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Thread: Partner using Drugs

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    I have released a lot of resistance,just staying mostly off the topic, the momentum has died down so thatfeels like relief. I've spent since my last post, just relaxing and letting it go. Not giving it air time. And I woke up this morning in the vortex so that was nice.
    Marc, thankyouuu. You're right, he is where he is, and that's okay. I am where I am, and that's okay too. This thread is really helping me to play it all down, not make such a big hairy deal out of it all, and things are working out for me... so then I'm going to be just fine. It is All Right. I will keep coming back here to remind myself of what you've all said.
    WellBeing, "Iím looking forward to the relief that comes to me as I release my resistance" felt so much better. And that's what I did. Feel better. Anytime I'd think of the issue, I said 'I don't have to think about this right now'. Just to let myself relax.

    I wanted to do as you both said and focus onanother topic that is easy to feel good about on here...

    I really enjoy thinking about Florida,it always brings me joy and relief.
    So many wonderful aspects that are sonice to think about.
    Sun, warmth, palm trees, the ocean,sunsets, fun, relaxation.
    Feel like I'm floating when I thinkabout it sometimes. Feels like home.
    I love Disneyworld and everything aboutDisney, it excites me more than words can say.
    Nothing has ever made me feel so aliveand aligned.
    There's just so much to love and enjoy,endless things to appreciate and imagine again and again.
    I love using my imagination, and beinginspired to imaginative thoughts and images. And I love that Disneyis such a creative and uplifting and inspiring beacon. Always talkingabout dreams coming true and creating happiness.
    I'm so in love with everything to dowith Disney, I feel passion and joy running through me, and thatcastle... That perfect and beautiful castle is so wonderful, thereare no words.
    The beauty of the castle as the sun is setting, maybe the most beautiful sight.
    I love rides, shows, fun, deliciousfoods, and the way it all makes me Feel.
    Like I'm where I'm meantto be, and I feel the rightness of it, and the pure ecstasy of beingsurrounded by everything I love, just so much excitement andappreciation, deep, deep appreciation that places like this exist.Music I love, characters I love, stories I love, happy peopleeverywhere, and the best emotions I have ever felt!
    Themeparks, Hotels, Airports,Airplanes... some of my most loved things in the world. The thoughtof them brings me so much joy. All I want to do is think about thesethings. Is think about Florida <3

    This definitely broughtme tears of joy writing. I am going to enjoy more of these thoughtsnow.
    Sometimes makes me wonder why I don'tdeliberately think about this More often. Pure Joy.

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    For a short time, I was living with an alcoholic who was getting drunk every day. I didn't know he was an alcoholic when I accepted him as a roommate (not consciously, anyway, although looking
    back, there were signs).
    [Removed reference and link to non-Abraham material. Please keep the focus on the discussion on the teachings of Abraham. Thank you!--WB.]

    The three "prescriptions for happiness" are:

    Ask for what you want but don't demand it.

    Accept whatever happens, for now.

    Turn up your love, even if you don't get what you want.

    Anyway, he went into rehab and is now staying in a SLE (sober living environment) while he works on his recovery--and fortunately, is still paying his share of rent!
    Love your list, foofighters. Onward and upward from hereward!
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