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Thread: Moving to freedom around income

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    Yay, a game! Thanks Wellbeing for the thought provoking questions. I answered these off forum and I found myself remembering great work moments in my life that I had not activated for a long time. Or at least without sadness around them in a longing for what was. Much more of a sense of pride in what I accomplished.

    I remembered how I have lived some wonderful life experiences of living in some of the most beautiful cities in the world without even having to work! I just allowed money to come in other ways, while I explored museums and met interesting people and laughed, a lot. I remembered how I have always been ultra confident when it comes to getting jobs. How I have gotten jobs where I was unqualified with no experience and I have gotten those jobs over people who were qualified with lots of experience. And how my own friends love to repeat these stories joking about how much luck my confidence brings me.

    I remember the 'financial crisis' hitting and I remember how I allowed others beliefs around lack of money to become mine. How trading 'creative juices and fun flowing' jobs for 'secure - boring, less well paid' jobs. I remember the banks telling me 'if you want a mortgage you need a secure job' and I remember what my idea of secure income felt like at the time based on beliefs I picked up as my own.


    I do know that work can equate to fun, creativity, interest. I do know that work can be like a friend I spend time with during the day. I also know that it is possible to enjoy a life of pleasure and ease without doing any work at all. But I am where I am right now. Do I want to try and chase jobs that felt like my old great ones, chase good managers, chase chase chase or would I rather do the vibrational work and let a fun easy way to have an income find me? Mmm, which one indeed. Banging it out with action certainly has not gotten the results I really want. My bills are paid and that is great, but I do know there is more to me than this. I do know my life has potential to grow and expand with my desires. So I can start by activating those good feelings that were prompted by Wellbeings questions. That felt good and according to Abe, thats the direction to go in. i can do that right now. I have that freedom.

    I still want the manifestations. I know Abraham says that the great place to be in is not care if the manifestation comes or not, because I am so satisfied with the feeling. But I just am not there...yet. I would much rather be waking up on a beach tomorrow than going to my workplace. Its far easier to feel good in those conditions of course. But I cant control any of that right now. I need my bills paid while I figure this out.

    Ive cleared some cobwebs away today. I am moving in the right direction. I love reading the success stories of people that have gotten so San Diego and I believe I can get there too. I love watching tv shows where people are in San Diego. In the meantime, I have lots of Abraham material at my disposal, I have my inner being, I have my pen and paper and I have this forum.

    My love for my child shows me how abundant, perfect and thriving this world is. Even though I would rather be with him for those 8 hours I work, its important that I pay the bills for him too. He needs a roof over his head, electricity, food, clothes. Thats part of being a good mother too. We can never truly be separated either. A mother and her child can never be separated, regardless of any physical distance. He lives in my heart eternally. We are eternally together.

    Its actually nice to know our love for each other is guiding me towards becoming all that I am. Before him, I was not as unhappy about settling. But through the greatness that is him, which shows me the greatness that is me, I know I can do this journey.

    Wouldnt it be nice to activate those old memories of fun and confidence around work and income? Wouldnt it be nice to apply the teachings to that old me? Imagine how I could expand my life even more. Imagine the more fun I could allow, the more ease and abundance? I remember feeling quite powerful back then. Knowing what I know now, I could feel even more powerful.

    Wouldnt it be nice to allow income just for being a great mother? Every time we go to the playground and he laughs, ka-chin $. Everytime we go swimming and he yelps with joy, ka-chin $. Everytime we go on a nature walk and we both bask in the fresh air, ka-ching, ka-ching $$. Wouldnt it be nice to activate more of those feelings?

    I am so passionate for life. I love my virtual reality. I love my imagination. I love my love for good food, architecture, travel, languages, cultures, art and music. I love the thoughts of being on that high flying disc consistently and rendevousing with that waiter who just adores his job and serves beautiful food with pride, the thoughts of meeting that yacht maker and her showing off her skills through the new superyacht she built. I love the thoughts of the interesting conversations with others. I love the thoughts of the best of life. Because I do love his world. I think people are good. I think nature is breathtakingly beautiful. I am a part of that. This feels good.

    Thank you Wellbeing for your ITV activating questions. I enjoyed playing that fun game. I think Ill play it tomorrow at work all over again.

    I feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getting Happier View Post
    I feel better.
    That's the "goal." Good for you.

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    I have gone from having that chat with one person at work about Abrahamís teachings, to now, there is a group chat involving lots of people. A law of attraction based group chat, with others interested in Abrahamís teachings. I love it. At first I had resistance around joining it, but I slowly worked it out and realised that I am as good a teacher as anyone else. I cannot judge or compare my journey with anyone elseís because I truly donít know anyone elseís journey. My focus needs to be always on me.

    I sat in a regular meeting at work where they were talking about multi million projects like they were talking about cents and pennies. Ď35 million needs to be spent here and 5 million has to be spent by the end of the week and we just got approval for 40 million and I have a spare couple of million if anyone needs itíÖ I mean wow. I was a different person in that meeting. Listening to a room with lots of people interested in being deliberate creators, flowing millions of currency easily, so easily.

    Some realisations I have had:

    1. Resistance is not truth. There is no substance behind it. I liken it to a cardboard cut out of a person or thing. There is nothing behind it. I can tell myself resistance thoughts but that does not ever make them true. All they are is thoughts that slightly pinch me off from all the wellness. But even then, wellness prevails. My wellness always prevails.
    2. I donít have to get in and do processes to make X better. I donít have to wade deep into it to try and make X feel good. Because X for the most part doesnít feel good. And thatís okay. Thatís okay. It doesnít mean X is wrong or inappropriate, or I am wrong or inappropriate for being here. But I can focus on Y and Z that do feel good. I can think of the few things about X that do feel good. I donít have to torture myself with Ďno pain, no gainí.
    3. I am not trying to align with something outside of me. Rather, I am drawing what I desire through me, through my vibration. I am not trying to make what I want come to me, like trying to pull a rope. But rather, I attract it with my vibration, through my vibration.
    4. Its all me, all of the time, every time. Abe has said that in so many ways for so long to me and Iím really beginning to get it. Everything in my life is a co-operative component to my beliefs. Which means to me, what a beautiful dominant vibration I have that this sky is so beautiful every morning and every sunset and the moon smiles at me throughout the day. For my child to smile to me every day. But it also means that it is only normal that all aspects of my life reflect this beautiful soul of mine. That my bank balance makes my heart dance too the way the sun does, as it too is a sign of my wellbeing. That is also who I am. That is my journey.

    I intend to keep practising these until I am steady in them.

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