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Thread: Wanting to Feel better abot being overweight

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    Wanting to Feel better abot being overweight

    Hppay new year guys

    This is probably pretty topical for this tme of year !

    Im trying to feel better about having gained weight , using the BFT process.
    I have been trying to fly up the stairs without really feeling the feelign where im at: and im doig mybest to correct this now.
    Any feedback anyone can offer , to help me get better at this process will be very welcome!!

    one question i have:
    i get confused as to whether i should be trying to feel better about where i am and leave it at that, or trying to get to feeling better about where i CAN be going because i can, (for eg) allow solutions to come to me. Does that make sense?

    HERES MY BFT WORK that i did earlier on.

    Whats bugging me.
    I feel bad about my weight.
    Feel really bad .it feels ugh...heavy, unattractive, out of control. Sluggish, awkward, uncomfortble. Clothes too tight, irritated, annoyed. Hopeless. Worried i can t control it.
    What dont i want
    I dont want to be overweight
    What do i want (what have i put in my vortex)
    I want to be slim

    Im so pissed off. Really pissed off. Awful, depressed. Like ive got a huge mountain to climb and I don’t even know what the journey is,never mind whether i can get there. Hopeless, depressed, scared. It feels awful.

    I am where i am: i cant do the work anywhere apart from right here, where the crap feeling is. At least there is a gift in that feeling: its not actually a useless hindrance.
    I am where i am, its true: i cant start from anywhere except right here, where i misery.

    Soothe it: try anything you can to make it feel a bit less crap where you are:

    I FEEL ............
    no wonder i feel the way i do.
    Anyone wd feel bad being this amount overweight: but even more so because i was very slim and attractive just about 5 years ago. T
    And it feels awful when clothes are getting too tight and its uncomfrtable and heavy and ugh. T

    Its an extremely common problem. I admit it wd feel worse if i was in a very small minority. Most people are struggling with their weight , some more than me some less than me. T
    Some of them have been able to help themselves.They didnt all get stuck forever. I can help myself too. True , but most who do lose it put it all back on again, plus more.t/w
    The only thing that is Different now for me is that i have stopped the old way of trying to lose weight with harsh diets cos i know they dont work. T/B
    Its better to do this than not do anything. T/B
    Even though i stll feel the same i know its temporary . U/w , no i dont know that.
    Im willing to improve the way i feel, help myself & im glad im willing to put this effort into deliberately lift up my mood. T/b

    Im not 25 stone, or 20, or even 15.
    I havent got as much weight to lose as some peope do T/B
    Its not actually stopping me from doing anything. U/W
    Biking felt harder yesterday T/W
    But not so bad that i cant do it, and some of that was cos the wind was against me. T/B
    At least im letting the real feeling up and it feels less suffocating .T/B
    At least im a bit clearer that my only job, right now is to feel slightly less crap about this. T/B
    At least im not trying to run up the EGS, in a blah blah way. T/b
    My body is very strong: considering i was v disconnected for so long: it must be so so good at what it does to be in this disease free, pain free state. And i never ever catch viruses or get sick. I havent had a cold for about 5 years.
    In the most important ways, my body is doing alright T/B
    If i was battling pain that wd be much much harder to take my focus off T/B
    One thing: im glad ive noticed that part of it: i havent got enough clothes for the size i am now and im feeling my old clothes are tight.I will feel a bit better if i buy some clothes that feel better. At least that is something i can do easily ,that, day to day, makes me feel better. T/B
    I dont have to feel good about this right now, just a bit less crap. T/B
    My body serves me well generally. All the most important things are ok. T/b
    There arent any dire consequences for me right now, for having gained a bit more weight. T/b
    At least , last year, I managed to get really clear about how strict dieting only makes it worse, whereas ,a bit of what you fancy makes me yo-yo less. And this recent weight gain is more about the change in my work duties than about a change in my eating habits. My eating habits have stabilised significantly , compared to the past T/b
    I do like knowing that when i feel better, new ideas come to me (W because , i dont feel i can get to that point right now)
    I felt bad about smoking, but i did a focus wheel and had an amazing totally original idea that worked wonders for me. I would never have believed that could happen , til i saw it for myself. And i felt very bad about smoking when i did that focus wheel. T/B
    Ah! That is proof that even when dont get right up there on the emotional scale,i have still allowed ideas to come to me that have made a huge differenceT/B
    So if ive done it before maybe i can do it again. T/B
    My IB seems to lead me to the ideas i need i the right order clever IB. T/B
    Maybe iwill rendevous with some new persepective: its happned before , like the donut whisperer book. T/B
    And when i get back into routine, and start doing some of the things i know work, and get some new clothes, i will feel a bit better. T/B
    That’s enough for now....

    Thanks for reading xxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    one question i have:
    i get confused as to whether i should be trying to feel better about where i am and leave it at that, or trying to get to feeling better about where i CAN be going because i can, (for eg) allow solutions to come to me. Does that make sense?
    A couple of thoughts in response to your question (in no particular order):

    • Abraham tell us to “feel better,” period. You’ve heard me say that there’s no asterisk or fine-print to that “feel better.”
    • What is “feel better about where I am”? That’s just another way of saying “Making Peace with Where You Are.” Abraham (and we) recommend that we Make Peace with Where We Are because it’s our dissatisfaction with Where We Are that makes us “run up the Scale,” as you’ve been describing to us. You’re trying to get away from this crappy thing that you’re currently living. When you make where you are less crappy to you, you become less desperate to get away from this crappy thing that you’re currently living.
    • Until you Make Peace with where you are, the only option that we usually can see to feel better is to change your conditions, which keeps us focused on what we don’t want, which creates more of what we don’t want. By starting to Make Peace with where we--by feeling better about where we are--we see that we have other ways of feeling better without needing the condition to change first.
    • Why does it have to be either/or? Why can't you do both, a little of this and then a little of that?

    Quote Originally Posted by loholt View Post
    Whats bugging me.
    I feel bad about my weight.
    No. That’s not it. You feel bad because you’re thinking thoughts about your weight and your body and your IB doesn’t agree with your thoughts. That’s what’s bugging you. “I’m using the topic of my weight to bug me, by thinking bugging thoughts with which my IB will not agree” would be a more vibrationally-accurate statement.

    That’s important because when you take the stance that you did, the only way that you can feel better is to get rid of your weight. It’s unlikely that you’ll lose that weight in the next 10 minutes (and unhealthy, too) but you can bug yourself less in the next 10 minutes, by shifting your thoughts.

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