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Thread: Tell a better story!

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    Don´t try too hard!

    Visualization is, taking something into more and more specific.
    Since every subject is 2 subjects- wanted and lack of wanted,
    if we would be standing in any of your physical shoes, we would be CERTAIN
    that we would be on the goodfeeling end of the stick,
    BEFORE we become more specific, as in visualization, or more specific
    a in affirmation.

    Do your affirming from your state of alignment.
    And do your visualization from your state of alignment.
    Don´t use either one to try to GET into alignment-
    because it will backfire on you.

    You recognize that, don´t you? And in simple terms,
    you could call it just TRYING TOO HARD.
    Trying to compensate with how I really feel,
    with words and actions.

    Boston, 10-10-2015

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    Hot Seat:
    I’ve imagined myself asking you a question.
    And every time I ask, the answer comes.
    And there is a part of me that knows that.
    And there’s a part of me that’s in the process of constantly understanding it…

    When you imagine, can you accept, just feel it,
    that when that imagination comes to you,
    that you are receiving it, not conjuring it?

    Hot Seat: Yeah.

    Isn’t that interesting?
    In other words, you’ve prepared the vibration enough
    that now the idea is exploding in your mind in imagery.

    This is how thoughts turn to things.
    Most people think, “Well, I accept it, I will write it,
    I will affirm it, I will make it happen.”
    But we’re wanting you to realize that you’ve
    prepared the atmosphere- and now you are receiving,
    and you are translating the vibration into the imagination that you are describing.

    That’s worth thinking about....

    Hot Seat:
    I’ve realized I’m a storyteller like all of us.
    And I am being more conscious of the story I am telling myself.

    It’s fun to tell a story, isn’t it?
    And a story is a manifestation, isn’t it?
    And it’s a manifestation of your imagination and it’s an extension
    of the way you feel.

    Because, the story you tell isn’t creating your mood,
    it’s because of your mood. Isn’t that interesting?

    When we say, “tell a different story,” it would be better if we said,
    “get in the mood to tell the story you want to tell.”

    Because you all think that we want you to tell a different story,
    to change the mood and change the outcome. Nah.
    We want you to tell a different story,
    we want you to receive a different story.

    We want you to receive the story, like you always do, you can’t do it wrong.
    You are receiving the story that is an example of your mood, of your vibration.
    What we are talking about is starting at the earlier stages, isn’t it?

    Doesn’t that sort of make you want to slow down?
    Don’t you want more massages?
    Don’t you want to put your feet in more warm tubs of water?
    Don’t you want to pet your cat more?
    Don’t you want to make love to more people that you are loving?

    Well, that person you are loving?
    Don’t you want to do whatever you want to do on that?

    Don’t you want to do more that feels good?
    Don’t you want to do more that feels good?
    Don’t you want to tend to your mood more?
    Don’t you want to take care of that basic seed of attraction?
    -We would, if we were standing in your physical shoes!...

    Tell your boss, “I’m preparing my vibrational atmosphere
    for the receiving of everything I want and you will benefit,
    if you will get off my back.”

    ...The story you tell is evidence of where you are at, vibrationally.
    Isn’t it obvious to you?

    Boston, Oct. 2014

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    "Everyone who turns up in your life-
    from the people you call friends and lovers,
    to the people you call enemies and strangers-
    comes in response to your Vibration.

    You not only invite the person,
    but you also invite the personality traits of the person."


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    Scripting and VR are step 5- tools.

    (Abe explain that there are 22 processes in the Ask- and-it´s Given- book...)

    ...All of those processes are for the purpose of helping you,
    once you have asked, which you already have,
    and once you've created this Vortex,
    and it's been vibrationally answered, and it already has,
    these 22 processes are all designed and developed
    to bring you into the Receptive Mode from different places
    that you might be along the Emotional Scale.

    So, as you allow yourself to get more and more into the Receptive Mode,
    what happens is:
    what's in your Vortex begins to manifest in all of these ways.

    STEP 5 is where you are experiencing what you said-
    "the steady I'm feeling good all the time",
    but it's where you begin to deliberately
    make statements.

    It's where Scripting will really serve you.
    Where you begin to put your conscious mind
    toward the specifics of how
    you would like something to play out, in detail.

    Not with the purpose of making something happen,
    but with the purpose of giving yourself pleasure
    from the descriptive phase.

    And, this is the thing we want you to understand:
    The manifestation is ready to pop,
    and would have popped if you had been as precisely and deliberately
    in vibrational harmony with those details as you need to be,
    in order for them to pop.

    Let's say this another way, because we´r losing some of you,
    and we really want you to hear this:
    Do you accept that so much of what you want is already in the Vortex?
    It's there. And that you are somewhere in proximity to it.
    And that, if you were right there, it would already be manifesting.
    So, if it's not manifesting, then you must not be quite right there.

    So you could do something about suring up your precise vibration
    to match the precision of what the Vortex has spun for you...
    So... you could begin to say:
    "It is my intention, that this week, I´ll be in an environment,
    where the sun shines predominantly.
    And the reason I like to be in a place where the sun shines predominantly,
    -we´r telling you Esthers scripting, before the Alaskian Cruise-
    is because, when we are in Tracie´s arm,
    I want to see the top of those mountains.
    I want to see deep into all of these valleys.
    I want to see the eagles soaring, and the bears creeping.
    I want to see the whales jumping.
    I want to see the vividness of this sea.
    I wanna see it, and I want everybody with me, to see it, too."

    Now, that sounds sort of obnoxious, does´nt it?
    Sounds sort of like you expect the Universe,
    As if you are the Center of the Universe.

    But when you come to understand, that life has caused you to create
    -and Esther has been thinking about that cruise for a year,
    she KNOWS you´r coming, she KNOWS what you´r gonna see,
    she KNOWS what it could be, she KNOWS that it could be foggy,
    she KNOWS it could be sunny, she KNOWS that there are all this possibilities,
    and she DECIDES how SHE WANTS IT TO BE.

    So, she scripts it.
    And because she has access to the energies that create worlds,
    and when one is connected to the energy-stream that creates worlds,
    she is more powerful than millions who aren´t,
    when somebody does that, and FOCUSES,
    you effect circumstances and events.

    There is no condition or situation on this planet,
    that you do not have the power
    and the creative license
    to improve in the way that YOU FEEL would be most benefitial.

    But you´ve gotta hook up with what source feels about it,
    you´ve gotta hook up with the energy of SOURCE about it-
    AND THEN, focus.

    We promise you, you won´t be bored.
    You´r going to begin to feel the CLARITY
    with which you get to effect
    all of the forces of the Universe,
    all of the energies that create worlds.

    There is NOTHING outside your creative license.
    There is NOTHING that you cannot be, or do, or have.

    Seattle, July 2015

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    All you have to do is decide what you want-
    and talk yourself into it!


    Our encouragement to you is that:
    you think about what you do want-
    and don´t think about what you don´t want.

    Talk about what you do want, and
    don´t talk about what you don´t want.

    Tell everyone about what you do want,
    tell no-one about what you don´t want.

    Make lists of the things that have worked,
    don´t talk about things that didn´t work.

    Iow, just get on a sort of rampage of appreciation.
    If you´r trying to do that, and are not able to do that,
    get off of that topic all together
    and get on, to something else.

    The thing you most want to hear is:
    Now you´ve got to find a way to get the valve open!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - The Master Cure for ANY problem

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    Cut out the "big but"!

    My question is about everybody’s big but. Ummm, I mean, the but is really what brings life through us, is what we are living for…

    It’s part of the contrast that launches the rocket, but would you say that those buts, in the way that you mean those buts, are usually forking off in the wrong direction?

    Right, that’s what I’m trying to get a sense of, in other words…

    You need a but…

    To draw the life through us, is the goal here to make our buts smaller?

    (wild audience laughter) We’ve finally gone mainstream.
    "How to get rid of your big but while you are forking off in the right direction"...
    We are ready for television.
    (more wild audience laughter)

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    Practice the thought, until you KNOW it.


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