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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Pingan’s practice

    Hey everyone!
    I’m really loving this forum. I’ve learned so much from reading it, and now I get to post too!?!

    I thought I would have lots of questions but I’m pleasantly surprised to find I simply want to join in the fun. I guess I’ve picked up on all the positive momentum here!

    A practice thread seems like a good place to start. What I’ve found from studying Abe’s teachings for a couple of years is that, yes, my life is a perfect match for my vibration, and yes I kinda desperately want to raise my vibration and feel good about life!

    I think I grok the teachings pretty well and what’s worked best for me is finding better feeling thoughts and letting go of that urge to control things. I just listened to an Abe video where they spoke to an artist with childhood trauma and eventually gave it to him straight: there’s something “wanted” in his keeping that old trauma active.

    I can totally relate! So I’m thinking that if my choice is between feeling better versus telling some harrowing story... I really really really want to feel better!

    I feel like posting here brings out the best in me, and I intend to use that to gain the momentum I need in choosing better feeling thoughts again and again until that’s all there is. I love that thought, and I appreciate so much being able to share it with you all

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    It’s amazing that my thoughts matter. I’m so surprised that LoA “cares” about my thoughts and that I have this amazing power within me...even the power to resist and mess up my vibrational alignment is stunning. It’s so new and refreshing to know that my thoughts matter, they’re not “just” thoughts. And I really appreciate this insight coming without effort. I allowed it to come by choosing to simply feel good now.

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    I’ve read enough of the teachings to know that “feel better” is always the answer.
    What I love about this approach is that it’s the answer to every conceivable situation.

    I used to want “more” than this answer, but with experience I’ve confirmed that nothing is more effective.

    Sometimes (like right now) resistance or contrast crops up and at first I might think something has gone wrong. But thankfully I’ve learned through practice that “feel better” is still the answer!

    Right this minute I’m not feeling as good as I’d like to. But I’m glad that I’m onto it so quickly and finding relief. And after a little relief I can find a little more relief. And then a little more. And now it’s occurring to me that if I just keep sliding into relief again and again I’ll eventually be feeling really good; and isn’t that a remarkable journey from an unpleasant feeling of resistance to a genuinely positive feeling of appreciation in just a few minutes?

    It’s like learning to relax to ease the pain of muscle stiffness and then finding that this relaxation has no end to it and soon becomes really luxurious and then you’re thinking “why the heck don’t I do this all the time and not just when I’m in pain?”

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    Wow, joining the forum has shifted something for me. For the first time, someone else’s new post has answered a question I was wanting answered. That’s so cool!

    And now that I can post I’m even more appreciative of other people’s contributions, and the clarity and intention the mods bring to their responses.

    My approach at the moment is just to feel better, trusting that this is the path to everything downstream, everything I desire, and more importantly it’s the immediate answer to my desire for relief and feeling good!

    The temptation for me is to focus on contrast, or even to dig into the insights that come to me as if I can boost them with effort.

    But I’m learning that trying to get answers is an action approach. The only reason I want answers is because of how I expect them to make me feel. Feeling better instead takes me directly to that better feeling, and then answers come to me naturally!

    That’s why I’m in love with the “just feel better” approach. It’s perfect for me. And luckily I have years of experience “efforting” to help me remember that effort doesn’t give me the happiness I desire.

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    I teach my kids Tai Chi just for fun and today’s practice reminded me how beginners keep wanting to push with their arms and how counterintuitive it is for them to stop fighting and pushing the way they usually do and instead relax those “pockets of resistance” so the strength of their whole body can flow.

    At first it feels weird not to use your normal force, especially if you’re strong already. But people’s normal strength is an obstacle to properly relaxing and relying on the ground to support you.

    I think it’s a nice analogy for learning to stop using effort in life and rely on Source to support us. In Tai Chi we learn to stay relaxed even if someone is pushing on us, and Abe is teaching us to stay in relief even if other people are telling us to make an effort!

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    I love your work and the fascinating thoughts and insights you are milking here. Wow!

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    Thanks PoE, that means a lot coming from you! It’s definitely the forum itself that’s helping me focus

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    There are things I want (more money, improved relationships, a new home) and sometimes I feel like I should be doing focused Abe-work on these subjects.

    But I don’t think I can do that without it being about trying to get my stuff.

    Just feeling better sometimes seems like I’m neglecting the really important subjects and I’m going to miss out. But I think this is just resistance. I think bypassing those “big” subjects and feeling better instead is the best thing I can do at any time.

    After all, the whole point of the “work” and processes is to feel better. So just feeling better is also doing the “work” right? And to stop feeling better so I can get serious and make things happen is tempting, but counterproductive.

    The bottom line is that my reality is the product of my vibration, and feeling better is the quickest way to improve my vibration, even if that means doing nothing about the subjects that matter to me.

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    When I’m not feeling good “feel better” seems like it’s not enough. But that’s actually the most valuable time for me to practice it.

    Like a loving relationship, it’s easy to reach out and be connected when we are happy and things are going well. But to be a really strong relationship we need to reach out when we’re feeling not so good as well.

    Oh! Feeling better is me reaching out to Source! I’m practicing finding Source again and again!

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    There’s only ever one answer: feel better.

    Each time I come to post, I pay attention to how I feel, and whether my words and vibration are tending towards wanted or unwanted.

    Sometimes I come here intending to thrash out a problem. But as I write I notice it doesn’t feel so good, so I go back and reword it.

    And by about the third rewrite I’m thinking: you know, even making some “problem” the focus of this post seems like a wasted opportunity! Why not write about the solution instead?

    The solution is feeling better. No matter how I feel at any moment I can feel a little better, and Source is there for me, full of love and appreciation for me, just bursting to share its perspective of joy and delight and relief and ease with me.

    Every time I feel a little better I’m turning toward Source, and letting that pure positive energy flow into me.

    Every time I feel worse I’m turning away, focusing on a direction that Source doesn’t flow from.

    I know I still have pockets of resistance and false premises, but Source doesn’t want me to hunt them down and destroy them. Source just wants me to feel better right now...right now...right now...and trust that this is enough.

    I love feeling better. I love knowing that Source is here for me. I love feeling Source’s focus on me. I’m leaning on Source more and more. I’m letting Source surprise and delight me with all the beautiful things in my Vortex. And I’m allowing it to happen just by feeling better, and knowing that feeling better is Source itself within me!

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