Hello peeps!

When I get to thinking all I have to be grateful for, I hardly know where to start… there have been soooo many blessings in my life… with that said, it’s a new year so I’m starting a new thread with (today’s) Lucas’ top ten of appreciation..

  1. My family, who have looked after me in hard times and are always there for me
  2. My many friends… my life has been blessed with so many good, kind people
  3. The fact that I am attractive… it still feels a bit weird to ‘own’ this, but the fact is that I know member’s of the opposite sex are often attracted to me. Having recently been through a very tough break-up, this fact is a great blessing and one I thank God for, becuase it reminds me that, although my relationship ended, there are other wonderful women out there and in time I will meet the right one
  4. My health… I am so glad that I am healthy… such a simple thing, and easily taken for granted, but this is so so big… thank you god!
  5. Animals, of all shapes and sizes… being close to God’s many creatures makes me feel closer to Source… God’s numberless creations fill me with wonder
  6. The ways the LoA manifested in success and abundance in my life even before I encountered Abe’s teachings and became aware of what was happening. These inlude the opportunity to make a documentary and to set up my own company in 2017
  7. I am free! It may sound a little funny, but I sometimes contemplate the situation of folks who have made mistakes and wound up in prison…. that would suck sooooo bad! I love being free to do what i want and go where I want.
  8. The transformational power of love… ‘nuff said!
  9. This forum… having a community to learn from and join with in progressing along this journey is so so powerful… thank you guys!
  10. …. and last but definitely not least… God-Source… i am so grateful for this power and the love that enables me to manifest more… and in particular, to just get into the flow of love, love, love…

Hugs and Happy 2018