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Thread: Manifested a bike Christmas Eve!!

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    Manifested a bike Christmas Eve!!

    Hey guys
    Thought I would share my excitement with you,
    3 weeks ago I was in a local department store buying my childrenís Christmas presents.
    At the tills there was a childrenís BMX on display with a raffle to win.
    Prize to be drawn Christmas Eve.
    I purchased a ticket ( just 1 ) and joked with the cashier that I will see her Christmas Eve because I will win the bike for my 7 yr old,
    I can honestly say I felt a buzz, I could see myself winning this ...
    I left the store and .... let it go ....
    I completely forgot
    Anyway ...
    This morning( Christmas Eve ) I had a phone call, I had won the bike and they were delivering it this afternoon !!
    My excitement at my manifestation rocketed , I had to share with you guys ,
    Merry Christmas everyone

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    yay !! well done you janewills1!

    so nice having that excitement
    i just saw Arthur Christmas haha it was so funny, and about a bike for xmas day

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    Nice manifestation. I hope your child enjoys it.

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    How very, very sweet! Congratulations and merry christmas!

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