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Thread: Manifested free services worth more than $1000

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    Wink Manifested free services worth more than $1000

    I create websites as a business. And about more than a month ago I catch myself thinking I wish I had more money so that I can hire people to help me with my projects. Well at the time I realised that I was focusing only on the action amd had neglected my vibe work (with regards to finances) so I made up my mind to do some grid work on this particular subjectAfter a few days of going really general and focusing on certain vibes like ease, flow, abundance, freedom, growth choices etc.. I had a strong desire to go to a particular section of a forum I am a member of. Its funny but Ive been a member of this particular forum for more than two years and never went there even though i was aware of it. Well the section was about freebies and service reviews and yep two perfect services that i wanted were there waiting for me. perfect timing and place.Its been a month now and almost every time I go there I get to avail a service (they dont give it to everyone. mostly like 5-10 people on a first come first serve basis) and Ive gotten some amazing high quality services. Just yesterday I received a logo for a side project am working on and it was sooooo beautiful. It wasnt just a text logo. It was a text with vector art. I mean given its a free service I wasnt expecting such a high professional design at all. That alone was worth more than 400$.All these services has literally doubled my websites growthThe fairies of the universe. I just want to say thank you thank you.

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    Keep it up

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    Nice!Keep it up
    thank u. thats whats most imp- keeping up with the vibe work n not getting sidetracked by action

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