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Thread: Finding peace from obsession

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    Finding peace from obsession

    I know it is not necessary for me to go back and re-tell an old story, but I used to be so hopelessly in love with this guy I would admire from afar. He didnít know I existed and he has a GF. I used to feel to need to check up on him on social media and stalk his accounts. Any posting of him and his GF together would distress as me - it was not healthy at all.

    I made the intention that i wanted to feel relief from my obsession and not feel the need to constantly check up on him. Over the past few weeks I have been staying off of social media because I didnít want to see what was posted and I soon didnít even desire to look on social media. This week I recently went back on social media because I felt like I just wanted to and I see pictures of him and I no longer feel the desperation that I used to feel. I feel at ease and relief about the whole situation. I know its a small step and maybe my process was flawed but it feels good nonetheless.

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    Welcome back to the Forum, BS!

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    Thank you, WB! It feels good to be back

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    Good for you for finding your inner peace.

    Such a beautiful thing.
    More than anything in the world, put together!

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