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This may seem like an obvious question, but why do you think that $1 million would be really nice?" It seems obvious, but it's really not. That sum of money represents something to you and the answer to that question really lays out what you're reaching for. Now the other piece of the puzzle is what you're doing vibrationally otherwise, and those two answers really go hand in hand. On one hand, people often use a large sum of money as a proxy to represent freedom or empowerment. But the flip side to that is often they're doing it from a strong place of resistance to other things. Here's what I mean -- a lot of times people will say, "$1 million would be really nice..." and the unspoken part will be, "because then I wouldn't have to go to this crappy job ever again..." or "because then I can finally have the independence I've always wanted..." or "because I wouldn't have to live with my girlfriend in her parents' basement anymore ..." or "because then I could move out of this boring town..." or something similar. So can you see where even if your "money vibration is generally pretty good" and saying "$1 million would be pretty good" isn't really going to make you a match when the rest of the time you're offering resistance in the rest of your life?

In contrast, let's imagine that you're right, your money vibration is pretty good and rather than focusing on a particular number that you don't believe, instead you're just pleased as punch with how things are going. You're noticing what's going right, not just on the topic of money but in most of your life. You're focused on how great things are going and the more you notice how much better it's getting, the better it gets. You're enjoying the FEELING of empowerment and freedom and LOA just keeps affirming that freedom and empowerment. So from that place of really practicing the feelings of empowerment and freedom until they're dominant, it's not a big leap to imagine that one of the ways LOA manifests that freedom and empowerment is through money. Now keep in mind how Abraham talks about focusing for 17 seconds and another 17 seconds, and so on until you get to 68 seconds, where you've really made a big vibrational impact. So let's imagine the vibrational impact you're making by holding the vibration of appreciation and satisfaction for those big chunks of time. From that very different place, is it hard to imagine being a match to a big pile of money even though you're not focusing on a particular sum when you're offering a consistent vibration of freedom and empowerment and things going right? Not really.
I see what you mean. I think a lot of money to me represents ease. My money vibration has been improving, but the element of ease is still not quite there. More money, yes, but there's still a bit of the worry of “what if more doesn't show up?”

Right now the patter is something like, worry about money for a while, realize what I'm doing and take a week or so to really focus on feeling good, then get a significant influx of unexpected money. But then let the worry take over again, and so on.

So each influx feels like it isn't so easy. On one hand it actually did come quite easily, but the vibration of ease isn't quite there yet, because this is still a new place for me.