hello abers,
ive spent a lot of thought on worthiness, listened to abraham, and other teachers, etc and i find i dont really have the 'worthy' issue in a traditional sense of what most of the other hot seaters or people in general talk about , like they might have negative self-talk, or think they noone likes them or whatnot. in my case, i have found it is more centered around being 'beautiful' and 'young'...like i can feel really great but then walk past a mirror or storefront or catch a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror, and i'm like 'hmm that is not what i look like in my own mind'

so what gives with that and how to think better thoughts about it? abe says dont care about the peanut gallery but this kind of the desire IS about wanting to be 'beautiful enough' (worthy) of having a beautiful mate, friends, etc. Also i dont like pictures of myself (because they dont look like the version i have of myself in my head/vortex version) and this is the 'selfie' age to boot.

now i think better feeling thoughts and stay off the subject MOST of the time and feel pretty good. it is only when i see physical reflections or photos that i feel this. so i am looking more on how to approach it , what thoughts to think when i see myself, because i haven't come up with any BFTs about this *in the mirror* despite feeling "pretty" when i can't see myself. just looking for how YOU would approach this as an Aber if you had this going on
thank you