Ahhh, Iīm so inspired to this new way of appreciation!
Itīs sort of a sequel of this thread:
"We want you to want" 2016- celebrating my Powerful Desires!

And here is an old wonderful quote, that gives this thread itīs name:

"I want to want. I want the feeling of desire.
I want the feeling of desire!

It is my intention to get into the receptive mode and feel the culmination of what is in my vortex. I want to receive my Inner Being’s collective version of what I want.

I know my IB knows what I want, they’ve been listening every step of the way. So my IB, like Abraham, who knows everything that I want, will channel through me if I get in the receptive mode. What could be more important than that, then to have source guide you about everything that you’ve carved out that you want? (…) My IB knows, and my IB will tell me- if I will listen."

(…) In the absence of resistance an idea feels so big and so fresh,
that it
energizes your body.

It gives you direction, it puts clarity in your mind. It puts you in perfect timing, it causes you to rendezvous with the right people at the right time.
-It makes for a lovely next hour or two!

Atlanta, November 2015

I feel so many wonderful new desires, and I want to milk them. I want to feel them, totally unconditionally. I want to explore them and enjoy them and understand them deeper, for the pure purpose of joy.
...So, letīs go...

We want you to want!


My beloved son N. is a big fan of David Garrett, and somewhen I got inspired to google the guy a bit, besides listening to his amazing, leading edge way of going about music. I came across an interview he held with a radio-reporter, and he there played a few furious moments on his violin, while sitting close besides her.

She commented that the Stradivari he plays is 300 years old and worth 5 million Euros. But sitting besides him and experiencing him live, would be priceless.

I felt that. I remember sitting for hours besides my cousin who was an excellent piano-player, feeling his passion, looking at his fingers play so incredibly skilled, feeling his passion for the music, understanding his awe, sensing his poisedness, his TITITOnes. IT WAS SUCH JOY. Itīs so different than just listening to a clip or a song from a stream. It is so... LIVELY.

Sensing THIS incredibly tuned in, so lovable, balanced, peaceful, lively, wise, friendly, gentle artist, who has allowed such an fascinating rush of a stream of manifestation, must be even more thrilling!

I want to experience such thing as this. I want to experience THIS person, close by, invited, allowed by him, witnessing him doing what he loves most, I want to sense his awesome flow, I want to feel this passion, I want to experience this vibration, this bigness, this allowed boldness, this certainty, this life-long trained alignment, this incredible genius expression of extraordinary allowing.

I want to FEEL this. Ah yes, and I want to hear his music from up close, too.

You are holding yourself back from your fair share- because youīve got bogus beliefs, and flawed premises that keep you from letting yourself have your fair share.
So, in that limited thinking, you donīt let yourself WANT in the way that you NATURALLY do.

And you practice not letting yourself want, with such deliberateness- because, you donīt wanna look bad! You donīt wanna be talking about stuff, that you canīt demonstrate, right now. But we
want you to be talking about stuff, that you canīt demonstrate-

because we want to be the UNCONDITIONAL PLEASURE OF IT, that, what youīr going for.

Weīr out here on the leading edge, friends! -Way on the leading edge.
As we visit with you, most people come to us initially because they just wanna figure out how to live a better life. They just wanna figure out how to have more money, and more friends, and have nicer friends in their life-experience. And, to fulfill their reason for being, and... itīs a long list that you want.

Few of you understand, that the key to what youīr looking for IS A FAST MOVING VIBRATION, that you are up to speed with!
Thatīs REALLY what youīr looking for.

If either of those elements is out of whack, if you donīt allow a fast moving vibration- and youīr not up to speed with it- you donīt feel so good.

So, in the early days, you allowed a fast moving vibration- but you werenīt up to speed with it- you felt BAD. And so you say "Iīm not gonna do that again!" And weīr saying: But donīt let the thing that you give up, be the fast moving vibration! The fast moving vibration must be encouraged.

What you wanna do is GET UP TO SPEED WITH!
So we want you to talk more, with more sense of ownership, about who you really are, and whatīs coming! We want you to say things as:

"I am one of the most vibrationally prosperous people
that I ever met!

-I understand the laws of this Universe! -I understand how things work. -I get who I am! -I can feel the power of who I was, when I was born. I can feel the perfection of my choices. And the contrast that I lived was SO PERFECT for me. Iīve launched so many rockets early in my life-experience!

And my vibrational reality, my Vortex, is HUGE as a result of that early work, that I did, here in this physical body. I am SO happy that I was always on my path, and that I did exactly what I was here for, and I love that there is a ROBUST vibrational calling, that is calling me in a really powerful way! And I revel, in every hint of it, every inkling of it that I get,

And I love being consciously aware of my emotional guidance-system! I LOVE KNOWING when Iīm letting myself be up to speed, and when Iīm not!

I am poised for the perfect life-experience!

I donīt compare my life-experience with 1 other person, because what they have, what they are doing, what they are thinking how theyīr being, how thei īr feeling REALLY is irrelevant in terms of MY relationship with who I am.

Itīs irrelevant with who I was, coming in.
And who I was when I was born, and who I am, standing here, and who I am, as a nonphysical energy. THE ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME is the relationship between who I really am- and who I am letting myself be.

I love thinking about my unlimitedness!
I love thinking about my worthiness, my blessedness!
I love thinking about the possibilities!

I love knowing who I am, and I am SO EAGER about manifestations of my life showing that to me!
(Abe tell the story of Esther, manifesting her "castle" in Utah) And as she (Esther) sat there, trying to comprehend the bigness of the manifestation,
she understood the perfection of the alignment that she had accomplished.

She didnīt even know, she had accomplished that alignment- until the manifestation came into full, blossoming view to her. And thatīs the reason why you look for conditions! Because conditions feel so good when you allowed them to develop, from ALIGNMENT, you see.

This is what we want for all of you: We want you to allow the vibration, that you have contoured, the vibrational reality that you have created, we want you to FEEL the essence of it, -not demand the condition of it, but FEEL the essence of it!

Because we want the essence of it to become FULL FORM into your experience. Because when you allow it to become full form into your experience, thatīs when your culmination of your alignment is FULLY REALIZED by you!

(...) But if the manifestation of it is necessary, before you allow to feel it, you canīt get there from there. So you have to find some way of being happy with HAPPY. You just have to be happy with happy.

Our message to you is: STOP HOLDING BACK.

from the clip
*NEW* Abraham Hicks (3.21.2015) Fort Lauderdale (2 of 3)