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Thread: quotes about patience and impatience

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    So good to meet you again,Elke, !

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    It doesnīt depend on time- it depends on focus.

    The joyous place you may be standing is temporary, and the abhorrent place that you may be standing is temporary. Your now reality is only a temporary, momentary culmination
    of what you’ve been thinking about.

    Excerpted from Dallas, TX on 11/2/02

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    (Say: ) "I have created such a magnificent template of-
    or pattern, in vibrational escrow, of what Iīm looking for,

    that the Universe canīt give that to me,
    until Iīm REALLY a vibrational match to it!

    And BECAUSE I had become so specific about what I want

    the Universe isnīt giving me stuff I donīt want,
    stuff I donīt want, stuff I donīt want to coax me along the way-

    the Universe- like me- is holding out
    for delivering the goods of what I REALLY really want!"

    IOW: Itīs worth waiting for!
    Every time you notice that it takes too long,
    you tune yourself away from the vision.
    So, saying things like:

    "Itīs worth waiting for" and
    "it doesnīt have to manifest this red hot minute"

    and "things ARE unfolding. And I KNOW Iīm doing good.
    And because I feel so good so much of the time,
    I know Iīm on track.
    And I donīt mind a little contrast,
    and the contrast is helping me to build it even MORE.

    And maybe in this not-manifesting right now,
    Iīm still collecting more data and make my escrow even better.

    And maybe Iīm still in the process of building it really as I want it to be."

    You see- imagine standing in the middle of a manifestation
    that keeps unfolding and unfolding and unfolding

    and giving and giving and giving and giving.

    Where youīr saying over and over and over again to yourself:

    "Ohhhh- itīs so much MORE
    than I even was able to mentally conjure!

    The universe has knocked itself out to deliver
    EVERY little piece of everything
    that I ever
    even thought that I wanted!!!
    Itīs unfolding here and now!"

    - you see!-
    You cannot be denied.
    You cannot want like you want and line up like you line up
    without the unfolding of what you really want
    in the wings of your life-experience.
    In the immediate offing.

    But you, in the noticing that it hasnīt happened yet,
    or that itīs taking too long-
    youīr slowing the whole thing down.
    (So you want to say...) "Iīm dreaming big, and big dreams-
    from my point of view, sometimes take a little longer." (...)

    "...look at me, here I am, at this beginning of this MAGNIFICENT creation,
    already sort of complaining a little bit about whatīs not coming fast enough,
    when really the WHOLE WORLD out there is spreading out before me-
    and my intentions are getting stronger in every day-
    and EVERY particle of discomfort that I feel is me-
    launching another rocket to get my stream going faster.

    And maybe Iīm just holding out for a really fast moving stream.
    And when I come in alignment with it,
    there will be an EXPLOSION.

    -Thatīs what Iīv always been saying!
    Wanna make a big splash!
    Donīt wanna just sort of dribble it out!
    I wanna REALLY get it going!"

    -Thatīs what youīr doing, you see.

    (From the clip Abraham- "Manifestations are too slow")

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    How long will be the healing time?

    It does take the determination
    that you're going to put your thoughts
    upon something that does feel good.
    And so, here we're going to make a very bold statement:
    any disease could be healed in a matter of days,
    any disease,
    if distraction from it could occur
    and a different vibration dominate—

    and the healing time is about how much mix-up
    there is in all of that.


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    Feeling "ready" but something crucial is missing?
    -It even happens to Esther.

    Esther was ready to get down (to have the seminar). Having her shoes on, had put the things she wanted in her bag, she was all ready to go. And then she was sort of waiting, because someone was coming to walk with her to the backstage-entrance, and so she was just thinking "Well, Iīm ready. Iīm ready, and... Iīm ready, and, Iīm ready, and..." she kept looking at the clock on the phone, "Iīm ready, yeah, Iīm ready to go, Iīm ready..." And then she looked around her suite, and she saw the handbag that sheīs taken to dinner last night, and she thought "Oh, I might put that in the drawer, where it belongs."

    So she picked it up, put it in the drawer where it belongs, and right there was this (needed for the seminar) microphone. Now it wouldnīt have been the end of the world, if Esther would have gotten down here without her microphone. Except that itīs buried under 7 layers of clothing. They always have an extra microphone for her, and her cabin is quite a long way away. So wasnīt it nice, that while she sort of was patiently ready, impatiently ready, impatiently ready- just a little bit of impatiently ready...

    ...the path of least resistance was to help her tidy up her suite a little bit.
    Because she keeps her purse next to her microphone. Now, that sounds silly to you! But things like that happen to you, all day long. And you might think "Oh, Abraham, Esther is so TITITO, why didnīt you just say "Esther, get the microphone!!"-?"

    -She wasnīt within hearing-range of that! She thought she was READY.
    She had been ready! She thought she was ready. She wasnīt ready- she THOUGHT she was ready.

    was something ELSE- and it often is.

    But you see, when you look back on your past, when you look back on hindrances, and you shine a spotlight on those hindrances, that would be like Esther saying "My microphone is lost! My microphone is lost. My microphone is lost!!" -And you know, if she believed it would be lost, she would not be able to find it. THAT is something that is happening to many of you, all the time.

    -So, YES, youīve got hindering beliefs. But SO WHAT!!!!
    You have a path around them! It doesnīt matter! Every one of those hindering beliefs -out of it was born a clarity of desire, that is SERVING YOU. So, rather than being mad at yourself, for things that youīve tripped over- instead be glad about the things, that youīve put ITV. Be glad about what EXISTS, and what would not exist-

    -if it wherenīt for the contrast, that youīve lived .

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 Good Feelings - Law of Attraction Alaskan Cruise July Workshop

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