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Thread: I would love to hear some soothing words...

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    I would love to hear some soothing words...

    I would love to feel soothed and comforted...

    If someone you love and care about was hurting, what would you tell them?

    How would you comfort them?

    How would you comfort a child who is hurting? What would you say to them?

    What would you say to me to comfort me?

    Thank you

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    Youíre doing amazing. Youíre doing the best you can, and itís enough

    I love you so much! You are a magnificent being. I love you so much.

    Iím here for you. Please rest in my love.

    Thereís nothing you have to prove

    Thereís no finish line. Thereís no deadline.

    Thereís also no shortage of resources

    You are safe. You are loved. Iím here for you. Donít worry. Donít be afraid! Iím here with you always

    You can feel comfort and rest in my love.

    The past is no longer relevant.

    You are strong. You can create from here. From this very moment.

    The only thing that matters is the way you feel right now. You can always always always change the way youíre feeling in the moment. Sometimes all you have to do is acknowledge your current state of being, and it will soften instantly.

    You create your circumstances. You have control over the way you feel.

    Itís ok to feel how you feel right now. Itís ok to be experiencing these emotions.

    You are enough. You are safe. You have everything you need right now in this moment. You can gently pause and see the perfection of who you are. You are an eternal being.

    Everything is an illusion. You can cultivate an inner state of peace, well-being, love, and joy. Your outer world will reflect your inner state. It is that simple.

    Yes, you have to be selfish. You have to tend to your own inner garden.

    There are so many moving parts. So many people around you with their own desires. You have to do what feels good to you.

    Remember to align with your own inner wellspring of love and beauty and magnificence, and let your actions spring forth from there!

    You will know what to do at the perfect time because youíll be in alignment first. When you align first, everything flows beautifully from there. Remember you can align with anything you want. Itís simply a choice of what you want to align with. Do you want to align with fun, love, beauty, joy, celebration, serendipity, genuine connections, thriving at work, delicious food? You choose what you want to align with.

    When youíre feeling very off center, you donít have to force yourself to feel better. Let your worries settle down and let your inner stillness come forth. You can do certain things to soothe yourself and let yourself feel better. Sometimes the touch of another will soothe you. A massage can be a wonderful soothing experience. Just align with the experience you would like it to be: soothing, peaceful, supremely relaxing, heavenlyÖ

    Doing a guided meditation can help calm your anxious thoughts. Align with the experience of a soothing guided meditation. Plug in your earbuds and let the sounds soothe you.

    Writing out your thoughts can help direct the energy flow. Just like youíre doing right now.

    There are many ways to soothe yourself. You can do this! You are capable of wonderful things. You have the ability to align with
    your truest and deepest desires. You can do this!

    I love you. You are safe. You are magnificent. You are capable. You can do this! You can achieve alignment, which is the key to your life.

    So align with you, align with joy, align with love, beauty, peace, magnificence, nourishment, ease, flow, fun, celebration, serendipity, thrivingÖ

    You can experience the fulfillment of your heartís desires!

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    I've moved your thread to the Practicing the Teachings sub-forum.

    Carry on with your good "work!"

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    Thanks WellBeing!

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