getting ready to give me
    the abundance of dollars.

    The abundance of being able to prove to myself
    that I am in alignment of all that I want
    and that it is true that there is NOTHING
    that I cannot BE, or DO, or HAVE!

    That’s what I want most of all, I say to the Universe!
    I want personal acknowledgment that there is nothing
    that I cannot Be, or Do, or Have. And money is part of it.
    Money might even be a big part of it.

    I can feel money on it’s way to me.
    And I am grateful for it even as it begins to flow
    and I am proud of myself for the work I am doing.
    And I am eager to improve where I am.
    And I am Happy where I am.

    I am doing very well. I have come so far.
    I’m proud of where I am.
    I know the Universe sees me as I am.
    I can get on these rampages any time I want to.
    I am going to work on these rampages more and more,
    because they just feel so darn good.

    In fact, in a rampage like this, whether the money comes or not,
    in this red hot minute, is no big issue to me.
    I know it’s coming. I’m not even wondering if it’s coming.
    I’m not hoping that it’s coming.
    I’m not even believing that it’s coming.
    I know that it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time.

    NO! It’s not even a matter of time.
    It’s just a matter of my alignment with what I want.
    And it’s alright that I want it.
    The Time Space reality has given me the ability to discern it.
    I’ve launched rockets of desire and they’re over there,
    pulsing with me.

    And Source and Inner Being are in alignment with them saying,
    “Come this way. Come this way. Come this way. Come this way.
    Come this way. Come this way.”
    And I can tell by the thoughts that I’m thinking right now
    I have come that way! I’m there!
    I’m there vibrationally and,
    NOW, let the money roll in! Yes! "

    Excerpted from the 2005 Alaskan Cruise, CD4, Abraham's Rampage on Abundance and Money.

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    In the morning when you wake up,
    none of you stand out on your porch frantically breathing in
    because you are afraid that later in the day there will be a scarcity of air.
    You breathe in and you breathe out and think nothing of it.

    What we want to get you to understand is that it is the same thing
    with dollars (or anything else),
    there is no need to go out and hold your breath
    in an attempt to hold on to the air in case there is a later lack.

    You are all MUCH closer to a financial fortune right now
    than you are even willing to dream about
    for fear that you will be disappointed if it does not come.


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    Infinite possibilities to "let abundance come" to you!

    What we are talking about is this movement from the Vortex,
    where itīs unseen, into the bank-account where it is seen.
    Iow, this transfer from vibration into material.

    (...) You started to lay out the ways that it can happen-
    and we want you to understand, there is an infinite array of ways
    that you are not even considering, that you not even possibly
    COULD consider!

    AT BEST you can make a bulky, general list.
    But oh, when you get tuned into this, and the ideas start flowing,
    the flow of energy, and the flow of economics, and the flow of
    prosperity- UNLIMITED.

    Unlimited resources.
    Look even at the economics of today. And think of how robust it is
    in comparison to a 100 years ago. And, a 100 years ago NO ONE could
    have conceived of the avenues, through which the abundance flows!

    Or the heights to which the abundance has swollen!
    Or the degree, to which the abundance affects the details, of your
    life-experience, you see. So letīs not make a puny little list.

    Letīs just call it UNLIMITED, and open ourselves
    to the ideas, that are ripe for the plucking, NOW.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - The path will find you

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    If you would appreciate...

    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you
    would be sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being,
    before you were even born.

    When you decide, that this is a moment that you're actually
    labelling rampage of appreciation ...
    this is a moment where I'm literally looking for things to say:
    isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice!
    -what I am actually doing, is using this moment in time
    to align myself with source.
    And that is a very big thing.

    Because source already knows what you want.
    And when you take time to align with source, you're taking time
    to open your valve to allow the flowing into your experience
    of all things that you consider to be good.

    Not just things about this room, not just things about this subject
    that you are appreciating, but all things that you desire
    are open for you to recieve when you are using anything
    as your excuse to feel good. Rampage of appreciation...
    powerful tool!

    If it was the only thing you ever knew, you could live
    happily ever after, fulfill ever dream that you could ever conjure,
    be the brightest light in everyone you knows life's,
    add more to this physical environment than anybody who's ever been
    here or ever will be here.

    Iow, you need not know one other thing other
    than to appreciate -and you would open
    to all things good.

    Because the Universe has established everything else.
    The contrast is there to make you personally prefer.
    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you would be
    sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being
    before you were even born.

    They would flock to you, they would say what is your secret?
    How do you do this? How is it that every time I hear you
    open your mouth and express even the slightest wish
    for something, the next time I see you, you're living it fully?

    People will say, how is it that you thrive financially,
    how is it that you thrive emotionally,
    how is it that the people in your life are loving,
    how is it that your relationships are remarkable,
    how is it that the physical accomplishments are so massive,
    how is it that one wee person lives so big, so fantastic a life?

    That's what people will say to you
    if you will just get in the habit
    of being an appreciator,
    get in the habit of being the allower of the well-being
    that you so much want and deserve.


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    Being "lucky"?

    Do you believe, that SOME day, SOME day-
    it is logical, or even inevitable, that this fast track-
    you are calling it hit- will happen?

    Most of the time, I believe it. Unless I get impatient.

    The reason -this is big. This is why we asked the question.
    There is a mindset, or a belief, that is rampant in your economy.
    Or your environment,
    and it goes something like this:
    Occasionally, but rarely, someone makes it, big.
    You are aware of odds, you are aware of odds, statistics, about the lottery...

    So your believe is- when you introduce the idea of the HIT- to the scenario,
    you also activate all of that stuff from all of THAT grid.
    And when itīs activated in you, other people who feel the same way
    are the ones, that rendezvous.

    So, then things feel chancy. They feel lucky.
    "Gotta be in the right place, at the right time.
    Things gotta have to line up just right- it doesnīt happen to most people!"
    -Thatīs sort of the belief-system, thatīs down there.

    And when you use the word "hit", thatīs whatīs activated, in all of that.

    But, When you use words like
    "Iīm steady,
    Iīm sure,
    and Iīm true,
    and Iīm good,
    and Iīm smart-
    and my ideas are good,
    and my invention is good
    and Iīm steady,
    and Iīm stable,
    and Iīm true,
    and the ideas keep evolving"-

    when you get on THAT grid,
    there is no chance or luck, in that.


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    Winning large amounts of money...

    I *would* like to know how to manifest large amounts of money quickly.
    (Laughter from audience) Like a lottery and slot machines and things like that.

    Well, the thing about that is that at the basis of that desire is something that contradicts the desire itself. In other words, at the basis of the desire that I want to win a lot of money is that Iīm uncomfortable in shortage, and that itīs not comfortable as it flows in, on a pretty consistent basis, and that I canīt regulate the flow of it.

    You see, we know from our exposure to you, and weīve seen all of you, that you are much more comfortable as individuals, or even a society, as you have a desire and allow the desire to come to fulfill the desire. In other words, itīs sort of like saying, "Iīm thirsty and I want to drink ten gallons of water."
    And we say, you really donīt want to win the lottery of water, you just want to drink enough to quench your thirst right now.

    And so if you say, "Iīm really, really thirsty and I would like a lot of dollars to flow!" -then what youīre actually saying is, "I have some projects that I`ve been focused toward that are all lined up and everythingīs in place" -and when that is true the money will flow.

    And if you were to ask for the money before that was true, before the outlets were there that would utilize the dollars, then there would be backlog, then there would be discomfort, then there would be discord, then there would be chaos, then there would be imbalance. And we really do not think that that is what you are looking for.

    Inherent in the idea that "I want a big truckload of money to come all at once" is another thing that contradicts it, and what that says is that "there is shortage of dollars, that I need to gather my money and I need to put it in a safe place right away or I need to gather it so I can utilize it, because it may not always be available to me."

    And that isnīt true, because it is always available to you!
    All of the resources that you will ever want or need are at your fingertips. All you have to do is identify what you want to do with it- in other words, what is your desire of it- and then practice the thought of it as if it is already happening. Just incrementally.

    In other words, lie on the deck of the ship in your mindīs eye, or lie on the beach in your mindīs eye. In other words, you just have to get into the feeling place of what it will feel like when that happens.

    And as you do, you release the resistance that youīve been practicing, the desire that is sharpened by your now statement prevails and Source releases to you, but more importantly you open the valve to let in, what Source has released to you.

    There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have. You are blessed beings. Source adores you. You are leading edge creators. You have come forth into this physical environment to create. There is nothing holding back other than your own contradictory thought, and every time you do that your emotion tells you youīre doing that.

    North Hollywood, CA, 3/22/03

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    A million dollars is CERTAINLY not too big!

    I've heard you say on several tapes we don't live in an assertive world. We can bring everything to us by our thoughts.

    There is no assertion.

    How can I balance wanting to draw everything into my life, without having to go into the doing or the being of whatever it is I do. I want to go create a million dollars, but I don't want to go to work for it.

    Your statement is really telling and really important, because what you're saying is "I want a million dollars, and I believe that there are ways to get a million dollars, that I don't want to do."

    So, what you're doing is saying "I want this, but I don't want this", and that's not a very powerful state of being because you're setting contradiction up right away. So, you soften that by saying "I want a million dollars and I want to find a way that is compatible with me to receive it." Now there is less resistance in that.

    You say "I want a million dollars, and I know that there are a lot of people who have a million dollars, who got it in a way that would not be uncomfortable to me." But when you say "I want a million dollars, but there is no one I'm going to inherit it from" or "I want a million dollars but no one I know is going to die and leave it to me." In other words, you've got to stop the contradiction.

    When you talk about "what you want and why you want it", there is usually less resistance in you then when you talk about "what you want and how you're going to get it".

    Because when you pose questions you don't have answers for like how, when, where, who, then it sets up a contradicting vibration in you that slows everything down. Statements such as "there must surely be many people on this planet today who have a million dollars, and in excess of it, who at one time were standing right where I am, just wanting it and having no idea how it would come." Feel how resistance free that statement is.

    Words like faith and trust are so annoying on some levels. But we want to explain to you the value of them, because even though you don't know how, or where, or when, or who, if you know what, and you've talked about why you want it,and you've practiced the thought of it until it is starting to feel very familiar to you, what begins to happen is, things that couldn't happen to you, now begin happening, and ideas that wouldn't even occur to you, now begin to occur to you, and rendezvous with people that you don't have access to, now begin to happen, and when your million and more come to you, you will wonder where it always was.

    It seems like the resistance is so subtle, it's like it is somewhere in the background of the drama, you don't even recognize it.

    We wouldn't call it subtle, well maybe that's a good word for it. We would use a more blunt word. "I've practiced contradictory thoughts so long that they feel natural." And so when you start imagining having a million dollars, and we're going to play with you here for just a little bit, but when you start imagining what that means,

    and we don't want you to just get a million dollars and stop, you're going to want a million dollars always at your disposal. You're going to want to spend that and have another on its heels, because we promise you, once you get used to millions of dollars moving through your experience, a million dollars won't last you very long. Because, you begin to live in a way, and your property taxes go way up, you see.

    So what is it we want you to trust in? The fact that you can be, do, or have anything. How do we want you to approach it? Slowly and gently. We want you to be happy with where you are, you have to make peace with where you are.

    So you can't say "oh my life is miserable and I have to do all these things I don't want to do, and boy if I had a million dollars, I wouldn't do any of these things." Can you feel how jumbled the energy is? What you're saying is "universe I'm miserable and unhappy where I stand, please give me something that will make it better." And the universe says, "sorry, we can only give you more things that will make you miserable, because that is the vibe that you're offering."

    And you say "Well how do I offer something other, I want to be over there and I'm over here." "Well talk about what's over there." And most people have a very difficult time talking about what's over there because they have been talking so long and hard with such detail about what's over here, that's what is active in their vibration. And that's why we're talking about these emotional journeys. You have to talk yourself into a different vibe, and then different things will come to you.

    I was wondering if I was trying to create something too big. If the gap between what I wanted and where I am is too big, and it was causing some of the grief.

    Well surely a million dollars is not too big from where you stand. It's just not too big.

    It actually wasn't even a million dollars. It was only $150,000. The million was only something I made up.

    Esther was listening to Donald Trump and she was listening to the words that he chose. He uses words like "Oh, it's a juggernaut", "Oh, it's a sure success", "Oh, it's the most sensational building that has even been built", "We're building the most beautiful building that has even been built", "Oh this is magnificent", "Oh yes, that person is a friend of mine". And as she listened, she began to realize, he's figured it out! Now, he annoys most of the world! (laughter) But you know what, he doesn't care! He has developed a relationship between what he wants and where he is. Even when what he wanted and where he was were not in the same place, you would not know it to hear him. He continued to tell the story the way he wanted it to be.

    And so the universe continued to yield to him. Now there are all kinds of people who say "Oh, he's a braggart", "Oh, of course he can talk like that, he is a billionaire." And we say, "He wasn't always. He was talking like that and then he became that." And so, you don't have to follow his lifestyle or his personality, but you do have to follow the success principles that he's found.

    You got to talk about what you want.
    You gotta tell it like you want it to be.

    You can't face reality and have reality change in any way. You have to face the parts of reality that you love and fill in the gaps with things you get from your imagination or from your expectation. So here you are and you have a lot of good things in your life which you accentuate and talk about and appreciate and make lists of.

    So you make lists of positive aspects, and you get on rampages of appreciation, and you look for good wherever you see it, and you feel good as much as you can. And then you have goals you don't know how you're going to achieve. So then you fill those with imagination, visualization, and pretending.

    And then, as you start doing that, you will have a dream about it that makes it feel more real, or you will meet somebody who is meeting that way, or you will turn on the television and somebody will be talking just like you have been imagining, or you will pick up a book or you'll hear another interview.

    In other words, the universe will help you to rendezvous with whatever the vibration is that you have finally achieved. And little by little, you just work yourself in to where you've filled in the gaps that you're not now living with your vibration as you've used your imagination. The universe does not know the difference between someone who has a million dollars and someone who just feels like they have a million dollars!

    And when you feel like you have it, your vibration is such that law of attraction must line you up with things like that. And that's true whether you're talking about relationships, whether you're talking about building of empires, whether you're talking about attracting people to help you in your business, it doesn't matter what it is. You've got to find the vibration of it and you've got to practice the vibration of it, until the vibration of your desire supersedes the vibration of doubt.

    And when the vibration of your desire supersedes the desire of doubt, bam, it happens.

    And then you say "Where have you been? I knew you were coming, I could feel you. At first, I just felt hopeful that you would be there. But eventually, I started really trusting that you would be there. And then, not really long ago, I knew you would be there, and splat, there you are.

    But the things you want can't come until you achieve that knowing, and that knowing doesn't come easily because you have been practicing not knowing. You're often not willing to admit how you feel because you're worried what somebody else will say about how you feel. So you really have to get to the place where you don't talk so much to the people who don't understand, and you talk to those who do understand, or you just keep your own counsel.

    Jerry wrote a paper years ago which said "Keep your ideas to yourself until they are fully developed" because he would see so many people that he was counseling in business who he would see become on fire with an idea, but it was a new idea to them, and they hadn't practiced it long enough that it was dominant within them, it was tentative within them. And he knew that it could go either way. And then they'd go home and they'd talk to somebody about their new idea, before it was really sured up within them.

    And that person, and their doubt, and their negative commentary would activate that old vibration within this person, and then it was all over, because the seed had not been allowed to germinate and get enough of a foothold that it was strong on its own. There's no reason for you to experience less than what you want. And if you have the ability to imagine it, this universe has the ability to give it to you. Knowing it, knowing that you want it, asking for it, is step one and step two, because you've asked and the universe has given, now you just have to get out of the way.

    One more thing we want to say to you, we think that when you say "you want it but you don't want to work for it", we think that's where you cross-purpose is, because you don't like doing the things that you think you will have to do to get it, but you don't believe you can get it otherwise. That's where the contradiction is.

    What you're literally saying to the universe is "do this impossible thing". So, what you have to do is find some way of making it feel not impossible. Do a little research. Notice how many people find that. Notice how many different ways there are for money to come. In other words, give yourself some reason to believe that it is possible for you to receive.

    Excerpt from the San Antonio workshop, January 29, 2005

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    Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain
    your personal alignment,
    a great deal of money will flow into your experience

    Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment, a great deal of money will flow into your experience (if that is your desire).

    Do not let others set the standards about how much money you should have— or about what you should do with it— for you are the only one who could ever accurately define that.

    Come into alignment with who-you-really-are, and allow the things that life has helped you to know that you want to flow into your experience.

    Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction”.

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