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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Talkingto my brother I discovered my resistance to owning a bigger home stems from my experience of abuse and neglect in a home. I am afraid of homes because my child self associates the house with all the violence and conflict and manipulation that happened there.

    But it was not the house at fault. It was not the house that was to blame. The house could have been a place of love and joy and fun and adventure and support and encouragement.

    I do not need to fear that living in a house will trigger those painful feelings and experiences. The house did not create my reality.

    I was afraid because a large home has enough space for people to act and live independently and shape their boundaries. My experience was of boundaries being continually violated by my father and sister. So I avoided having boundaries and sought to avoid conflict altogether.

    If I am to live in a nice big house, I want to be able to manage my boundaries with love and ease and joy. And managing my boundaries is really just a function of my alignment and non-resistance.

    I want to be the real me and have healthy boundaries and manage my relationships from an aligned perspective. And everything in my life will be beautiful and lovely. My children will love me. My partner will love me. My best friend will love me. There will be no serious conflicts because I am not a match to such things.

    It is going to be beautiful. I can finally expand into the home I desire. A beautiful home with many spaces for our family to enjoy and explore and call their own. I love this. My house is a place of love and warmth and joy and expansion and delight. I love it.

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    It is time to close my gap this morning.

    Nothing is more important and nothing feels better than closing my gap.

    But I do not need to close it all the way. Just be in close proximity.

    Just practice close proximity to my inner being or source.

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    There are subjects where I still think I would be better served by focusing on my resistance and unwanted aspects of my experience.

    But that is not true.

    If I calibrate to those things they become more. It is the opposite of closing my gap.

    So all I need to do is keep closing my gap and let that be enough. Feel better and let that be enough. Feel good and let that be enough.

    And when contrast comes up and I feel bad, how do I manage that?
    My attention is drawn to something and my gap widens. My kid wants attention but I do not feel good about it. Do I want to feel good about giving attention? Or do I want them to not need my attention? I do not know.

    **** it, just close the gap anyway. I do not need to engage with this.

    Okay the kid is back, and now I know that I just do not want to give attention right now, but the bad feeling came because I told myself I have to or I am a bad parent. So I did not give attention, and he calmed down.

    Now I will calibrate again and close my gap.
    I do not have to fully close my gap. Just be more in proximity to my inner being.

    Can I feel better and do more? I am open to more, but I only need to stay in proximity for inspiration and energy to pick me up.

    The thought of my house came up, but I can relax and close my gap again and return to that pleasant proximity feeling.

    The thought of needing to get up and switch gears came up, but I do not have to do that. I can focus on closing my gap again and stay in comfortable proximity.

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    It is possible to manifest a new house easily. Just like it is possible to manifest money easily.
    House and money are just additional aspects of reality that can manifest easily. They are not different from any other thing.
    My current habits of thought manifest my current reality. I do not need to know all the thoughts or even feel the guidance if I am acclimated to it: I can change the vibration regardless.
    Closing the gap on house and money might feel difficult but it is only because there is resistance there. Actual change on those subjects will feel better.

    A new house. I can focus in that direction and calibrate to better feeling thoughts and close my gap there. A new house. My desires and preferences already exist and I can tune to them.

    My new house. Tuning in to it. Tuning into my preferences and desires for my new home. Good feeling images and thoughts about my new home. Tuning and calibrating to them so I can feel good about my new home.

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