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Thread: 2018 New Year Appreciations

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    2018 New Year Appreciations

    My, I had a whirlwind of a year last year, but 2018 is going to be so much better!

    I love being in the sun in the winter. I love how warm it is here. I love being back home. I love how comfortable my hometown is. I love returning to the place I was born and grew up, and finding it so comfortable and easy. I love my new home on wheels. I love being able to travel anywhere I want, to stay where ever I want, however long I want, and to leave as the inspiration strikes me. I love the spot I am staying at right now. I love this beautiful view of the city. I love seeing the fireworks last night, on New Years, all across the city and I loved watching it from my window! I love my dog and how happy and joyful she is. I love how my dog just wants to meet everyone she sees and is so happy to meet new people. I love how many people also want to meet her and share in her joy! I love watching my dog explore new places and new parks and new smells. I love watching how excited she gets when she discovers a new place. I love the peace and quiet of the desert. I love discovering the peace and quiet of the desert as I never knew it before, even when I lived here and grew up here. I love being so far from the city, but so close to satisfy all of my needs. I love this new year, and all the potential it has for me. I love all the inspiration flowing through me to start this new life. I love coming out of the woodwork and finding all of my friends waiting for me, so happy to hear from me and so eager to see me. I love this forum, I love this place where so many like minded, joyful people share in this experience. I love the administrators for creating and keeping this place for us. I love all the stories of happiness and manifestations and joy that everyone here shares. I love how inspired I am by all these stories. I love the opportunity to share mine as well, as it makes me so much happier about my own life and all the wonderful things that have manifested. I love that there is a whole world waiting for me to explore, and I also love being exactly where I am, right now, right here.

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    Welcome back to the Forum, BlissDisc!

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    Thanks WellBeing!

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    Oops, meant to do this rampage daily in 2018. Oh well, only live in the present!

    I am loving the sun coming through my windows this morning. I love watching my cat enjoy the sun. I loved taking my dog to the park this morning. I loved meeting a couple with dogs, and loved watching my dog make a new friend of a beautiful half husky/half wolf who is normally "shy". I loved watching my dog gleefully run around the soccer field, watching her run as fast as she can with the happiest look on her face. I love my new computers, and love how easy it was to get fixed when I messed it up. Even though I was a bit frustrated when I broke it, I love that the universe showed me how easy it was to get help, and how easy it was to right the computer again. I loved that the gentleman helping me, Andrew, made everything so easy, fixed everything so fast and efficiently, went above and beyond to help me. I loved that this little problem took me into the city and into a new mall I've not seen before, and how fun it was watching all the people shopping and enjoying this place. I love that my plans after I leave this city suddenly revealed themselves this morning, and I am so excited for the next leg of this adventurous journey. I love that this forum exists, and helps bring together all the like-minded and intended Abe-rs between the workshops and cruises.

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    I'm in appreciation of all wonderful days filled with:
    Love, for my husband, family, and children.
    Sunshine, I love to feel the sun against my skin.
    Roses, I love a beautiful bouquet that I turn into a stunning arrangement.
    A chocolate treat, I love to enjoy my sweets and savor the moment.
    Taking a trip in my car, I love to drive around and just be alone.
    Listening to music, I enjoy upbeat music that makes me want to dance.
    Thank you Universe for this new day in 2018, I know this year is one of my bests of many to come! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    ManifestingLife (Missed a letter :)
    Its going to be a great 2018!
    I feel so at peace with my environment. I feel at ease.
    I feel optimism when thinking of the present.
    Everyday I'm becoming a wiser, better person.
    I love the confidence that I'm expressing more and more.
    I love myself more everyday.
    Things just seem to always workout for me.
    I feel like the universe has my back.
    I love that I'm figuring life out.
    I love where I am right now.
    Things are only getting better for me.
    Others notice how good things are working out for me.
    I love that I have so much knowledge and wisdom.
    I enjoy the variety of life.
    I enjoy figuring it out and savoring the joyful moments.
    I have had many joyful moments.
    I'm thankful for the love I feel from others.
    I have learned to enjoy it all.

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