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Thread: what is your daily practice?

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    what is your daily practice?

    Hi there friends!

    I hope you've all been having a great time over the holidays. I'm pretty new to Abe's teachings... well, I read LoA years ago, but I'm just coming back to it now. Im starting up a daily practice of the teachings, and I'd love to know more about how others have approached this. As a starting point (this will no doubt change as I learn more in-depth) I will be doing the following each day:

    1. Following my EGS as much as possible, and bringing my thoughts beliefs into alignment with my desires throughout the day.
    2. spending some time, maybe 20 minutes every day, on positive visualisation of my desires/visions, always exploring the feelings and joy of them having actually happened.

    What practices do you guys do each day to keep your vibration where it needs to be to manifest your desires? Thanks for being here folks


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    We've had a number of such discussions in the past. Our handy built-in Search engine can help you find those (and more, if you're creative with your search times) as well as your favorite commercial search engine (just include "" or ""--without quotation marks--in your search parameters).

    Here are a few to get you started, whilst you're waiting for the replies you are attracting:

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    hi Lucas I've been an abrahamster since 2012 and I started off doing masses of set things every day, but now that my life is beautiful I have streamlined it a bit since then as now I am so busy living a life filled with manifestations of what I love that I have (a little) less time to do all the set things, but basically this is what I do now, below
    and here is a link to my post about what I used to do (only changed a little, mainly not writing the masses of pages every day that I used to)

    I am so totally happy every single day, even without the manifestations happening left right and centre, oh but they are, and in beautiful ways
    and it is not the manifestations that are making me feel that way, though they do make feel good, incredibly good, but it is my daily tending to my alignment that is making me feel amazing

    I have processes that I do every day that just make me feel great, feel amazing, and every day without fail I do them

    they resonate with me, and work perfectly for me, and I spend nearly most of the day in my vortex, totally high! totally not on the planet at all : ) ha ha
    so if you go thru the AAIIG book and find a few that you can do daily that reinforce your already good feeling thoughts, and that also make you feel slightly even better than good feeling, then you will be tending to your vibration more and slowly increasing it more - but with a good 'base', a good solid foundation there

    because when I am rushed and don't have the time to do my morning processes, then I make sure that I do them on the run, because I have never missed a day in all the time I have been doing this and things are just getting so much better for me

    the things that work for me are
    as soon as I wake I set my intentions for the day. They are always the same beautiful intentions because I LOVE them. I have about 10 of them

    and then I say my Affirmations
    I have about 15 of them, in a few specific areas and I say them easily, putting as much feeling into them being done, as I can feel on the day
    I love saying them, and affirmations work for me, and over time they have proved themselves to be so very powerful for me - because I believe them when I say them

    then I write in my journal, an A5 page of appreciations and blessings - just a thank you note on every line for something, anything, that happens to be in my mind as I look for things to appreciate

    then I write my the next 3 pages in my journal
    - one for the next days Appreciations and Blessings (I am day 900 and something!),
    and I write the page up for my evening journal entry - which is 'i LOVE the things that made me Happy today, Thank You!' and I fill that in just before bedtime of all the blessings I have to be grateful/appreciative of for that day
    and I write up my placemat page - I like to fold a page inward and use one side to pre-pave my to-do things for the day, and the other side is for the Universe things I am putting off and for any notes I need to make or just random stuff

    and then as I go about my day I give thanks for every single thing, all the time, constantly
    for the food I drink and eat as I make it, prepare it, eat it, clean it away
    for the things I do, for my smooth drive, for the beautiful sky, the birds, the roads, the happy people around me

    and it's just a constant looking for good things and things that please and excite me

    oh, and i also like to pre-pave my day by asking questions and leaving them open ended, so -
    what thrills me?
    what delights me?
    what do I love?
    what makes my heart miss a beat?
    - so I say about 20 things like this, always makes me excited and eager and then at the end I say 'Universe delight me, surprise me - in the most ....(and I put in words that I am resonating with that day, eg) beautiful heartfelt tender... way today, Thank You'
    and every single day, without fail, the Universe delivers to me! it is totally awesome - so ofcourse that gets written down in my journal for my days 'happy things' page

    I do this every day, cause it resonates with me, and makes me feel good. I space it out too, so that I can go about my stuff and attend to this 'work'
    and it makes me feel good
    and feeling good is the most important thing to me, irrespective of conditions, which incidentally, all now only make me feel good - I very, very rarely, get anything other than feeling good conditions with my pre-paving and intentions and affirmations

    and oh, every evening after I've given thanks for my day and listed in my journal the beautiful day I had, I then say to the Universe, thank you for everything, thank you for ... and just talk away and then i set my intention to have a beautiful, restful relaxing sleep and to wake up refreshed at such and such a time, and i always wake at that time, the Universal alarm clock works without fail, and that i will remember anything from my dreams that i need to and the Universe will let me know if there is anything i need to know

    hmmm, so that's my typical day here on earth, Abraham-style :/

    - Nothing is more important than Feeling Good -

    my daily processes make me feel good
    make me feel very very good and put me on an even footing for the day ahead
    they relax me and allow me to feel my goodness
    my daily processes make me feel good

    - nothing is more important than feeling good -

    ~my Daily Processes~

    * every morning i wake up and say Thank You

    then i set forth my Intentions for the Day

    * today my life will be filled with love

    * today my life will be filled with happiness and laughter

    * today my life will be filled with gentleness and tenderness

    * today i will be guided and protected by the stars

    * today i will welcome a miracle into my life

    * today i will have a great day

    * today all the men in my life will be gentle, loving, adoring, kind, tender and caring to me
    i pull softly on their heart strings and they can feel me, they love me

    * today my man will hold me tight in his arms as he shines the light of source on me

    * ~and thank you for the great news coming to me today~

    * Thank You

    then i play my 9 thing game

    * i focus with full pleasurable blissful intention on each thing 1 to thing 9 for 1:11s each

    Thank You

    then i say my Affirmations

    * i am guided and protected by the stars

    * the Universe is good to me, it brings me all of my heart's desires

    * the Universe is kind to me, it conspires for me

    * my life is filled with love

    * my life is abundant in every way

    * i am successful in everything i do

    * i always get everything i want, it is law and i am deserving

    * i promise myself to live my dreams and my desires as if i have them now

    * all the men in my life and loving, adoring, gentle, tender, kind and caring to me
    i pull softly on their heart strings and they feel me, they adore me, they love me

    * i am a LOVE magnet
    i exude love, sexiness and hotness
    i am powerfully magnetic and i attract handsome boys easily
    handsome goodhearted boys find me irresistible and alluring, captivating and entrancing
    gorgeous gorgeous boys are drawn easily to me and give me lavish adoring admiring attention
    beautiful warmhearted boys shine the light of source brightly on me
    they adore me, they love me, they flirt with me, give me compliments and long admiring glances, they court me, chase me, they are true gentlemen and i bask in their adoration
    i am a Goddess and my presence is felt, when i enter a room - heads turn, i captivate them and they love me
    Thank You

    * i am a MONEY magnet
    i attract money to me easily
    money loves me
    money rains down on me
    money seeks me out
    an endless flow of money comes my way
    there is more money being printed for me right now
    everything i touch turns to gold
    i have more than enough money for everything i want
    i have my dream home and cars
    i have the best of everything
    i am living my dream
    i appreciate and celebrate every day
    i know that when i ask for what i want, no matter what it is i want, no matter how impossible it may seem, if i believe and know it is mine, then the answer must be -your wish is my command-
    i am receiving unexpected money from multiple sources and can take care of all my financial needs effortlessly, thank you generous Universe
    i am receiving unexpected cheques in the mail, cash in hand, money in my bank accounts, money in my paypal account, sales orders, gifts, presents, special offers, discounts, sale items, things for free
    i am powerfully magnetic and appreciative, i love money, money loves me
    i release all resistance to money and i now allow it to flow joyously into my life
    Thank You

    then i write in my journal

    an A5 page on each of the following -

    * my Appreciations and Blessings day1008
    thank you

    * things i will do today
    thank you

    * i love the fun things that made me Happy today (i write this at the end of my day)
    thank you

    and then i write any pages that i feel i want to in my (not every day, only when i feel like it)
    * Book of Positive Aspects

    and a page on
    * Rampages of Appreciation

    on the same subject

    * and i read my Thank You letter to the Universe about my dreams having come true

    (just like the HS did in the clip- Amazing New Process !!! )

    * and because im not really into meditation so much (i last about 2 minutes) i always have theMeditation Vortex CD playing throughout all of this and it relaxes me

    * and i like to pre-pave my day by asking questions

    what excites me?
    what do i love?
    what do i adore?
    what makes me melt?
    what takes my breath away?
    how exciting can today be for me?
    how much fun will i have?
    what thrills me?
    how wonderful will today go for me?
    what makes me smile?
    what makes me happy?
    how easy can today go for me?
    what delights me?
    how many admiring glances will i receive today?
    how many miracles will i welcome in my life today?
    whom do i adore?
    who appreciates me?
    how great will my day be today?
    Universe delight me, surprise me in the most .......(beautiful, gentle, heartfelt)...... way today, Thank You

    and that sets me off for feeling good
    and having a good good day
    and if i don't have time for some bits i do them later, on when i feel like it
    i am flexible and do the things i love
    but every day i always do my Intentions, 9 thing Game, Affirmations, and Journal appreciations and blessings
    and the rest is a lovely relaxing bonus

    - Nothing is more important than Feeling Good -

    thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you

    I hope this is helpful for you and inspires some processes that resonate with you
    I personally need the structure of a set routine of things to do every day, that way I feel the focusing I do on my vibration helps it to stay as positive as possible.

    The key thing for me over all these years, has been to look for things to appreciate around me all the time.
    And being thankful always, and just flowing love thru me, out of me, in to me
    But most of all the time spent appreciating and looking for things to appreciate has been the thing that always brings me right back to that pure steady centered place of surety about myself and my alignment

    much love to you

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