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Thread: Tell a better story!

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    About letting it flow...
    A step-by-step guidance

    Abe makes a deal with the HS who seems to be routine-blinded and hung up on the action-journey
    of how to get to the lyrics, to now JUST answer the questions they pose to him.
    Without second guessing or planning new questions.
    (Everything about this musical "holds the key to what we teach"-Abe)

    HS agrees and answers all of them with yes:

    -Do you believe that you have a good premise for the musical?

    -(...) Do you believe that you have interest in the characters of your musical?

    -Do you believe that you have focussed on them enough, that they are vivid to you?

    -And do you believe, that you created- in your own mind- the personalitys of each of them,
    so that it is obvious to you how they would interact with each other?

    -Do you believe that these characters, in their interplay with one and another,
    can present something that is entertaining to those who might be looking on? (...)

    -Do you believe that your audience will feel better, after aving experenced
    the manifestation of your musical?

    -Do you think that your musical is uplifting, in nature?

    -Have you been enjoying the process of defining those characters?

    -And as they come to life to you, is it it easy to understand or to believe,
    that they would come to life, for others?

    -Do this characters posess enough vivid personality, that it´s logical
    what they might say?

    -And is their personality, individually, so well denoted, that it would be hard
    for them NOT to say it, exactly as they are?

    (HS trys to point out his problems again... )

    Abe: NOW you are breaking our pre-agreement!

    HS: Just yes- or no-answer? Ok, YES.

    -Do you feel interested in exploring the process, of what they might have to say?
    (HS nodds)

    -Do you believe, that the character that you set into motion, is now a thoughtform, that is
    gathering momentum on their own?
    (HS: definitly.)

    -Do you believe that they have more to say, than you know? (HS: OHH JEAH!)

    -Do you believe, that they will present themselves to you, and that there will be
    a discovery for you?
    (HS: Ja, JEAH!)

    -Do you believe, that like every treasure-hunt that you´r on, there is a certain exhileration,
    about anticipating the treasure?
    (HS, closing his eyes, slowly nodding and getting it... "Yes.")

    -And is it upsetting not to exactly know where the treasure is, when you KNOW
    that the treasure is there, and that you will discover it?
    (HS, gently: No, it´s not upsetting.)

    -And isn´t it sort of exciting to realize, that you don´t have to know it all,
    in any point in time- that you just know enough, so that it will be FUN as it evolves?

    (HS releases and says: I forgot that part.) *Audiance applaudes*

    Yeah!! FUN! Fun, as it evolves.
    Fun, as you discover it. Fun- as YOU discover it, and than fun, as your audience discovers what you discovered!

    I was so afraid... that... it was not gonna happen.

    But it can´t not happen, can it?

    (Showing fear on his face) Really? Is that true?

    Knowing what just happened... knowing what you told us that you believe that is true... and it is- than- isn´t THAT the next, logical step? So, where you got tripped up was, and it´s really simple to see now- and you just discovered it on your own when you said you forgot it- where you got tripped up was, you where asking yourself to do something, that isn´t YOUR job to do.

    You where asking yourself to conjure it,
    rather than allowing it TO FILL IN.

    Philadelphia-WS May 2012

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    How Creation works:

    It isn´t YOU, who is specific!
    It is the grid filling in, that´s BRINGING the specifics!

    And if you can follow that... iow...
    "So, Abraham, are you really saying that I´m just observing,
    and throwing stuff out there-
    and then I´m just finding a way to line up with it,
    and then when it fills in, and I observe the specifics-
    that´s that what creation is?"

    And we say: THAT´s WHAT IT IS!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Discerning the subtle differences in energy

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    To get what you want, you must change your BELIEFS

    You ask for something that you believe that you don´t have.
    And the operative word here is "believe you don´t have".

    Because, a belief is just a thought, you keep thinking.
    So, you are asking for something

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    You didn´t come as a regurgitator.

    Esther was thinking the other day.
    “I know I have a lot of beliefs that Jerry and I discovered together
    about our life, about our work, about the world.
    I wonder if I’ve got beliefs that are not serving me,
    that I just keep carrying forward because it’s the habit.”

    So she started then evaluating this situation
    through the beliefs that she held.
    -Because it’s quite easy to get set in your ways, isn’t it?
    It’s quite easy to decide, “Well, that always means that.
    And that always means that.” It is easier to have policies.
    It is easier to be set in your ways.
    It is easier to have decided things.

    But you didn’t come as a regurgitator.
    You didn’t come to accept a bunch of rules or requirements
    or regulations or beliefs that others have established.
    You didn’t come just to accept them and focus upon them
    and prove the validity of someone else’s beliefs.

    You are the creator of your own reality.
    You came to prove the validity of
    your beliefs.

    You came to allow the Universe to show you first of all,
    your worthiness, your deservability, your blessedness.
    How you are loved! First, that’s what you came to remember.
    And next you came to utilize this time space reality with all of its variety,
    with all of its contrast, with all its pieces and colors and textures.

    All of the deliciousness of this time space reality,
    you came to use this palette of sight and sound and feel and taste.
    You came to experience your version of all of this.

    As a creator,
    not as an observer, as a creator.
    Not as a regurgitator, as a creator.

    Boston, Oct. 2014

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    Every day gets better, because every day you get clearer.
    It is natural that the day after this day is better than this day.
    And if anything other than that is happening,
    it’s because you are practicing thoughts about stuff
    you don’t want and holding them as active vibrations
    in your PoA, and therefore preventing the Universe from yielding to you –

    the Universe is yielding it, you are preventing yourself
    from reaching out and taking it.

    The art of realization, the art of feeling good,
    the art of being happy, the art of not trying so hard,
    the art of lightening up, the art of trusting in who I am,
    the art of believing in the adoration that source has for me,
    the art of feeling worthy, the art of being blessed,
    the art of getting a good idea,
    the art of knowing which way to turn,
    the art of feeling the compliment and taking it in.

    The art of giving the compliment and really meaning it,
    the art of appreciation, the art of love, the art of fun,
    the art of humor, the art of timing, the art of exhilaration,
    the art of vitality, the art of clarity, the art of self realization,
    the art of being in the right place at the right time,
    the art of acknowledging timing,
    the art of being present, the art of feeling the wholeness of who I am,
    the art of being all that I am,

    the art of being out here on this leading edge with all
    that I am flowing through me, the art of rendezvous,
    the art of recognizing rendezvous, the art of sniffing it out,
    the art of knowing the path,
    the art of realizing I was off the path and doing something about it,
    or the art of knowing that I am off the path and not doing anything about it-
    and proving that I am off the path, that’s good too.

    The universe reflects back to you what you feel about you.
    The art of feeling about myself the way that source feels about me.

    And then allowing the representation of that self awareness
    and self appreciation to shower down around me.

    When you start appreciating, and really meaning,
    everyone that has everything that you desire, then you are there.

    Everything that you want to experience
    in a more detailed moment to moment basis,
    you can get there so quickly just by observing those
    who are there and appreciating their now-ness in that.

    Alignment is clarity, and clarity is fun.
    Clarity is timing, clarity is detail, clarity is precision,
    clarity is excellence, clarity is expansion!

    By fun we mean, fullness, wholeness, all-ness, bigness.

    You’ve come to demonstrate how the universe works.
    You’ve come here for the manifestation of consciousness.

    That is what your physical body is.
    Your physical body is a manifestation of consciousness…
    And when you are deliberate about your participation in this,
    then and only then, are you fulfilling your reason for being here.
    And your reason for being is the enjoyment of life.

    Because nothing is broken, there is nothing to fix,
    what it is all about, is your personal pleasure
    in living life and arranging the properties of the time space
    and non-space and non-time reality
    into something that means something to you.

    San Diego Jan. 2015

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    Tell it like you want it to be!

    We practice the Art of Allowing.
    Which means reaching for the thought that feels best,
    not the thought that is the real thought,
    not the thought that is telling it like it is.

    Telling it like it is only holds you where it is:
    “Damn it, I’m going to tell it like it is. I’m going to tell it like it is,
    because everybody wants me to tell it like it is.”

    Tell it like it is if you like it, like it is!
    But if you don’t like it like it is, then don’t tell it like it is—
    tell it like you want it to be.

    If you tell it like you want it to be long enough, you will begin
    to feel it like you want it to be. And when you feel it like you want it to be,
    it be’s like you want it to be.

    Excerpted from Syracuse, NY on 9/30/00

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    This (physical reality) is your creative workshop,
    this is where the contrast is.
    You are on the leading edge of thought.
    There is nothing more spiritual than this leading edge,
    physical materialization, manifestation stuff.

    In other words, this is the playground
    that you have come to play within!

    - 6/2/01

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    this quote feels relevant here to me as well

    Writing a movie-screenplay

    So, I´m writing a movie that I had in my head since I was 11. And I got the informal invitation to pitch it to a studio in Hollywood. And in it... I started writing it when it first came to me, and it wasn´t coming. So I left it alone and I forgot about it for years, and it just accumulated and accumulated and accumulated. And it got bigger and bigger! And I wanna put more LoA in it, not neccessarily...

    Well, life will do that. Life puts LoA in it. And when you hit people that aren´t ready too square in the face with LoA, they will think it´s corny. so avoid that, if you can.
    (...) This is an intention that you could hold- and if you can intend this, understand it and intend it and really mean it, and intend it, then everything else will fall into perfect place.

    Make the powerful statement to your self, and to the world, that this is going to be a movie that has ABSOLUTE VIBRATIONAL INTEGRITY.

    Iow, you´r not going to present something that violates the laws of the Universe. You´r not going to depict some pure and lovely person who has only good feeling thoughts, dancing through life, and then, something horrible happening to them. You´r not going to twist the laws of the Universe into a way that they do not twist! And depict them, and teach inaccuracy to others.

    Your movie will have impeccable vibrational accuracy.
    (...) That doesn´t mean, it wouldn´t have pathos, because life IS that.
    It doesn´t mean that it would not have contrast, because everyone does!

    But it will mean, that it does not vibrationally say one thing, and verbally say another. Do not depict on the screen something that the vibrations do not mean. Ya.

    Perfect. Because, the movie, it starts with this huge contrast and the unawareness of it, the finding of it, and the resolution of it...

    Which is a pretty common plot, isn´t it?

    It really is!

    It´s sort of what life really is!

    And I kind of answered my own question, how I... incorporate the examples of it.

    (...) It doesn´t matter who your audience is. Because your audiences will be at different levels of understanding LoA. But one thing: People can FEEL vibrational accuracy. Because they´ve lived enough to know. And so if you´r writing a segment about a group of people, that are having similar experiences, and it´s distorted, they will feel the discord of that. So, we have some questions for you (...)

    Are the members of your audience seeking to understand, or do they already understand?


    So, put that into your intentionality! Because that means, the more questions that you have, and that you allow yourself to answer with your movie, the more satisfied they will be!
    Since they are seekers, do you believe that you currently hold ALL of the answers?


    Good! Because, as your movie progresses, it will surprise and delight YOU!
    And THAT will be the movie, that will thrill the most numbers! Because if this movie can evolve... if you can experience your own evolution, your own conscious evolution as your movie expands, than it will capture something in your audience, that will be very titillating and very satisfying to them, as well.

    If you think you´ve got all of these answers, and you´ve decided to write some script to inform the uninformed, they can smell that rat! And they don´t want to be talked down, to! They want to be surprised, and they can´t be surprised unless YOU are! There.

    (...) I have so many things that I wanna say. And so many things, that I want to communicate. And I don´t want to talk down to people. I want to discover it, with them. I want to go on a journey with the secrets of the world. With the people that want more, the ever expanding IB´s of this world...

    Focus on the conversations we had earlier about "unconditional". And think about how everything that everybody wants, no matter what it is, whether it´s a material object or a relationship, or a pile of money- no matter what it is, everything that everyones wants is because they believe they will feel better in having it. And so, what EVERYONE wants is THE FEELING OF ENERGY, MOVING.


    So, as you accept that your audience of seekers -and, EVERYONE is that, really!- that your audience of seekers has an IB, that is way out, ahead of them. Who´s been with them, who knows what they´ve been asking for, and who is calling them forwards, into the things that feel better-

    as you find ways to help them move forwards, as they watch this movie- it´s why so many successful movies are about there being some sort of a problem...(...) when someone has a question, and then the question being in them being satisfied -there is satisfaction IN that! So, don´t leave people hanging too long for a solution!

    So let your movie not necessarily follow the patterns that most studio-movies follow!
    Successful patterns, we acknowledge. But there is something you could do better, that would cause your audience to like your movie more. And that is, let it be more, like life really is. There is a question, and then an answer. There is a problem, and then there is a solution. Iow, don´t keep them strung out for the whole movie for some BIG, raging successful... because, those are sort of torturous movies!

    When you go to a movie, and you feel pretty good, and then the movie takes you down down down down, -only to lead you to a solution, you´r not better off than you where, when you came in!

    But if you accept that most of those, witnessing it, are feeling pretty good: They are out, they´r wanting to have a good time, they´ve chosen some relief from their own reality, they´r just wanting to sit back and observe something, that´s happening. And it presents to them something familiar, but gives them immediate ease from it- they will feel BETTER for being there! And so, there- if you can think about what we talked about, about getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready-

    See, the thing that most movie-makers do not understand, they think that they have to create some really BIG big problem or question, to which they will then deliver some really BIG big solution or answer. But what they don´t realize is, that they haven´t prepared their audience to really RECEIVE the big answer!

    Iow, when you´r tortured for a long time, the relief is better. But you´r still tortured for a long time!

    You see what we´r getting at? So if you understand this idea of getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready, so that you LEAD your audience into this readiness, and
    this readiness, and this readiness, and this readiness, and this readiness, THEN when you deliver your big what-ever-it-is, that you deliver- they´r ready for it!

    They´ll be cheering at the end of the movie, rather than just walking out, glad to be still alive!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 New - Advice for Writers - Keep your story vibrationally accurate,

    North Los Angeles 2017, 8.5.2017

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    Let your new Story gather MOMENTUM!

    As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story,
    in time you will believe the new story,
    and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly
    into your experience.

    A belief is only a thought you continue to think;
    and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires
    must become your reality.

    There is no physical body, no matter what the conditions,
    that cannot achieve an improved condition.
    Nothing else in your experience responds as quickly
    as your own physical body to your patterns of thought.


    Excerpted from: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

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    Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction's response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life.

    Your money and financial assets; your body's state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—
    is all happening because of the story that you tell.

    -Abe. 8/31/08

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