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Thread: Working up the emotional scale

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    Working up the emotional scale

    I feel bad that my boss doesnít show me much compassion for being sick

    I wish this could be better

    Iím not trying to break down anybodyís business by not being there

    I just want my body to heal

    Maybe I should show more love for me

    No one intentionally hurts others unless they are hurt themselves

    Iím doing the best I can from where I stand

    No one is inherently right

    I cannot get it wrong and Iíll never get it done

    My negative thoughts and emotions are exactly that and not absolute truth

    She could be literally suffering from something terrible in her life and keeping it from others including me

    It would explain her chest pains and emotional distance from me lately

    Source is on it, whatever I need

    I just have to let go of it and trust

    And every time the problem presents itself in my mind I just tell myself to have faith in source and all is well

    A lot of people get sick and are sick currently so itís not like Iím faking it

    I deserve respite and benefits too

    I can feel the breath now

    It is calming

    It is soft

    I can feel the light in my tummy

    How worthy I am to feel that

    Source will be with me today

    And my inner being beside me and within me

    I can do this

    I always have been so good at this

    Love and light♥️☀️

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    I am safe here and now

    My love for them is clear to me

    There were many things at work drawing me to other places whether I label them fair or unfair

    I can begin again...from somewhere else

    If I like those exact things as much as I say I do I can think and visualize about those things as much as I want and they will be for me too

    My power and influence are powerful things

    Look what I can do with a swipe of a hand

    Look what I can do when I turn away

    Look what I can do if I close my eyes

    I have served as a guiding light in a large portion of that massive situation

    But always remember that the biggest power is in the lightest touch

    Because it can be no other way

    The universe had to be designed simple so that it could work

    Nothing here is difficult

    And also remember: A NEW DAY IS DAWNING

    The day of our dreams is here

    We have just but to REALize it

    Make it real to you

    Make it real to you Z

    Feel it and know it and be proud of it

    Shower it with attention like your flowers

    All is well here, nothing fishy, well maybe except for the fish in the wellfun

    Love and light♥️

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