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    So this experience with my husband yesterday piqued my interest in expectation and creating our reality. I might be totally geeking out here but curious about your thoughts. So I buy an assortment of Gatorade at the grocery store each week and put them in the pantry. My kids and husband drink throughout the week. Yesterday my husband goes into the pantry and grabs a Gatorade in the dark thinking it's an orange one. Takes a drink fully and completely expecting to taste orange and is shocked to instead have his tastebuds register some other kiwi strawberry type flavor. And I've had similar experiences. How can we have an expectation bordering on knowing and get shocked like that if we create our realities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnBrutico View Post
    How can we have an expectation bordering on knowing and get shocked like that if we create our realities?
    That's because you're still using the term "expectation" and "knowing" in a colloquial sense rather than the VIBRATIONAL meaning that Abraham intends when they use that term. As we talked about in our previous conversation, when Abraham is talking about "Positive Expectation" and "Knowing," they're talking about very particular vibrational places. That's not what you're meaning. You're actually describing a vibrational place that's the opposite of expectation and knowing, it's very much about offering a response that depends on what you're observing. Another Forum friend gave us a similar example of going to the McDonald's he's used to visiting and "knowing" that it would be open, only to discover that it was closed for some reason. The answer is the same -- there's a big difference between the vibration of KNOWING and relying on conditions you're used to. One is about setting a vibrational tone and KNOWING that you've accomplished the alignment you're reaching for (and LOA giving you conditions in response to your vibration), the other is about seeking a particular set of circumstances or conditions because you believe you'll have a particular emotional response when you observe them.

    Now I'm not suggesting that you need to do a lot of emotional/vibrational work so that you don't accidently grab the wrong flavor of Gatorade when you're in the dark. Rather, I'm just saying that you're really trying to compare oranges to kiwi strawberries, as it were, when you use these words in colloquial ways and notice that they're not behaving the way Abraham uses their Vibrational meanings.

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    here are some quotes, maybe they give further clarity!

    Quotes about Expectation

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