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Thread: Working through my vibrations

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    Definition of creation by default:
    not aware of choices because of what emotions are telling me.

    Definition of deliberate creation:
    What is the true willingness that is taking place? (...)

    Itís your willingness to stand in a worthy place.
    Itís your willingness to find some way,
    where you stand, to make it alright.

    Itís the willingness for it to be alright where you stand,
    that equals your conscious allowing of the alignment between you and you-

    which is the only definition that love is.

    2013-03-21 Gold Coast


    "For most, it's easier to appreciate others,
    because you've clogged your pipes up about yourself.

    And so we usually don't encourage you to start with yourself,
    because you don't have immediate success with that,
    because you've practiced clogging up your pipes.

    So, appreciation is just - all it is - it's a matter of finding the easiest thing
    in the world for you, to appreciate and appreciating it,
    until you've practiced yourself
    into the vibration of appreciation.

    Because once you've practiced yourself into the momentum of appreciation,
    then you are able to appreciate wherever you go.
    And then utterly, formerly, obviously, unappreciatable beings
    become also easy to appreciate.
    Not because they have changed, but because you have."

    From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago, IL, 6/15/13

    both from the quote-collection
    What is LOVE?

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    Thank you, WellBeing and Paradise-On-Earth.

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    Update: Mr. T and I are talking again and heís flirting, even though he said he wanted to just be friends.

    I have been working on feeling better on Mr.T because It was still in the forefront of my mind. I havenít felt ALL the way better but enough to take inspired action.

    Itís things like this that trips me up, I still donít feel all the way good but Iíve received a bit of my manifestation. In less than a week. But everyday I tried and tried to feel better, imagine whatís in my vortex??

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