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Thread: The Remembering Process?

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    The Remembering Process?

    I just got done reading a book called The Remembering Process, by Daniel Barrett.

    I want to get any opinions on how well this process would fit into Abraham's teachings. It seems pretty compatible for me, and has worked well so far.

    Basically the process is to remember our desire already happening, as though we are off in the future and remembering back. So if my desire is to get $1000, I'd say something like, I remember when I received $1000, and add some details about how it might have happened, to make it feel more realistic.

    It reminds me of kind of a version of virtual reality, just in the past.

    I also think it fits well because Abraham says that the moment our desire is conceived of, it is already done and ready in the Vortex. So we can remember our desire already being done.

    I know we can't talk about non-Abraham processes, but I wanted to tie this into Abraham's teachings and see how it might fit.

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    I dont think this is un-abeish at all. In fact, thats how *I* do all my vibrational reality! It feels totally certain and clear, and I love the ease and delight of how it works everytime.

    "What feels good to you IS good to you!"


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    It's same as virtual reality or imagination.

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