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Thread: Can anyone help me with Abraham process #19?

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    Can anyone help me with Abraham process #19?

    Hello! I run a facebook group where we do all 22 Abraham processes together as a group for accountability and support. I have studied all the processes and broken them down into easy instructions for the group. But the one process I don't understand is process 19 - releasing resistance to become free of debt. I posted the instructions even though I didn't understand them but others have asked for an example to try and understand process 19 and do it together. Has anyone done process 19 on paper and if so would you be willing to share a picture of the example with me?

    Thank you!

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    I haven't used that Process but here's an old discussion on that Process. (Whilst you're waiting for the replies you are attracting, you can find more using your favorite commercial search engine with the tag "" afterwards.)":

    Moderator's note: I've moved your thread to the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and You sub-forum where our question-answerers tend to hang out.

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