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Haha when people say that here it bothers me as well. "You never get it done", "you never get it wrong", "you're ever expanding"....

When I hear that I'm just thinking how is that supposed to make me feel better?
I don’t like that expression (wording) either….because it sounds like we will always be anxiously seeking something…..always somewhat dissatisfied, but it actually means that life will always stimulate us. Having some challenges can be stimulating. It’s almost like having a rug pulled out from under your feet….and you are stumbling, reorienting yourself….and it’s really stimulation happening…that can freshen you up, because you’ve gotten really comfortable…almost stagnant. And meeting this new challenge takes you to greater understandings….creates an inner flexibility where you are not deciding that you know it all…where curiosity still blooms within you.

You see how small children are still curious and some older people are set in their ways….they are not willing to let anything new in….not even a new way of seeing life or approaching it.

No one wants to feel deadened. And that is what kikimalkia01 is saying here. She wants to feel more alive…..more stimulated.

kikimalkia01…an easy way to feel more alive is to simply be with your body. It is alive! It is made of bliss…out of pure love. All physicality is made of the same stuff. Bliss is Source ~ God.

Simply feel your body moving….feel your feet taking steps….feel your hands reach out to grab something. Do not ignore these movements…thinking they are something ordinary. Physicality is a miracle….manifesting now. It is not the same body or earth that was here before…it is new. Everything is blooming into existence right now. Source is always fresh…like spring….like a new day…or a new baby.

Surround yourself with uplifting colors….it could be a brightly colored object….or maybe a softer color like pink.

And move more! Be like a child. Run from one room to another….skip…leap…twirl. Even if you feel silly doing it….it will stir you up. Put on music and dance or sing out loud.

Clean up a space or reorganize it…like a shelf or drawer. It will energize you.

See too, at some point, how some inspiration arises in you of:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I had this __________,” and then a “but” kills it, the next part of your sentence says, “but, that’s not going to work for me because__________”.

And you never have to do that.

You can say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had this_________” and then let the Universe figure out how it will manifest for you. Or, “I would really love this__________” and then let the Universe bring it to you.

The “how” can be a surprise. The “how” can leave you in excited anticipation.

The “buts” can get you depressed….because you allow no movement.

You only have to flow along and trust.

If you are not flowing…then see how you hamper your flow.